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Mikan was sitting in Hotaru's room; she was so jittery she couldn't keep still.

Hotaru was currently fixing her hair in her full-length mirror.

"Mikan, if you don't sit still so help me ..." She stopped mid-sentence to emphasize her point.

Mikan stopped immediately and calmed herself by biting her lip.

Hotaru then finished with her hair and turned to look at Mikan, and then Mikan remembered something.

"Say Hotaru, you never did tell me who you were going to the dance with?" she smiled curiously to her friend.

A light shade of pink could be seen on the Ice Queen's cheeks; she looked away and simply stated, "Nogi."

Mikan grinned a little but turned away to hide it, she'd always had a feeling that Hotaru liked the animal lover.

After half an hour Hotaru was completely finished, she turned to Mikan and pointed at her dressing table chair.

Mikan sighed but walked over and sat herself down. She didn't mind getting dressed up, but Hotaru always went over the top with it.

For the next few hours Mikan was primped and plucked to perfection, every one of Hotaru's many beautifying tools was used.

Mikan grew impatient and scowled at Hotaru, "Why are you taking so long?! You only spent an hour on yourself!"

"Uglier people take longer to make decent." Was the inventor's cold reply.

Of course she didn't mean it; she was simply trying to shut her best friend up.

"Done" Hotaru said after a little while, she stepped back to admire her handy work.

Mikan looked up at Hotaru and smiled angelically, "How do i look?"

She wanted to tell her friend that she was stunning, but thought that she'd leave that privilege to a certain flame caster.

"You'll do."

They left the three-star bedroom and made their way to the grand hall. When they reached the front doors Hotaru turned to Mikan.

"I'll go first, count to thirty and then follow after me. Remember to keep your "character" in check. If you decide to ignore these rules then you know the consequences."

She gave Mikan one of her death glares, Mikan nodded furiously.

With a swift kiss on the cheek Hotaru turned and walked through the large doors to the main hall.

Mikan began counting slowly in her head...

Meanwhile, a nervous looking Ruka stood at the bottom of the marble staircase in the main hall.

He was glancing at his watch when he heard quiet foot steps behind him.

Ruka turned around and was amazed at the image before him.

A beautiful raven-haired girl was descending down the marble steps, the gentle click of her heels could be heard with her every movement.

Her hair just touched her shoulders and was perfectly straight; she had on a strapless midnight blue dress that reached her knees.

She had on high silver platform heels and a matching clutch bag.

Hotaru stopped in front of the stunned blonde and graced him with one of her rare smiles.

"Hey." She greeted him.

He couldn't speak so he just took her hand in his and kissed it gently, Hotaru blushed and looked away to hide it.

Ruka then proceeded to pull her to the dance floor.

Music filled the air and they began to dance slowly to the rhythm.

So lately, I've been wonderin'
Who will be there to take my place
When I'm gone, you'll need love
To light the shadows on your face
If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

Ruka smiled down at Hotaru and she smiled back lightly, it was a perfect moment and neither wanted to ruin it.

When the song finished Ruka escorted Hotaru to the buffet table knowing she'd want some food.

'How well you know me Nogi.' Thought Hotaru, and even though she'd never admit it she was glad of this.

Back outside the hall stood a very bored looking Mikan, she'd forgotten how long she was to count for so she'd decided to just wait a while.

After a few more minutes she could take it no longer, she grabbed the handle of the main doors.

She was going to turn it but her heart began to accelerate rapidly, 'Oh gosh, c'mon Mikan! You can do this, just breathe.' She told herself.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, her heart calmed and her eyes snapped open.

No longer afraid, she turned the handle and stepped through the doors more confident than ever.

Natsume had just entered through the bottom entrance to the main hall.

He had on a black suit and dressy black shoes; his hair was in its usual style except a bit tidier looking.

His crimson shirt contrasted well with his red eyes, and quite honestly he was the best looking guy in the hall.

He was about to go find a place to sit down and wait for his date when he heard a lot of gasps.

Natsume looked at the closest person next to him and followed their gaze.

A tall, slender brunette was making her way down the stairs. Her hair was in a side ponytail that just touched her hip, it was held in place by a black clip with red gems on

Her dress was a deep shade of crimson and sparkled in the light; it was strapless and reached all the way to the floor.

When she moved you could see the point of her black patent heels, to match she wore black dress gloves that reached just above her elbows.

She reached the bottom of the steps and looked around for her date.

Natsume walked towards the beautiful girl and when she saw him she half smiled to herself.

He stopped just in front of her and they stared at each other for a moment.

Mikan began to feel awkward under his stare and so broke the silence between them, "Are you going to ask me to dance or not?"

Natsume smirked a little at her irritated tone but said nothing; he took her hand in his and led her away from the crowd of gawking students.

To Mikan's surprise he led her past the dance floor and out towards the balcony.

When they were out of sight he pulled her towards him and wrapped his arms around her small waist.

Mikan was a little shocked but raised her hands up to wrap them around his neck.

A slow song could be heard from inside, and Mikan lay her head against his masculine chest as she listened to the music.

Lately I'm so tired
If I took it all out on you
I never meant to
If I left you outside
If you ever felt I ignored you
Know my life is all you

So put your best dress on
And wrap yourself in the arms of someone
Who wants to give you all the love you want

Tonight, I'm gonna make it up to you
Tonight, I'm gonna make love to you
Tonight, you're gonna know how much I missed you, baby
Tonight, I dedicate my heart to you
Tonight, I'm gonna be a part of you
Tonight, you're gonna know how much I miss you
And I miss you so

I don't wanna act like
I know that you'll be mine forever
Though I hope it's forever
Don't want you to feel like
I take you for granted
Whenever we are together

Oh yeah
So put your best dress on
And wrap yourself in my arms, my love

Tonight, I'm gonna make it up to you
Tonight, I'm gonna make love to you
Tonight, you're gonna know how much I miss you, baby
Tonight, I dedicate my heart to you
Tonight, I'm gonna be a part of you
Tonight, you're gonna know how much I miss you

The song flowed to an end and another one started. Neither of them moved from their positions.

After a while Natsume lowered his head to whisper in Mikan's ear, "You look extremely beautiful tonight Mikan. Oh and i'm glad you're back to normal, though i'm

flattered that you did all that for me."

Mikan looked up at him surprised and was about to ask him how he knew the reason for her actions of the past week.

But as she opened her mouth she felt something warm and soft touch her lips.

Electricity shot through her veins and butterflies fluttered in her stomach, he was kissing her.

Natsume kept his eyes closed and deepened the kiss, after a second Mikan followed his actions.

They broke apart after a few minutes and stared at each other, it was their second kiss, but their first one was when they were ten and was nothing compared to that.

Natsume smiled to her a little and then kissed her forehead tenderly; Mikan felt sparks shoot through her again.


"I love you Mikan, and i don't want you to ever change."

Mikan's mouth dropped open and she gawked at him, that made him smirk and amusement danced in his crimson eyes.

He touched her chin with his index finger and pushed it up to close her mouth, then he kissed her once more.

Mikan smiled against his lips and muttered quietly, "Love you too."

Natsume pulled back to look at her in the eyes, "You had no option whether or not to Polka."

"Natsu—" He cut her off with yet another kiss.

Mikan rolled her eyes knowing that he was just teasing her, 'He's such a pervert. But he's my pervert.' She thought as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

The End

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