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"Are you sure you want to do this?" Jake asked as they stood side by side holding hands.

"Yes, I need to," said Edward as he took a deep breath. Walking the podium; the tiny conference room was packed full of reporters. Adjusting the microphone, he announced, "I, Edward Anthony Cullen admit that I am a homosexual."

Everything seemed unreal as Jake stared out to the ocean in front of him, turning his head he looked at Elijah at his side dressed in a tux holding a pair of rings, while across Nessie in a white dress held a basket of white rose petals. "I can't believe I'm doing this," Jake said to himself as the priest when on and on.

"You're the one who purposed," whispered Edward.

"But I never thought we would actually go through with the wedding."

"Are you having second thoughts?"

"No, I just never thought of myself ever getting married, especially not to a celebrity."

Before Edward could respond back the priest announced, "The two have written their own vows. Edward."

"Well my vows are a song." Walking over to the grand white piano, Edward sat down and started to play and sing.

Jacob, you're the music to my heart

The key to my soul that you'll always own

I know I'll never find another guy like and I'll never look

I see you my dreams at night and I'll never get out of my head

You're my melody to life and I can never live without you.

You're the music to heart the key to my soul

The crowd applauded as Jake tried not to cry. "Wow, I can't top those vows," Jake said pulling his vows out of his pocket. "But I'll try. Edward, we're both stubborn jerks and that is one of the factors that connects us. There are many times you could have given up on me, but you kept coming back and I'm grateful. I love you and I cannot see my future without you."

The audience applauded loudly and then settled down.

"Edward do you promise to take Jacob to have and to hold to love as long as you both shall live?" asked the priest.

"I do."

"And Jacob do you promise to take Edward to have and to hold to love as long as you both shall live?"

"I do.

"Well with the power vested in me and the state of California, I now pronounce you to be married. You may now kiss each other."

Taking Jake into his arms, Edward didn't hold back as he kissed him as hard as he could. In return Jake wanted to rip Edward's clothes off, but there were too many people around.

Smiling up at her parents, Nessie reached out and gave Elijah a huge hug. "We're real brother and sister now."

The five year old pulled back a bit embarrassed that he was hugged in front of people by his sister. "Yep," he muttered.

"Least I didn't kiss you."

"Ew, you're my sister." Feeling himself being hoisted in the air, he smile as he look at Edward across from them Jake held Nessie and the newly official family smiled for pictures.

Not knowing how to feel, Nessie barely listened to the preacher as he talked about her mother. In the years she had last seen Bella there had been no contact, despite Bella trying everything in her power to get in contact with her. At ten, Nessie was very mature at her age, the once spoiled brat calmed down enough to start thinking rationally especially with a good support system like her family and hours of much needed therapy.

Being generous Edward did allow Nessie to receive a letter from Bella, but the little girl refused to open it and never replied. Now she kind of wished she did seeing her mother in the coffin in front of her eyes.

Suicide was the cause of death. Despite being isolated from the other inmates most of the day; Bella was given the opportunity to interact in the yard for a couple of hours a day. She had made friends with one of the dominant women in the prison and managed to obtain a make shift knife, just sharp enough to slit her wrists and throat. The suicide note she left apologized to Nessie and Edward for all that she had done to them and to free herself of her sins; suicide was the best option.

Nessie couldn't cry. She couldn't decide if she loved her mother anymore or not. Slowly the casket was lowered into the ground and the funeral ended. Edward looking over at her took his hand and placed it in hers and whispered in her ear. "We might have had our differences, but I'm glad she gave me you."

"Will I turn out like her?"

"I wouldn't allow it."

"Thanks Daddy."

"So old man, ever think you would have all your children and grandchildren in the same place?" asked Jake.

"Don't start anything," said Rachel bringing out the cake with had a giant 55 on it. "Happy Birthday Daddy."

"Thanks sweetheart, and to answer your question yes I did," Billy said as he looked over the crowd of his friends and family in a small cluster stood his grandchildren together: Leila, Nessie, Elijah and Madison. In Rebecca's arms was his new grandson Johnny Jr. Of the group Nessie stood out like a sore thumb, but he didn't care he loved her just the same.

"Alright everybody sing," commanded Rachel.

After the song was over Billy took a deep breath and blew out the candles and everyone cheered.

"What you wish for?" asked Quil holding his adopted daughter Celeste.

