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A/N: Robin and Terra. Finally. I have been sitting on this chapter for ages. Turns out I thought it was up and it wasn't. Anyway sometimes I need a kick in the bum to get me going, but don't fear I've given up on this. I'm determined to finish this story, even if it takes me 50 years (don't worry, it won't!).

Moment: [Special] Episode 25 (Aftershock Part I) - Robin tries to reason with Terra.

Robin did not think of himself as an optimist. He preferred to think of himself as pragmatic, cautious, and intuitive. And at that moment, it was Robin's intuition that said his friends were alive.

They'd made a classic mistake. No, he'd made the mistake. Divide and conquer, and he'd fallen for it. Fallen for the ploy and gotten his friends hurt in the process. Hurt, but not killed. He believed it despite Terra's claims of extermination. He believed it because there was no way this one girl could eliminate the Titans. He believed it because he had spent the better part of two hours searching for Starfire in the waters around the cliff. He believed it because he had to.

He knew that his team was holed up somewhere safe: recuperating, watching, waiting. There were reasons they'd left him behind. He had a couple of guesses as to what they were, but it didn't matter, because he had his own reasons to stay. He owed it to Beast Boy; he'd promised to give Terra another chance, offer her a way out. He owed it to Terra, having been both her friend and her leader. Moreover, he owed it to himself.

He had been in her position once, long before he'd ever heard of Slade. Been caught in the wake of someone bigger and stronger than himself, someone who had offered him a purpose and a path when he'd been lost. Robin could remember what it was like staring at the back of that person, following, and feeling proud.

It had been a long time before he realised that you can't move forward by watching someone's back, and though Robin would always be grateful for the hand up, a part of him now resented how following that person had blocked his view. He wished he'd been able to look beyond them sooner. Terra still had that chance.

So he tried. He tried reason, he tried anger, and he tried shock. It didn't matter. Terra marched down the path in front of her. He knew it would happen. There was nothing he could do to change it. In the end all he had to offer was another direction set out before her, when what she really needed was to stop running altogether. He didn't think she knew how.

He'd still hoped. Maybe he was an optimist after all. He'd given her a chance; he had to let it go now. He had his own team – his own family – to take care of. But it didn't change the fact that as the boulder crashed down towards his head, and Robin looked out at Terra, the bitterest part was seeing himself look back.

This concludes Aftershock I. If any of you have been re-watching lately, Aftershock II has some awesome moments. I'm looking forward to it.

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