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Summary- This story is another all human story, but making both characters older and in different locations. The basic concept is that Edward is a world famous pianist who is bored with his life and his wife Bella. Jacob is a struggling single father who has had a hard life. By a complete twist of fate the two meet and start a strange relationship that involves all the negative aspects of being a big star, so please enjoy.

Rating- Unlike my other stories this one is starting off as M, because of Edward's perverted acts, the acts of violence, and sex.

Edward took a long gulp from his champagne glass, as he tuned his brain out from the excessive chatter that came from his colleagues. Everywhere hundreds of people were talking and getting themselves drunk, while music played in the background. A typical New York party. He hated being at these functions that required him to dress up and interact with people that he hated. No one had anything intelligent to say and whenever they spoke to him, it was about how good his music was. The only reason he was here was that his agent said that it would be good publicity like the numerous charity balls he had to attend.

This was part of his personal hell. At twenty-five, Edward Anthony Cullen was one of the most accomplished pianist and composers in the world. Having released his first record at 17; his life has been a whirlwind ever since. His days were filled with world traveling, performing in concerts, recording albums, having interviews, guest starring on television shows and preparing to act in a new movie. It was a blessing that he got anytime to be by himself.

Seeing a server, Edward took another glass and sipped on it as his eyes scanned the room for his wife. Isabella or Bella Cullen was the same as her husband; she hated the numerous functions and the traveling. Everytime they went somewhere she would complain quietly about how she could be at home doing something. In actuality she would just read her numerous novels about forbidden love between mystical creatures and humans. Despite her quiet exterior it all melted away when she had been drinking.

Edward and Bella were the most recognizable couple in the music world. Their lives were being constantly stalked by rabid fans who couldn't get enough of them. One of fans favorite stories were how the couple met. It was basically boy met girl, girl's father didn't agree, a somewhat forbidden love that resulted in marriage and a child named Renesmee.

The little girl was currently with her nanny, back at Edward's and Bella's penthouse apartment. Bella adored her daughter and spoiled her rotten; Edward on the other hand tolerated the child, but he knew that she wasn't even his. On the basis that at the time Bella had conceived, he was in Switzerland while she was back in the United States. Bella always said the girl was his, but he never made it a point to get a paternity test, because he didn't want to deal with the drama.

Taking another drink, he finally caught sight of his wife talking with Michael Newton the owner of one of the biggest sports retail companies in the United States. Michael was from the same area as them, after graduating from college he turned his little family owned business to a lucrative franchise. Bella has always made it a point to talk to him. Edward felt jealousy every time he was near, especially sense he had to fight him just to win Bella's heart. Sometimes he wished he didn't fight. Squeezing his glass, he almost broke it, but stopped at the last minute, feeling fed up with the whole party; he made his way across the room until his agent stopped him.

"Where are you going Edward?" A stout man with curly red hair asked.

"I'm feeling quite tired, so Bella and I are going to retire for the night."

"Yes you do that, tomorrow we'll speak about your gigs and press interviews in Los Angeles next week. I'll call you in the morning."

"Thank you Oscar, I expect your call," said Edward quickly. In a brief minute, he was by Bella's side. "We need to leave."

"Not now," Bella laughed loudly. Her breath reeked of liquor; Edward knew she was way past her limit. It would be another night of holding her hair, while she vomited into their toilet; at least this time she wasn't dancing and try to have sex with every man in sight. "Don't be such a party pooper; I'm having fun." She finished off her drink and took Mike's drink from his hands. "Dance with me."

"No! If you will excuse us Mike," Edward said taking her arm. She struggled against his grasp, but he held on tighter. "Bella, please don't struggle."

"I can do what I want Edward Cullen." A sloppy smile appeared on her face, as she tried to go back to Mike.

Edward rolled his eyes as he half dragged, half carried her into the elevator; soon they were on the first floor waiting for the limo his company provided to pick them up. As they waited, Bella danced seductively to a tune that was in her head, Edward rolled his eyes again at her drunkenness, it was good thing that the paparazzi was not around they would have a field day. Not like they didn't already have a field day prying into his personal life every chance they got.

In her drunken state, Bella proceeded to touch Edward, but he pushed his wife away. "This is not the time, so behave," he growled.

"Party Pooper," she burped falling on to his chest. Edward caught her and frowned in disgust. He couldn't for the life of him figure out anymore why he married her. Finally their limo pulled up. Getting in neither of them talked as they rode down the dark New York streets.

Over 2700 miles away in Los Angeles, It was only 10 at night, but Jacob was already extremely busy serving rich socialites various kinds of food and drinks. Yawning, he wanted to go to bed, but it was not on his current list to do. He had to work until 1 am, then get his son from the babysitter, go to bed for awhile, get up, get his son ready for the day, drop him off back at the babysitter, and then go to his second job. His days were endlessly busy with work.

Seeing someone spill their wine, Jake quickly grabbed a rag and cleaned up the mess. He hated his waiter job sometimes, but not all the time. What he hated most about it is that most events were in late afternoon, evenings, and late nights which barely gave him any time to spend with his child Elijah. Basically a typical day for him was get up, dressed, make breakfast, wake up Elijah, get him dressed, eat, drop Elijah at his babysitter, go to school, work, pick up Elijah, make a very late dinner, homework, get Elijah ready for bed and finally sleep. The next day it was repeated except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when he didn't have school, but during that time he worked longer hours at his retail job. Weekends were hectic with various events, but he needed the extra money. If he got any days off it was Sundays, not that he got much rest with Elijah wanting to play.

