Title: And Don't Forget To Let Your Heart Beat
: Emono
: Wrestling
: Candy
Under The Rose series
Randy is given the gift of Cody, a cat-like creature, and he must take his new sub along the journey of his wrestling career.
: The WWE is not mine nor are any of it's child branches, it is the 96% property of the McMahon's and God bless the bastards that work for them. I respect the sexual preferences and identities of all the wrestlers on WWE roster, and who they share a bed with is really none of my business.
: AU, D/s, slash, cat!Cody

AN: Ok, here it is. There are two of these, the other one's called "I'm A Match Burning Out" and it's a cat!Ted fic. It's the same world, so I've called this universe the "Under the Rose" series. In Roman times, when a group would hold a private meeting, they would hang a rose over the threshold of the door. It meant that whatever was said 'under the rose' was supposed to be a complete and utter secret.

These two writers, brokengem and slipp_up on LiveJournal, really influenced this fic. What with cat!Randy and the whole buy-sell-trade of pets (subs), it just kind of formed this verse in my head.

When Randy Orton turned twenty-one, Mark Calaway (aka: Master 'Taker) came to his home for his celebration. With him came a large square object, covered by a crimson-silk cloth put into hiding a few seconds after he saw it. He asked about it, but everyone just smiled and assured him he'd see it later. There was some drinking, many well-wishing, catching up with relatives, but Master 'Taker stayed out of his vision. It made him a little uneasy, but that was just how it was.

The world worked differently in the WWE. In the organization, there was a Head Master and sub-masters who owned subs. For the longest time, Bret Hart had ruled over all. Many would think Vince McMahon was their leader, but he was merely their employer. The real power lied with the Head Master, the one who regulated all their affairs and kept their secrets safe. He kept the world from knowing just what went on, and when there was a fight between the Masters, the Head was there to resolve it. Sometimes subs got so unruly, the Head Master had to put his foot down and show them their place.

When Bret Hart resigned, The Undertaker stepped up to take his place.

Randy had been declared a Master when he was just sixteen, as were all who entered the wrestling world. He was in-training at the moment, he had just debuted on MMWA-SICW's and made his first big impressions. His father was training him, perfecting him for this line of work.

He had a vague idea of what he was getting into, but he knew he wanted it.

Towards the end of the party, everyone got quiet as Undertaker walked up to him.

"You're a man now, Randall" Mark slipped a large arm around his shoulders, leading him towards the middle of the living room (where the clothed cube was) "And you know what that means?"

"Responsibility, sir?"

"Yes, yes indeed" his lips quirked a bit "Responsibility for our actions. And for the actions of our subs."

"I haven't got one, sir" Randy replied "I haven't found the right one."

"I know this, Randall" Mark countered, stopping in front of the present "But I've brought you a gift. I found it just for you, and I think you'll come to enjoy it. If not, you are allowed to give it back to me and I'll seek another home. But I believe it's to your tastes."

Randy's brow creased, "My tastes, sir?"

"For the unique and the beautiful" Undertaker raised his hand "Pull it back."

His right-hand, Shawn Michaels himself, nodded and pulled back the silk sheet. It fell away to reveal a large cage, just as tall as Randy and built strong and for travel. It sat on wheels, and the criss-cross of the metal revealed it's strength.

But the cage is not what intrigued the young Orton, oh no.

What captured Randy's attention was on what lied inside the cage. A boy no older than seventeen sat there, impossibly long, shapely legs curled at his side. His skin was smooth and kissed a soft caramel color, his wide eyes shined like sapphires. Raven lashes fluttered against the sudden onslaught of light, but he didn't cower. His hair was thick and shaded pitch, not a patch of stubble on his face. His chest was smooth, as were his legs, waxed like most wrestlers did to look good for the camera. Tight blue wrestling shorts covered his modesty, a scarlet CR emblazed on his hip. Azure and white wrestling boots laced up his calves, stopping just below his knees.

Randy's eyes were transfixed by his beauty, but a slight movement took his attention. Nestled in that dark hair were two even darker ears, perched atop his head and twitching softly. Coral pink from the inside contrasted with the raven down fur. And…a tail swished up suddenly, snaking around the boy's leg and curling along his thigh. Pitch black, like the ears, with a faint trace of white at the very end. The end swayed softly where it touched the cage floor.

