"I originally intended this to be done last Tuesday, but I had some unexpected encounters."

"Writing a story with no plot so far and the realization there won't be one for another 10 chapters DRIVES ME INSANE! It's also incredibly boring AND THE FACT THAT I ACTUALLY HAVEN'T COME UP WITH A PLOT YET DOESN'T HELP!"

"Late Merry Christmas"

"Sorry for taking so long to update, I think I've got it fixed now."

"I've noticed a lot of gaps in between your story updates Mr. Quizy'

'First of all, screw the Mr. Just call me Quizy, second of all, I've been kind of busy'

'But not busy enough to sit around eat M&M's eh?"

"I know I said I wouldn't take as long this time, but I actually have a good excuse this time."


"Quizy lives! Go spread the word!"

"I updated... Why no one reviewed?"

"The last six weeks of school were a frigging nightmare. I'm so happy now that I'm done with all that jank and that I can get back to writing."

"I bet it looked like I was dead for the longest time."

"It IS summer now, though, so it shouldn't be too hard." (Well, we all know THAT was a load of crap)


"What? You were expecting an actual update?" Quizy asked. "You should learn better by now. Now, here comes the business...", he sighed. "Yes, I am suspending HTS. I don't think you'll notice the difference. Look I don't have much time, so I'll just get to the point. In the time this story is suspended, I am going to fix up this story. In other words, its going to be completely rewritten. Yep, I am going to turn the first couple of sucky chapters into glorious whatevers. But look, the thing is, I can't do it alone. Obviously. You've seen that. I need someone to help me come up with ideas, get onto my back about actually writing, and maybe even co-write it with me. NOW I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME, I'M GONNA POST THIS AND I'LL check back this weekend. So, I'll explain in more detail if you ask me too. Thank you, come again!"