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The pokemon roared as they collided, dust flew up around the two pokemon. The crowd gasped and some of the closed their eyes due to the brutishness of the attacks. The crowd were at the edge of their seats as they waited to the dust to go down.

You could see that a dark blue dragon was still standing on the field. People gasped when they saw the aura-pokemon lying on the ground...

Ash lowered his head.

"Oh no..." Was the only sound from the booth that contained Ash's friends. They looked as the smoke cleared and saw Lucario lay on the ground and Garchomp keeping all his strength to not fall down. The saw Cynthia loom with a confused look on the dark haired trainer and when they turned their gazes to him they that he had lowered his head and was... smiling?

"Lucario..." Ash thought to his pokemon. "It's okay if you can't get up... but if you can, please do it!"

Even though Pikachu couldn't hear Ash he was shouting the same words.

"I... I think I can try... master!" Lucario panted and clenched his teeth in pain.

"Do it for me Lucario, do it for our friends, do it for the aura!" Ash communicated with the aura-pokemon.

"The... Aura... Is.... With.... Me!"

The referee looked puzzled around at the battlefield, for the first time in 10 years he didn't know what he should do. He came to a decision and raised his flags.

"Lucario is..."

"Wait!!" was the sound of half the crowd as they made gestures towards the moving Lucario.

The referee looked and saw Lucario struggle to get up, refusing to back down no matter what.

Lucario supported himself with his hands on the ground, he then raised one foot with a knee bent and push himself up with a struggling roar. Lucario got up and looked tiredly at the Garchomp that seemed to be impressed.

"Ash!" Cynthia called out. "Your pokemon is badly hurt! There is no shame in giving in now!"

Ash looked at the champion for a moment.

"Lucario, do you think you can win this?" Ash thought to his pokemon.

"I will do my best master!" Lucario stated as he slowly took battle position.

"Are the trainers ready to continue?" The referee asked Cynthia and Ash.

"I am, what about you Ash?"

"I never give up..." Ash's only words were.

"Ash..." Cynthia said to the trainer with a kind voice. "Your Lucario is tired, the battle is over!"

Ash was starting to grow annoyed by the champion's words.

"A battle isn't over until both sides says that it's over!" He almost shouted to the champion. "And I can see that your Garchomp is equally tired!"

"Begin the battle!" The referee shouted.

"Flamethrower Garchomp! One last time!" Cynthia called out to her pokemon.

"Lucario, however it ends I want you to know that I'm proud of you..." Ash told his pokemon.

"Thank you master... But I will not give up this easily!"

"I didn't think you would my friend... Use Aura Sphere!"

Garchomp opened his mouth and shot out a large jet of flames towards the charging aura-pokemon.

Lucario saw the attack approach him and sent his blue-glowing sphere towards the land-shark.

The crowd gasped as they saw the two attacks go under and over each other and continue towards the two pokemon. They saw how the pokemon roared in anger and strength as the attacks came closer and closer. The attacks weren't strong due to the tiredness of the pokemon, but they were strong enough to make a little explosion on both of the pokemon. The pokemon staggered backwards, not taking their glares of each other.

The crowd were standing up now, nobody did even blink. May didn't want to watch but a strange force made her to follow every breath of the trainers and pokemon.

Max looked how the pokemon were panting and glaring, never in his whole life he had seen something like this!

Sarah had tears running down her cheeks, she didn't like it one bit to see the pokemon fight to almost death for their masters. But she knew that the two pokemon were very loyal towards their trainers and would never disappoint them.

The crowd gasped and watched in amazement as the blue pokemon fell down to the ground, unable to continue.

The referee looked at the fainted pokemon for a moment, it tried to stand up but fell down right after. He thought that this was enough. He raised his colored flag towards the fainted pokemon, looking and saw the pride in the trainers eyes.

"Garchomp is unable to battle! Lucario wins the match!" He declared as he lowered his flag. "Cynthia Shirona is out of pokemon! Ash Ketchum wins the match!"

The crowd exploded in cheers and applause, they had never seen or head about such battle before. The Sinnoh and Hoenn natives cheered for the battle and pride that their champion had showed on the field. The Kanto and Johto cheered for their new champion of the tournament.

"He did it!!" Max shouted as he jumped up and down together with Sarah and Dawn.

"That..." Tracey said breathless. "Was the most astonished battle I ever seen!"

"I'm so proud of him!" Brock cried as he hugged his girlfriend, you could see Gary and Misty do the same thing.

