I'm breathing. Slowly but surely. Every breath is a pain. Each intake hurts more than the previous outtake. I know this is the end. No human being could survive this. This pain, this agony. Physically I am dying. Mentally I am tearing apart at the seams, longing. I wish that I could have seen him. Seen what he looked like. Seen the perfect face I had imagined in my mind. But never again would I see. This was it. I was dying.

If I wasn't dying then I wish I was. I wished that this pain would go away. Leave my body for good. I could feel myself slowly slipping under a blanket of warmth that I took only to mean the death of me. I wonder if I should just stop breathing all together to end this agony sooner. I could feel the rising and falling of my chest and suddenly wished it to stop. For all of this to stop. I held my breath. Falling…

I thought for a minute. If this was going to be the end I would die disappointed. I would die without ever getting to see the face that I had come to love. His face.