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A/N: Raven and Terra. So much to say. This has to be one of my favourite scenes in the show, for reasons I've explained below. (Hey that rhymed!). As always, many thanks to my dedicated beta DrewMay, without whom these chapters would be a lot more confusing. And for those who are interested, I've rewritten Chapter Two. I'm going to be editing and rewriting a lot of the older chapters trying to develop the characters and story.

Moment: [Special] Episode 25 (Aftershock Part I) - Terra fights Raven. Raven fights herself.

Raven stood. She ignored the chill dollop of mud that slid its way down between her shoulder blades. Sludge soaked her hair, dripped off her arms, ran down her legs and filled her boots. She was covered in it.

"Terra." She growled.

Terra tilted her pristine head. "Raven."



They lunged. They were not equal fighters; Raven knew this. She had more experience, more agility, and more versatility than Terra. She should win.

You should dominate. Make her bleed. Make her suffer.

On the other hand, Terra was in her element. Literally. She was more creative, and furthermore she wasn't burdened with the requests of her team mates: Beast Boy's for leniency, Robin's for another chance.

Another chance, a second chance, a last chance. How many chances should one person get!


Raven was knocked again into the mire, and Terra took the opportunity to gloat. She stood on solid ground, removing dirt, whilst Raven wallowed in the shallows.

"You know Raven? I never liked you."

"I never even wanted to know you." Raven bit back. "You may have fooled the others but I always knew you were a liar!"

It was true. She had known. She had known of something, but-

Who would have believed you? Not over poor, sweet Terra.

-she hadn't wanted-

They're my friends. They would have listened to me, they would have-

You don't really think that. That's why you never had the guts to try.

Raven gritted her teeth.

"Oh really? Is that why you let me live in your house, and steal all your secrets, and–"

"Shut up!"

She clumsily forced a wave towards Terra, only to have it turned back on her. Raven stumbled and Terra hovered overhead, looking down at her, head tilted and blue eyes wide in mocking innocence.

"Not getting mad, are you Rae? Oh, better be careful. Beast Boy told me all about your temper tantrums." She taunted, playfully warping the clay around her. Raven started at her own effigy, it's face contorted in rage, and it was enough of a shock to regain some semblance of calm. She breathed deeply.

"Anger is pointless." She recited. "My emotions are under control." It wasn't true, she knew it. The will to let go, to lash out, lay just under her skin like an itch. She tried another breath.

"Blah, blah, blah. Anger is pointless. And you're calling me a liar?"

Raven clenched her fists. Her emotions were too unstable. She couldn't direct her powers any longer, she couldn't trust herself with them. She should retreat.

But she couldn't do that either. The two of them might despise each other, but it wasn't about them: this was about the Titans. This was about what Terra planned to do to the Titans.

She will kill them. And it will be all your fault, Raven.

She couldn't leave. She ran and leapt at Terra. A greasy claw caught at her ankle, dragging her back, slamming her to the floor. Winded, she lay still, dragging in shallow breaths. When the mud loosened its grip, Raven struggled up onto hands and knees.

And there she knelt, in the cold and filth, and Terra descended.

"Come on Raven, what stings the most? That I tricked you?"

That you let her.

"That I nearly wiped out your team?"

That you couldn't protect your friends.

"That everyone liked me better than you?"

That you are no better than her.

"Stop it!" Raven yelled.

"Or is it that deep down inside you really believed I was your friend?"


Chilling Rage. Bitter Jealousy. Ugly Hope. Sickening Fear. In the dark of her mind these are all that exist. There is a maelstrom of voices, and Raven struggles to contain the storm.

Who is Terra? Who is she to trample everything? A pathetic wandered that no one wanted! A homeless wretch! She should be glad to even have met them! She should be grovelling. Grovelling for forgiveness. Grovelling in gratitude that they would even acknowledge her.

And yet she's not. She chose to throw us away. We accepted her and then she hurt us for it.

She was given everything! Everything she wanted, everything she deserved, and they asked nothing. Your friends, your home, your trust! The precious things you worked so hard for, she defiled. And still they want her back! How could they? How could they let her go so easily?

Terra tricked us, but she is not evil. She is just a small part of this. We can all see that.

But of course, you want them to feel this way, don't you? You want them to believe in lost causes. You're ecstatic at how easily they swallow sob stories! You'd best hope this doesn't affect their opinion of second chances Raven, because you're going to need it much more than Terra ever did.

That's different!

Terra intentionally deceived us. She had a choice!

Do you think they'll care for the difference? Who is Terra, compared to you? You know what is coming. They will never forgive you.


Who could?


You are the same. You are lying to them, using them, and eventually you will turn on them. It is destiny, Raven.

You are your father's daughter, after all.

I won't.


Raven opened her eyes.

As the mud closed over her, she found the bitterest part was that when she looked up at Terra, she only saw herself looking back.

Basically I feel that Raven's attention is never fully on the fight. A lot of it is, I think, directed internally, trying to manage the emotions that Terra's actions have brought about. Or at least, that's how I justify Raven losing to myself.

I think that the way the fight plays out in the cartoon was beautifully composed, and I think that's part of what makes it so much more emotional than any of the other fights Terra has. The symbolism throughout it shows it's from Raven's perspective: she is filthy, Terra is clean. She is low, Terra is high. It should be the other way around considering what's happened. Raven shouldn't be on the defensive. This is why I felt that the fight had so much more to it than two girls who hate each other. I think the visual was originally meant to represent Raven's emotions corrupting her, but I felt it should be something more. That the reason Raven feels dirty and low when she looks at Terra must be because she sees something in Terra that she hates in herself.

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