"Well, Ash is surely a good trainer!" Amelia told her husband, she looked around and saw the he seemed to be in a trance of amazement.

May didn't say anything, she just looked at the new champion with her face and eyes beaming of love and happiness.

"Incredible people!!" The announcer shouted. "Ash Ketchum has defeated all odds and is now the new champion of the Top Battle Competition Tournament!!!" The crowd exploded in more cheers.

Lucario was down on one knee, feeling pride and loyalty for his master. He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up and saw a mature face with dark hair.

"Thank you... Lucario." Ash told his pokemon with his eyes full of tears. "Thank you..."

"It was my honor master..." Lucario explained for Ash with a smile.

Lucario felt his master wrap his arms around him and take him into a big hug. Lucario was taken back by the action but smiled and felt his eyes tear up and responded the hug.

"Pikachu!" The little rodent squealed happily as he hugged the aura-pokemon's leg.

"I agree with Pikachu Lucario!" Ash told his pokemon with his smile still on.

"Thank you master..." Lucario closed his eyes and collapsed in Ash's arms. Ash smiled and took out Lucario's pokeball.

"Take a nice rest my friend!" Ash said as he recalled Lucario.

The raven haired trainer looked up and saw the former champion give him her hand, Ash took it and got up to his feet.

"That was a good battle Ash." Cynthia told him with a smile. "I hope that we'll be able to have this battle again!"

"Who knows Cynthia..." Ash said with a smile. "Who knows..."

Cynthia smiled and walked away from the field.

Ash looked around like it was the first time he noticed the crowd and waved slightly to them, he was responded by great cheers for that action.

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted to his master and pointed.

Ash looked at Pikachu's direction and saw a young brunette run towards him with a smile on her face.

When May was just a meter or two away from Ash she launched herself into his arms. Ash was taken back by the action but caught her and wrapped his arms around her.

May laughed as she took Ash into a kiss. Ash was taken back by that action too but smiled and responded the kiss at the same time as he lifted her from the ground and started to spin her around.

The guys in the crowd whistled to them by that action and the girls either did 'aww'-sounds or glared at the brunette.

Ash broke the kiss and looked at his lovely girlfriend.

"How did you get down here so quick?"

May giggled and blushed a little bit as she looked down towards the ground.

"I climbed down here."

Ash looked at her astonished as he looked at the five meter high booth. His look turn then into one of smile as he picked her up and carried her our from the arena, followed by more cheers.

3 hours later...

Ash was handed the big, golden trophy that represented the TBC-tournament. Ash smiled as he looked at his friends and girlfriend.

"I represent Ash Ketchum! The winner of the his years Top Battle Competition Tournament!!" Cynthia said as a young blonde girl came and gave Ash the trophy. The blonde girl also gave Ash a little kiss on the cheek at the same time, causing him to chuckle nervously and look at his girlfriend with a worried look. He gulped at the glare he was receiving.

"We are also going to give you the price money!" Cynthia stated with a smile.

"Price money?" Ash asked confused.

"Indeed, the winner of the tournament is handed one-hundred billion pokedollars!"

The crowd gasped at just the thought about such amount of money.

Ash looked in disbelief at the Sinnoh champion. He wasn't a big fan of winning tournaments just for money.

"Thank you..." Ash said to everyone in the room. "You don't know how much this means to me..."

Ash halted himself for a moment.

"I can accept the trophy, but you can keep the money..."

With those words he walked down from the podium and went to his friends.

The crowd gasped and looked at him like he was crazy, everyone except his friends. His friends had smiles on their faces

"I know that you would've done that!" Gary told him with amusement in his voice.

"Me too, but it would've been nice with some money to spare." May told him with a smile and thought about shopping together with Dawn and Sarah.

"It's just money guys..." Ash replied them with a smile.

"I think I can wait a little before I tell them about the money I got from the police when I turned Archie, Maxim, Cyrus and Giovanni in..." Ash thought with a smirk as he and the group made their way home.


8 years later


The group outside the door laughed at the brunette's outburst at the same time as they pitied the raven haired boy.

"You think that he'll be alright?" Lucy asked the group worried.

Brock looked at his wife with a smile. "Don't worry Lucy, Ash has been through a lot tougher situations than this one!"

"I still don't want to be in the same room as Ash right now!" The 16 year old Sarah giggled. "How long has they been in there?"

"I count it to 15 hours!" Gary smirked.

"Poor guy..." Tracey said with his head lowered.

"When are May's parent's going to be here?" Dawn asked the others in the group.

They had taken Ash's words to their hearts and talked with their parents, it weren't easy in the beginning but Ash kept telling them to talk with them. Two years after the tournament they were finally able to have a talk with them and hear their apologize, all except Ash.

"They're going to be here tomorrow, it takes two days to travel from Hoenn to Kanto and..."

Misty's words were interrupted by another scream, they looked around and wondered why they didn't have soundproof walls at the hospital...

"You're doing great Mrs. Ketchum! Just a little more!" The nurse told the brunette.

"Yes May!" Ash assured her. "Just a little more and it will all be over!"


"You don't mean that May." Ash smiled at the brunette, even if it was a forced smile, as she kept crushing his right hand.


"I know...!" Ash groaned as he used his free hand to hold his head.

Ash looked at the scared rodent in the corner of the room.

"How did you manage this Pi?" Ash asked with another groan.

"Pika, pikachu pika!" Pikachu comforted.

"Of course I'm glad that May isn't able to use Ice Beam!" Ash sneered at the rodent's lame attempt to cheer him up.

"It's coming now!" The doctor told everybody in the room.

May screamed once more as she crushed Ash's hand, making him to grit his teeth in pain.

After a minute, that seemed like an hour for Ash, the baby had come out. Ash let go of his wife's hand and walked up to the smiling doctor. He looked at the little boy in his arms, exactly like Ash, except that he had a little visible brown hair instead of black. Ash held the baby and knelt in front of Pikachu so he could get a good look at him. The rodent walked up to the little kid and sniffed at him.

"Will he do Pi?" Ash asked with a smile.

"Pika!" Pikachu gave him a thumbs-up.

Ash chuckled as he wiped the tear from his eye and went to the love of his life. May was laying on the bed, panting from tiredness and exhaustion.

"You were great May!" Ash told her with a smile full of love as he handed the little kid to her. "It's a boy!"

May dried her tears also as she took the little bundle to her chest.

"Red..." She smiled at the boy.

10 years later

A boy walked down the stairs in a house in Pallet Town. He yawned as he scratched his unruly brown hair. The ten year old looked around in the kitchen and saw his tall, raven haired father sit by the table and read the newspaper, a yellow rodent sat on the table. The 35 year old man looked up and saw his son.

"Morning Red!" Ash greeted his son with a smile.

"Morning dad." Red replied. He looked around in the room. "Where's mum?"

"I'm here sweetie!"

Ash and Red turned around to get a look at the beautiful brunette that was standing in front of them, dressed in an apron.

"Morning mum!" Red greeted her also with a smile. "Is the breakfast ready?"

"I'm sorry sweetie, but you won't have time to eat." May replied with a sad smile. "You'll be late."

"What do you mean?" Red asked puzzled. "I got plenty of time to eat!"

"Yes, but you don't have time to wait for breakfast!" May told her son with a frown.

"Wait? You always have breakfast ready as soon as I wake up!" Red cried out desperately.

"Yes, but unfortunately... These two gluttons ate it all..." May frowned and made a gesture towards Ash and his faithful rodent.

"DAD!!" Red cried out in anger and annoyance.

"Oh suck it up!" Ash said to his son with a smile. "We both know that you would've eaten it all up too if you got the chance!"

He was agreed by a "Pika!"

"What am I going to do!?" Red cried out once again.

"You're going to have to skip breakfast if you want to get your pokemon in time!" May told her son simple.

"This is all your fault..." Red growled at his father.

"Heh, that will teach you to plan things better!" Ash said to his son playfully.

May hit her husband gently on the head.

"As I remember it did you OVERSLEPT when you should have received your first pokemon and ended up with getting a Pikachu!"

"And seven years after that I was crowned as the best trainer!" Ash boasted along with his rodent.

"Not officially..." May took her husband down to earth.

"Oh, come on!" Ash cried out at the same time as Pikachu.

May giggled and looked at her son, she couldn't believe that ten years already had passed. Red looked exactly like Ash had done when he was ten year, except for the color of the hair. He had a red cap with a white, half pokeball on it. He wore a red and black T-shirt with gray, baggy jeans and red sneakers. He also had a yellow backpack with him.

"Can we go now?" Red asked annoyed as he glared at his father, he was as big in his appetite like both May and Ash had been.

"Sure son!" Ash said as he got up from his chair with the rodent on his shoulder.

