Took me long enough, huh? I just transferred into a new Study Hall and it is blissfully quiet in there. We're skipping some serious time because there's not much to do when the boys are forced apart. Obviously Ted went into wrestling, how could he not with Cody in that cute outfit?

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February 17, 2007

Cody won his first belt, the OVW Tag-Team Championship belt. Sure, he hated his partner, but whatever.

Cody was backstage in front of the OVW insignia, posing with his new belt. He struggled to keep his features stoic, but it was hard. He had won his first championship! Between picture a wide smile would break out, but he "manned up" and put his hand along the belt. He made sure they got his best side, feeling comfortable in just his wrestling thong and boots (and the belt of course.) He was kind of flirting with the camera guy, the man was cute and giving him the eye.

Cody happen to look over, spotting none other than his Ted standing there. The blonde was leaning against the wall, a prideful smirk on his face, arms crossed over his chest. God, he looked gorgeous. Flimsy blue muscle shirt, blonde hair ruffled, thick black wristbands around his wrists. He looked like he belonged there, no one would dare tell him to get out with that sort of confidence. Even as a rival amateur wrestler from another sector, no one said a word. He'd probably pulled some strings, but Cody couldn't care about that now.

"We're done" Cody informed the camera man, blowing him off without a second thought. He hurried to his best friend, Ted turning and walking with him to ascent into one of the more secluded hallways in the arena a bit above the public section.

"Did you see my match?" Cody inquired eagerly.

"Hell yeah" Ted replied heartily "I had front row, I saw the whole damn thing. You rocked it, Baby-boy, that's for sure. The other guy was ok, but you shined. You deserve title."

Cody stopped once he was sure they were alone, leaning against the white stone wall, "I do, don't I?"

Ted's mouth went dry as he got a proper look at the brunette, his half-formed desires returning form being suppressed during the match. Cody had looked so handsome, up there in a real ring, skin glistening and muscles flexing as he overpowered his bigger opponent. They'd been forced apart for the better part of the past year and a half, he'd forgotten how good his boy looked.

Right now? He just couldn't take his eyes off him, couldn't keep from licking his lips. Almost fluffy raven hair, freshly showered, tan skin smooth and soft of any real hard muscle yet. His biceps were getting thicker, hip bones getting some real serious definition, he was truly growing into himself. And those lips? Pink, soft…ripening. Those ridiculous half-gold/half polka dot wrestling spankies were really doing it for Ted, too small for his friend's own good. They framed him so nicely, drew attention to all the right places. Damn those long legs, that tight ass…

Cody was a tall drink of water by any definition.

Cody noticed Ted's staring, he saw the obvious lust in his eyes. He couldn't keep his body from reacting, a shiver tickling down his spine and his heart beat picking up. He loved seek that hunger dominating Ted's face, he wanted the older man to use that on him. Now was a good as time as any to push…

"So…" Cody cocked his hips a bit, tilting his jaw enough to give his best friend the most tantalizing view of his body "What do I get for winning?"

"Well that's why I'm here" Ted shook off the lusty haze, getting his lips to curve in a smile "I'm here to take you to drinks, catch up."

"Nu-uh" Cody pouted childishly "I want you to stay the night with me at my hotel."

Ted's ears burned, "Codes, maybe-"

"We could order Chinese, watch some crappy movie, and just be us" Cody reached out, touching his friend's arm softly "I want it to just be us tonight. I don't' want to share you with anyone else."

Ted loved the sound of that, "Yeah, it'll be just like old times. I'll go pull the car around…"

Ted turned to leave, but the grip on his arm held strong, "What's wrong?"

"There's something else I want" Cody replied sweetly.

Ted nodded, "Yeah, sure. You're the champ, Baby-boy, what do you want?"

Cody leant back against the wall again, hands folded behind his back in an almost innocent way, " I want my congratulatory kiss."

Ted smiled indulgently, taking a step closer to drop a chase kiss along his cheek, "Congratulations, Baby-boy."

Cody giggled almost childishly, "Nu-uh, Teddy. You're not pulling that crap. I want a real kiss."

Ted's cheeks flushed at this, heart skipping a beat and a half before restarting at double speed. He looked into those beautiful corn silk eyes, searching for any mirth, but finding a serious gleam there instead. He'd never seen Cody kiss anyone before, boy or girl. Cody never talked about girlfriends or love interests, but that was just a guy thing…right?

"Come on, Teddy" Cody urged "It's just one little kiss. Don't I deserve it? I worked so hard…"

The last part was mewled, fueling the smoldering embers in the DiBiase's belly.

"I'm not like that, Codes" Ted mumbled the protest, fists clenched tight at his sides "And neither are you. I wasn' raised like that."

A true look of hurt came upon the younger man's face, sapping the smile from his face. He looked away, hiding the shimmering tears building up in his eyes.

"Aren't I pretty enough for you to kiss, Teddy?" Cody asked lowly, almost afraid of the answer.

Before Cody could sink too deeply into his thoughts of self-degradation, he found his chin seized firmly and his head turned.

"You're plenty pretty, Baby-boy."

Those were the only words between them before Ted descended on the boy's mouth, taking it with his own. While his eyes slid closed at the contact, Cody's stayed wide with surprise for a few moments. After two or three seconds of silent sputtering. Cody responded eagerly to the generous gesture. He hadn't thought Ted would give in, and this was the sweetest sensation.

Inhibitions were discarded in that moment, that pure minute of raw attraction. Ted curled an arm around his best friend's waist, laying his palm in the dip of his back and pulling his closer. Cody laid his hands on the blonde's broad shoulders, slowly sliding them up to cradle his neck. Their lips, at first just gentle pressure, parted and allowed them to get their first tastes of one another. Cody moaned, loving that Ted took control and ravished his mouth. He was kissed like winner was supposed to be kissed, every sensation making him feel even more cherished and loved. It was all tender, nothing forced.

It was all a first kiss should be.

Ted broke the kiss, both a little breathless. With their eyes still shut, he bussed a more chaste kiss across those plump lips that he'd admired for so long.

"Congratulations, Cody" Ted stated in a hushed whisper, their eyes fluttering open to gaze at one another "You deserve this."

//I'd like to think so// Cody hugged his best friend, hiding his smirk //After how fucking long I've waited for that? Sooooo worth it.//

Ted hugged him back, ignoring the urge to slam the boy up against the wall and taking a more thorough taste of him.

"Thank you, Teddy" Cody nosed at the blonde hair, humming happily.

"Is that what you wanted?"

Cody nuzzled into him, wrapping his arms around his neck, "Uh-huh."

Ted was just glad he made his boy happy.

Cody didn't see the way Ted licked his lips, savoring the taste.

Sun Tzu says:

"Thus, though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays."