Disclaimer: This disclaimer is valid for this whole story including all its chapters: I do not own the Teen Titans. I just use them to try to make people who are important to me happy. So that's all good, right?

Welcome to the Best Christmas Present Ever!

Yes, the title is grossly over-exaggerated, but come on! It's a nice one! I DO know that a life-size Slade-doll is what we all REALLY want, but… sorry… If I could afford it, you would all need a really big stocking…

For the last two years I have done X-mas drabbles where you, my lovely and very much appreciated readers, have been allowed to wish for a drabble of your choice… not this year. Well, you will still have choices, and you even get to wish for a drawing or two, but, to let more people in, it will be decided by voting and a few guessing games and stuff… It will all become clearer as we move along!

For example, the first reviewer who can guess the answer to something in the on the third of December will get a pic on Deviant Art, and so on… Rules and the question will follow in that chapter.

This story will be updated every day! That's great, eh? This story is a bit special, though, as it mixes both "normal" narrative with the "Diary"-kind, from Robin's and Slade's P.O.V's. No, it's not as bad as it sounds, I promise…It is completely free-standing, and starts off rather canon, as most of my stories does, that is; Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans, and Slade is the bad guy… there will probably be a few references to other stories, though, but just for fun, for you readers who has read all my stuff (you brave, brave people… you have been through so much…).

The chapters will be short, from half-a page to maybe five or six at the most, each dealing with one day each (from midnight to midnight). Some days a lot of stuff happens, some days not; that's life and I've written it like that (more natural than EVERY day being EXACTLY three pages). BUT, again, the story isn't the thing… (even though I'm gonna try to make it a good one, naturally). The THING is that you will be able to vote on several drabbles, in all kinds of genres, as well as pics, which I will publish every so often, so, by the end of this, you will have a lot to read anyway… The drabbles will be posted in "Delightful Drabbles" and the pics, (naturally) on Deviant Art (the link to my DA-page can be found in my Bio, just click on 'homepage'). No matter what drabble you vote on, you will be able to read them all, eventually, I'm not gonna hold out on you… ;o)

This, the 'main story' will be Sladin, and, since it is a Christmas one, it will be in the 'light and fun' genre, to suit most. Severe warnings for fluff to come! I know fluff isen't popular in Sladin, but screw it. As I said: it's a Christmas-story! There will be dark drabbles, though, so don't worry if you like that stuff!

You won't be able to vote/get drabbles and stuff every day, but rather frequently. You don't have to be logged in to vote, BUT you DO have to be logged in if I'm offering to let you make a wish (like a drawing), because then I need to be able to contact you with questions and stuff… You don't HAVE to vote or take part in the 'competitions', naturally, a 'normal' review is just fine as well! –grin- Please note, though, that I'm NOT asking you to review every day! That will seriously mess up my mail-box… so, like, just do it when you feel like it/wanna vote and stuff, but PLEASE review the drabbles, instead! I mean, some chapters are like "nothing happened today, gonna go to sleep" so why the hell should you review that?! ;)

So, folks… the first chapter will be posted on the 1st of December, then… As I said, on the third, one of you can 'win' a pic, so start thinking about what you'd like to see… I will mainly update in the evenings, I think, but that will vary with what I plan to do that day… I'm aware that with the time-differences, the chapters might not show up in your inbox on the right date, but I really can't do anything about that… I thought about flattening the earth somehow, but I wrote instead. Forgive me?

If you have a b-day coming up, let me know! (If your name happens to be Jesus; yes I KNOW you have a B-day soon! Stop nagging me about it! You'll get the slash you have been asking for, you naughty boy, you…) ;)

All in all, I'll see you on December 1st!