"You're coming to mum?"

"Red, I don't think that it's the smartest thing that May should walk to professor Oak's laboratory when she's in her fifth month!" Ash told his son with a smile.

"Don't worry sweetie!" May assured her son. "You'll get back here so I can say goodbye to you!"

"Don't worry mum, I will!" Red told her as he and his father walked out from the house and towards Oak's lab.

"Nice to see you again Ash!" Professor Oak told the raven haired trainer.

"It's nice to see you again too Gary!" Ash replied with a smile. "How's Leaf doing?"

"Oh, she's doing alright!" Gary told him with pride. Leaf was his and Misty's daughter, she was about three months younger than Red. "She's already on her journey!"

"WHAT!?" Red shouted. "She has already started her journey!?"

"Well, hi Red. I didn't notice you!" Gary told the boy with a smile. "She left for an hour ago."

"What pokemon did she take?" Ash asked his long time friend.

"A Squirtle of course!" Gary replied with a smirk.

"Can I take my pokemon now professor Oak?" Red asked eagerly.

"I'm sorry Red." Gary frowned. "But you're too late, all the starters has been taken."


"Well, this is strangely familiar..." Ash whispered to his pokemon. "Pikaa..."

"There must be another pokemon?!" Red almost yelled.

"Well..." Gary hesitated. "There is one that I caught yesterday... but I don't think that..."

"I take it!"

Gary nodded and walked up to the pokeball-machine and clicked on a few buttons. Up came a red and white ball. He took it and handed it to Red along with the rest of his pokédex and pokeballs.

Red took the ball and summoned the creature inside it.

The little yellow mouse blinked several times and looked around.

"Pichu?" The little mouse asked.

"It's so cute! It's the best of all!" Red cried out as he watched the little pokemon in amazement.

Pichu noticed him and jumped into his arms with a glee. Red laughed and hugged his newly pokemon, that was until he felt several volt went through his body.

"Okay, this is just too ridiculous!" Ash told his pokemon as he watched his son getting zapped by Pichu. "The only difference is that his pokemon doesn't knows that it's hurting its trainer!" He glared at Pikachu after those words.

Gary chuckled at the sight.

"Well Red, you're now a pokemon trainer!"

Red, that had recovered from the chock, immediately got up and started to walk towards the door.

"Slow down Red!" Ash called out to his son. "You will catch up with your girlfriend!"

Red stopped dead-track and began blush like furiously.

"Leaf is NOT my girlfriend!" He shouted to his dad.

"Whatever you say son..." Ash smiled.

Red shrugged and hugged his father goodbye, then he walked out towards his journey with his Pichu on his shoulder.

"You know..." Ash told the researcher that stood next to him. "I don't like that he's going to go on an own journey all alone."

"Don't worry Ash, I felt the same thing when Leaf left!" Gary assured his friend.

"Thanks Gary..." Ash smiled.

The two adults continued to look at the walking beginner trainer.

"My son is gonna kick your girl's ass!"

"In your dreams Ashy-boy!"

2 years later

Ash walked home with the rodent still on his shoulder. He saw his wife and their two year old daughter wait for him.

"Hello honey!" May greeted as she kissed her husband. "How was it on work?"

"Great!" Ash responded her and his daughter with a kiss. "You know, being a Frontier Brain isn't half bad!"

"I'm glad that you think that Ash!"

Ash turned around and smiled at the fat man behind him.

"Scott! What can I do for you?"

"You know that the TBC-tournament is starting now?" Scott smiled at the old trainer.

"Yeah, Red is going to participate in the tournament!" Ash stated with pride.

"Yeah, but that's not why I came here..." Scott told him.

Ash gave him a puzzled look.

"Don't you remember that you won the tournament last time?" Scott smiled. "They want you to defend your position! One last adventure!"

Ash looked at the old man, he then looked at his beautiful wife with his little daughter in her arms. He smiled and walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"No thank you Scott." Ash told the man. "I've had enough of adventures for me!"

"Are you sure?" Scott asked the frontier brain with a little disappointment in his voice.

"I'm sure!" Ash smiled.

Scott smiled and gave them his goodbye, then he walked away to his car and drove off.

"You know Ash... you doesn't need to stay home for me." May assured him. "I can take care of Delia a few weeks without you."

Ash looked at his wife with another smile.

"Thank you May, but I've made up my mind..." He kissed her again.

"The forgotten has returned home..." He thought with a smile.

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