Just a funny Drabble that I thought of when I saw a drawing.

The sea was calm for once on the Grand Line. The wind was gently blowing them towards the next island. Nami had retreated back to her tangerine grove for some relaxation. She sighed as the sun beat down on her relaxed figure. She and Zoro had another fight, but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little sweet talking or a kiss.

Most people thought that the big swordsman had no emotions except rage and annoyance, but he was really just a really big softy.

Robin walked into the small grove, and sat down on the wooden planks as a breeze passed over them. After a few moments of silence she spoke, "Nami-san, do you think Zoro is the jealous type?"

Nami thought back to what had caused the whole fight. Zoro had been trying to throw Sanji over board. When she had come upon the scene she saw the two bickering with Zoro holding Sanji's entire body over the railing.

Nami answered, "Have you seen Sanji lately?"

Robin looked confused for a moment. Nami thought back to what Zoro had claimed the problem was, "He doesn't seem to get that you are my girlfriend!!!"

Robin answered, "No, I haven't."

Nami sighed in annoyance before getting up to go find the green haired man, "Then yes. Zoro is definitely the jealous type."


Just something I thought would happen if Nami and Zoro do get together. Review if you like.