"He can't tell or it won't come true," said Embry

Billy just smirked; his wish was for things to keep going as they were. He was healthy, Rachel and Paul had finally moved out of his home after Paul found a good auto mechanic job. Rachel was pregnant again with the couple's second child another girl. Paul finally grew up some and started taking responsibility for his actions, but Billy still didn't like him that much. Rebecca was still living in Hawaii, but she and her husband made it a point to visit family more often especially after Johnny Jr was born. As for Jake, he couldn't be prouder now that he was married, finally graduated college, mentally sane, and had a job.

"Why are you writing this tell-all book Tanya?" a reporter asked.

"To tell the world about how Edward Cullen is not so innocent," she responded holding up her book to the camera. "In my book, I reveal all of his secrets and what I went through trying to be a good girlfriend to him and tried to be a good role model to his daughter. Of course he was blinded by Jacob and could not see that a future with me was better."

"And when is your book coming out?"

"In two weeks, I encourage every fan of Edward's to buy a copy to learn everything about him."

"Thank you Tanya, I'll remember to get my copy right away."

Two million copies of Tanya's book was printed, but do to the ridiculous selling price and combined with the fact that Tanya was a bad writer the books sat on shelves for months untouched. There were a few people that went out and got the books and of that small group a few loved it, but they were the type to believe anything they read. Today Tanya's book could be found in the bargain bin of bookstores and supermarkets, but with the cheaper price they still remained untouched.

Sitting with other proud parents, Edward and Jacob smiled as their daughter's name was called to receive her diploma. Proudly walking across stage, Nessie received her bachelor's degree in psychology. But this wouldn't be her last diploma. She planned on getting her masters and then doctorate. Her goal was to help children that had suffered abuse by their parents or others whether it be sexual, mental, emotional or physical. She felt that she had the patience and insight to truly help her future clients.

Next to Jake and Edward sat Nessie's boyfriend Nathanial the one rock her life needed. Before the start of the graduation ceremony, Nathanial had purposed to her and she said yes; the next step was to tell her parents and see how they would react.

Despite being riddled with scandal throughout his career, Edward still had thousands of fans throughout the world from all different backgrounds. Even when Tanya came out with her book, his fans still stuck by him and to give them thanks for their dedication he was introducing the musical world to another force of nature by the name of Elijah.

Despite this being his first major performance, the eighteen-year-old stood on stage as thousands of people chanted his name and started to sing and play his guitar just as if he was at home performing for his family. Thanks to Edward, Elijah developed his passion for music at an early age and quickly jumped into taking as many lessons as he could. He was now proficient in singing, guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, and trumpet. By ten, some considered him a musical prodigy, but he never thought that he was. He just worked hard for his talent. There were many offers for him to start a career at ten, but Jake and Edward said no, however they said once Elijah turned eighteen he was allowed to make his own decisions about his life as long as he got an education.

So now Elijah was pursuing a promising musical career, while also attending college and doing part-time voice acting for a popular superhero show produced by Embry. He wouldn't have life any other way.

Jake laid in bed with Edward at his side as he looked at a picture taken years ago when Elijah and Nessie were both under ten. The years had passed by so quickly that he barely noticed. Now his baby girl was married and pregnant with her first child and Elijah career was quite successful and he was dating another famous R&B singer, if their relationship was going to pan out was up to fate.

Looking over at another picture, it showed him, Quil and Embry the day they left for Los Angeles. In Quil's hands was a sign that read 'To LA for fame and success'. He remembered Sam taking that picture. In spite of all the crap they went through they all found success in some way. Embry was a big animator now and worked on countless successful cartoons and Quil, he found acting wasn't for him, but found great success in inspiring other Native American children to follow their dreams as a motivational speaker. Their only daughter was in college.

The next picture showed him and Billy. Jake had to laugh to himself despite losing a leg due diabetes; the old man kept living his life to the fullest.

Next to that picture was an old picture of Edward's family. Alice was a successful fashion designer, Rose still did modeling, Emmett played professional football until he retired and started up a youth football league and as for Jasper he was happy working at a museum teaching people about the past. Carlisle and Esme still lived in Forks and were content with their lives.

If anyone had told him when he first came to LA that his life would end up this way; he would have just laughed in their faces. But he was grateful that despite all the challenges he went through he made it out alive and stronger because of it.

"Hey what are you thinking about?" asked Edward looking at his husband.

"Just wondering about how life doesn't make sense."

"If it did we would have never been together."

"I know." Reaching over, Jake kissed him ready to move on to something else.

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