A cat tail and ears.

Such creatures were rare, he'd only seen two before in his entire life. They were hard to come by nowadays what with some secret organizations created solely to hunt the gentle things down and slaughter them. He'd never heard of them being used as subs, usually the families were either too scared or too proud to show off their rare offspring. Not to mention, most of these types of people were female, for the male gene was not supposed to accommodate such mutations.

And the poor thing seemed terrified, lower lip trembling as he realized just how many people were gawking at him. Some eyes were hungry, others shocked, but most intrigued.

"He's yours" Mark handed him a key to unlock the cage "To do with as you please."

"You're too kind, sir" Randy rasped, shocked at the gift "You believe I'm deserving of this?"

His lips curled up in a smile, "Oh yes."

Randy approached the cage slowly, taking the lock in his palm and unlocking it easily. He swung open the door, causing the younger man to draw in on himself. He shushed him gently, slowly easing into the cage himself instead of dragging him out. Randy folded down into a crouch, then on his knees in front of the boy. He reached out, the sapphire eyes clenching shut as if he were afraid to be hit. Orton realized the boy didn't make a move to defend himself, proving that he was bred to be a sub. Randy cupped his cheek, the skin like silk beneath his palm. He let his long fingers curl around the back of his neck just enough to touch that soft raven hair.

The boy relaxed when he realized he was being touched for pleasure instead of pain, lashes fluttering once more to reveal their cerulean treasures. Rand smiled at him, petting him just enough to sooth away the lingering worry there in those eyes. He could feel the boy's tail twitching by his knee, it was a strange but very endearing feeling.

"I have never seen such beauty before" Randy murmured, keeping their gazes locked as he brushed his thumb just under the younger man's chin "What's your name?"

"Cody" the boy replied, his voice low and tinged with the innocence of his age.

"Cody" possessiveness burned in his dark eyes, his grip on the boy's face firm "My Cody."

The boy's high cheek bones colored beautifully, his tail curling up a bit.

Randy noted this, and he knew then he had a new range of gestures to learn so he could do his best as a dom.

Randy slithered out of the cage, taking the boy's hand and pulling him along. Cody had such grace about him, easily rising to his feet and ducking right out behind. With a tug, Randy found out how perfectly the boy fit into his arms. He kept him pressed into his side, looping an arm around his waist protectively. Cody seemed hesitant just a moment, then closed his eyes and leaning into the taller man.

"He's perfect" Randy told Taker, the Head Master smirking and nodding "You know me better than I do myself, sir."

"Yes, I believe I do" Mark rubbing his gloved fingers through his slight beard "You remind me of my younger self, Randall. Strong, dominant, though sometimes a bit too trusting. I was searching for one of these pets myself and came across him. He's much too young for me, and I knew you'd enjoy him much more. But he's a boy, Randall, and you must remember this. A pet this young requires commitment and a long haul."

"I see, sir" Randy pet through the boy's raven hair again, already addicted to the feeling "Has he had any training?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so" Mark hissed softly through his teeth "I'm sure he'll tell you all about it. This boy needs a master with fierce protective instincts. Unlike most pets, he won't be able to wrestle. At most, when he's older, he could be your valet."

Cody's tail swayed happily at this, eyes widening fractionally.

"I understand" Randy tightened his grip a bit on the younger man "He'll be a special case, won't he? I'll have to hide these from the prying media."

Randy touched one of the soft ears, causing his pet to shudder.

//I'll explore that later.//

"You know I'll clean up any mess my men make" Mark swore, gesturing with his hand to the room around tem "But he'll be your responsibility. I expect nothing if not near-perfection from you, Randall."

"And you won't be disappointed, sir."

Mark grinned, "I know I won't, boy."

I can't believe I actually started this. But it was just too cute! I had a very brief dream about Cody in that cage, but the cat ears and tail didn't show up until the last moment. I woke up freaking out a bit, but I knew I had to at least try my hand at it. That, and I've been imagining this AU world for a while.

Let's see where this goes!