All right, this story is about some characters playing me and my friends at school. So I thought, 'Hey, why not just use the Sailor Moon characters?' So, here I am. This is my every-day routine in WOHS.

It was a Friday in Tokyo. Serena and her friends, way too many to name, were on their way to school. It turned out that by the second semester of school, all of them ended up at the same school together.

"Okay, I've got English this hour, so I gotta book it. See ya!" Mina shouted and ran off to her class once they were in the building.

"Hmm, I have Choir," Michelle stated. She had always loved music, so she loved to sing, as well.

"Okay. I have :MATH: this hour, so it's Coach Mike for me. See ya," Serena stated. 'Great,' she thought. 'It just HAD to be MATH!'

The others went to classes like Home EC, PE, CO, Science, Civics, and others. By the time lunch came around, many weary girls and guys came to a huge table for lunch. Serena and Darien sat together, as usual. Serena was a Freshman and Darien was a Senior. The other girls had found boyfriends, too. Well, actually, they were always there; the girls just didn't look hard enough. Molly, Melvin; Lita, Ken; Raye, Chad; Mina, Andrew; Amy, Greg; Amara, Anthony (He was on one of the new DUBBED episodes!); Michelle, Mike (She mentioned him on one of the DUBBED epies..); Trista, Fiore (He was on the R movie. I brought him back! ^_^). Rini had Peruru and Hotaru had Helios, but they were in the younger grades.

They all sat down with their food and started chatting about things until the usual argument broke out. "It's not Mexican food, Fiore. It's American. Ya see, it is IMPORTED because it was made in America, duh!" Raye shouted at him.

"No, it's not. It's Mexican because it originated there, right, Michelle?" He looked over at Michelle who was sipping on her chocolate milk.

"Yeah, Fiore, you're right. It has to come from Mexico because it is that style."

"Ha! Whaddaya say now, Miss Know-it-all? She knows what she's talking about." The same thing happened every day. They had eaten a burrito last week and they just decided to start an argument, one that NEVER ended, about Mexican/American food.

"Oh, shut up, Fiore. Serena knows that it's not Mexican, right, Serena?!" Raye asked furiously.

"Why does it matter, anyway? It's FOOD! Oh, my gosh, who said that??"

"Oh, never mind, Raye; eat your food before it gets cold," Lita said impatiently.

"Fine," Raye said grumpily. "I still say it's American."




"Shut up!!!" the others screamed.

The end. Well, that's about the way my day is at school. My two friends ALWAYS argue over food being Mexican or American. Who cares? I mean, it's just FOOD, right? Get over it already! Jeez. But they're still fun to listen to. I mean, boy/girl argument, food, one blond, one dirty blond (sorta) and Crystal, the girl, is a Junior in High School. Andy, the guy, is a Freshman, like me. NEWAYZ, hope ya liked it. I'll be posting a lot of stories lately. Finally out for a 3-day weekend! YES! JA NE!

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