Elijah was only three, but was very intelligent. He was born when Jake was 16 and lit up the man's life with his sunny personality. He only showed that side around Jake and a few others. To most people he was a shy and quiet little boy, but to Jake he was eccentric and the sun in his dark cloud of a life.

"Hey Jake quitting time," said Quil as finished wrapping up the leftovers the guests didn't eat.

Jake checked his watch and saw that Quil was right. Time had gone by so fast, that he hadn't noticed. Grabbing the cleaning supplies, he made sure every spot was clean. He loved it when nights went by fast. Once he was done cleaning, he washed his hands and grabbed his bag, as he waited for Quil to pack up his stuff. Slowly Quil came and the two headed down to the nearest bus stop. "Another busy night," said Jake taking out a cigarette and lighting it.

"Yep, at least we get paid in two days; Embry said I'll be able to quit this job soon."

"Dude don't leave me."

"I won't," said Quil zipping his jacket. Jake passed over the cigarette and he took a long puff before handing it back. "We have another event tomorrow."

"I know if I didn't need the money then I would skip it, but Elijah needs to eat."

"Yep the little guy is growing up fast," said Quil thinking about his godson.

"I know." The two friends yawned as they waited for the bus, soon Quil's bus arrived and he left, leaving Jake to wait another fifteen minutes for his bus.

Jacob, Embry, and Quil had been friends since they were kids growing up in La Push, Washington. At eighteen the trio decided to leave their boring lives and moved to Los Angeles for the typical dream of fame and fortune, but that was going nowhere quickly. Quil was a struggling actor that could only get extra parts, while Embry was finding some success in being an animator for cartoons. Quil and Embry were boyfriends and have been together since their senior year of high school, when they first came out to Jake; he felt that he would be a third wheel, but the pair made sure he never felt that way. Quil and Embry lived in a small apartment by the beach, while Jake lived in a small one story house in a lower class area of the city, which was all he could afford. The area was gang infested, and the not most pleasant place to raise a child, but Jake had no other options.

After 15 minutes of waiting his bus pulled up and he got on. Finding a seat, he pulled out his IPOD and listened to music as he rode. Elijah needed to be picked up and Jake hoped his on and off again boyfriend Damian wouldn't come over. Damian was abusive, but Jake didn't know what to do about stopping it. It would be embarrassing to seek domestic violence counseling.

Setting his head against the window he wondered what it would be like to have someone actually love him and not use him for sex. Damian took his virginity the first week; they met and constantly used him for sex and money, never giving anything back. Pulling a magazine out of his bag, he glanced through the pages until he found an article about Edward Cullen. Jake didn't listen to the man's music, but found him interesting about all the things he accomplished at an early age. If only I could do what he does, I wouldn't be working my ass off every day, he thought.

Leaning his against the seat, Jake got a few minutes of much needed sleep until his bus arrived at its destination, getting off he walked the three blocks to the babysitter's house to get Elijah. Back at home, he wouldn't have to pay anyone, his sister Rachel would have loved to watch Elijah for free, but right now she was busy planning a wedding and pregnancy at the same time. He just had to leave home and prove something, he was an idiot sometimes.

Rachel just have to come back to La Push and reunite with her ex-boyfriend Paul again, who proposed and knocked her up at the same time. The wedding was in three months and dates were required, but there was no way in hell that Jake was going to bring Damian.

He finally reached 12th street and knocked on the door of a small tan one story house. A small brown skinned woman with a light blue bathrobe on opened the door. "Hi Jacob, he's all ready." She appeared charming on the outside, but inside she was greedy deceitful person.

"Thanks, Ms. Stone." Walking in Jake saw Elijah lying on the couch with his pajamas already on. The three year old had a dark golden caramel skin, soft black hair, a pair of light brown eyes and the tiny button nose. Bending down, Jake picked him up and his little bookbag filled with extra clothes, his medication and toys. "I'll pay you in a few days when I get paid," Jake said about to leave.

Ms. Stone crossed her arms and looked at the tired boy in disgust. "With interest I assume, I'm not running a free business here."

"I will Ms. Stone; it's just that this month is difficult." Hell every month was difficult with all the bills he had to pay, plus his jobs barely got them by as it is. Los Angeles was an expensive city to live in.

"I don't care; you are lucky I keep him as long as I do. I want my money in the next few days or no more late night service."

"Yes ma'am," Jake grumbled walking out. Adjusting Elijah on his shoulder he made the ten minute trek home on foot. As he turned on his street, he heard the sound of an ambulance coming from two streets over; most likely someone got shot or worse. Jake didn't want to stay and found out, so he quickly jogged the rest of the way and made sure the door was locked when he got in.

Setting Elijah in his bed, Jake made a quick sandwich and headed back to the child. "Hey little guy wake up," Jake said shaking him. He made it a point ever time he got the child, to wake him up only for a few minutes, so at least the two could see each other.

"No," Elijah's little voice came out.

"It's Daddy."

Elijah's eyes opened for a few seconds, then he turned and went back to sleep. Jake couldn't blame him; it was after two in the morning, besides the child was ornery when woken up to early. Stuffing the food in his mouth, he stripped down to his boxers and climbed under the covers and made sure Elijah was on his chest before he drifted off to sleep.

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