We just hung around and talked that weekend, with nothing to do and having seen all of the movies worth seeing. Hel seemed to always have a distant look in her eyes. Hel had missed enough school, and so had Cole, so I stayed home at my house the first day. The second day, I went back. And I had a big surprise waiting for me. I went to school alone, and when I got there, I saw Hel and Laser…kissing. I saw an old scene inside my head.

"Reverse invisibility and arms back to normal," Laser said. Laser had the rock, and Hel was pretending to have fainted in his arms. She opened her eyes, and looked at Laser.

"You know Laser, I always did like you," she had said to him.

"Really?" he asked. She punched him in the face, and said," LIKED" as she took the rock.

I had thought that had just been a lie to get the rock. Apparently, it had been much, much more. They broke away, and Hel turned, and saw me standing there. She started at me, wide eyed, and then I turned and ran. I ran all the way home, and saw mom there. She asked me why I was home, and I told her that I still felt like I needed to regain some blood.

The next day, I went back, and saw Hel looking for me. I hid by a bush, and when she wasn't looking in my direction, I ran inside, into my classroom, and took my seat. Soon, the bell rang, and everyone started coming into the room.

I looked away from the door, and I eventually felt Hel settle in on one side of me, and Cole on the other side of her. They didn't speak, although I could feel Helvetica's gaze on me the whole class. When it came time for lunch, I got my food, and sat down at an empty table. I soon felt Cole and Hel join me.

"Okay, what's going on between you two? Why aren't you talking?" Cole finally asked.

"I saw her kissing Laser yesterday, and ran home," I said shakily.

"What?" he said. I soon felt what had to be the Short brothers and Nose join us. They saw the scar stretching down my arm, and began asking questions.

"Ask Helvetica. Or, was everything that had happened since last year just another dream?" I said aggressively. She said nothing. Cole finally broke and told them.

"Who knows, it might have been," Laser said, obviously trying to make me think that he never kissed her. I stood up out of my chair.

"Shut up, Laser, I'm not an idiot," I said. I swung a punch at him, and it

connected with his temple. He slumped back in his chair, unconscious, and I sat back down and continued eating. Cole looked at me, and stared. He then looked at Hel.

"Why?" he asked. She opened her mouth to speak, but I didn't want to know.

"How could you?" I screamed. Everybody stopped talking and looked at me. I put my hand under my tray, and flipped it into the air, sending food spinning everywhere, and the tray clattering to the floor. I stormed out of the lunchroom, and went outside, and sat on one of the tables, hugging my knees. I eventually heard the door open and close, and Hel came out in front of me. She kissed me, but got no reaction from me. I didn't even kiss her back.

She stopped trying a few minutes later, and went back inside. Then Cole came out, and just sat beside me, staring off into the distance with me. He eventually rest his hand on my shoulder, and then went back. Next, was Loogie.

"Don't worry dude. She wasn't worth it," he said, before going back. Then was Lug.

"Forget about her. Videogames, are the one thing that won't let you down," he said. Nose came a few minutes later.

"You'll find somebody else, Toby," he said. Finally, after they had woken Laser, he came out.

"Sorry dude, but… all's fair in love and war, right?" he said, before running back in, to escape pain. I went back to class, and after school, I went down to the park. I sat by the pond, watching the other teens roller skate around it. Eventually, a girl my age skated around to me, and collapsed beside me on the ground.

"Hi. What's up with you? You look like somebody you care about has died," she said. I grimaced slightly, and then smirked.

"I guess you could say that. She's still alive, but as dead to me as if she actually were," I replied. I told her what had happened. The whole thing. Even what had happened last year. The only thing I left out was what I had done for her, how I had saved her in so many ways. She just sat there, thinking about what I had said.

"Well. It's not like you saved her life or anything," she said, brightening slightly.

"I have. Twice. And kicked her evil almost-step-mom and her actual mom out of her house, both she thanked me for later," I told her. She gaped at me. I told her the rest of the story, and she obviously didn't believe me. I pulled up my sleeve, and silently showed her my scar. She stared at me, wide eyed.

"You must be a good guy to have around," she told me.

"Apparently Hel didn't think so," I told her. Soon, I felt a presence behind me, and Cole appeared.

"Hey, Toe. Who's this?" he asked.

"I don't really know, Cole," I told him. He gazed at me, puzzled.

"I'm Megann. My friends and I saw him sitting here all depressed, and we drew straws to see who would go see what was up. He told me the story. What I believe is the whole story," she said. He nodded.

"Cole, I don't want you to choose sides between your sister and me," I told him. He exhaled with relief.

"That would have been hard," he replied. I nodded, and stared into the water.

"Can you do one thing for me though? Can you ask her why? What had driven her to do what she did?" I asked. He nodded, and stood up, and left.

"You know, Toby? Sometimes, you have to take the whole path, instead of just taking a shortcut. The shortcut will get you where you need to be, but will you be any better of because of it? When you take the path, you become a better person, one who is strong, and learns from his mistakes. I bet Helvetica wishes she could have taken the path," she said. She got up, and rollerbladed away, leaving me truly alone. I sobbed quietly into my knees, thinking of what had happened, and wondering if it was all a lie.

Soon, Cole returned with an answer.

"She said that…she said that she thought you deserved better than her. All she had done since she had known you was have me stuff you into trashcans, and tormenting you. She feels like there are millions of people better for you than her, and that you'll probably find a new girl soon," he said.

"I personally think that I might never find another girl my whole life. And why couldn't she just tell me, instead of breaking my heart. I gave it to her, and she took it with her when she left. She broke it, and now I'm broken," I said. Fresh tears started spilling from my eyes, and Cole hugged me awkwardly.

People stared at us, but Cole glared at them, and they ran. I broke away from him, and ran. I ran, and ran, until I felt I was a safe distance away.

I wandered around, until I found a boy standing over a figure, taunting her, telling her to give him a kiss, and that he wanted was a kiss—and all her money.

I gasped—the figure was none other than Helvetica! I also realized that the boy had a gun. I did the math, and ran at the boy. I stopped a couple feet behind him.

"I bet you're having a lot of fun, aren't you?" I said. He whipped around, pointing his rifle at me. I must have looked threatening; my hair was wild, my clothes were soaked with tears, and my form was silhouetted by the light of a streetlight. I advanced slowly, making him back up.

"Here's how it's gonna work. You're gonna put the gun down, apologize to her, and then you're going to walk away,"I said. He pointed the gun again, and fired. I yelped, and twisted to the side. The bullet grazed my arm, making an almost identical cut to the other one. He fired again, lower. The bullet sank into my leg, and I collapsed to the ground. He laughed, and I stood up again. He gasped, and fired again, completely missing me. I grabbed the gun from his hand, pointed it at him, and fired. It grazed his ribs, and although he was in pain, he stood his ground. He pulled out two knives, and came at me, slashing at my arms.

He made cuts across the other ones, making full arcs around my arms. The old scar opened, and began bleeding as well. My arms were drenched with blood, and the knives eventually were so drenched with my blood that they slipped from his hands. I shot him with the gun I still somehow held, and it buried itself deep in his chest. We both collapsed, pools of blood beginning to gather around us, and eventually mixing. I heard Hel and apparently Cole, who had been following me, and had just found me, approach.

Cole tore off both of our shirts, and his undershirt, and wrapped them around my injuries, while Hel screamed my name. I blacked out.