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Chapter one

Bolivar Trask sat at the cold mental table inside his laboratory with his fellow mutant hating scientists. They had been working hard for several weeks now.

After the Apocalypse event, SHIELD had been forced to release him and he had been able to start up his research of eliminating mutants again, secretly.

And the research was going better them he could have hoped.

Infact he was almost ready to move forward with his plan of having mutants despised and eliminated.

Faze one, attack Xavier's freak show mansion and capture as many mutants as possible.


The mansion was alive with the mutant teenagers rushing to get ready to leave the mansion.

It was summer break and most of the teenagers were going home for the break. Scott was going with Jean to meet her family now that they are a couple and Kitty was heading home to her parents, as were most of the kids.

Only Kurt, Rogue and Jamie were staying for the summer.

Kurt watched from his balcony as the others left, feeling a little bit disappointed that he couldn't see his parents, he missed them so much and he missed his home land but his parents had their relatives over, relatives that didn't know about Kurt so he had stayed.

He decided to try and not let it get him down because next break he was going home for a couple of months.

And he did like living in the institute but it just wasn't as fun without everyone there.

Rogue and him may have been close like brother and sister but she wasn't one to go out and have fun on the beach, not that he blamed her with her powers and all but still he wished she would go out more.

Kurt was happy that he had Jamie to hangout with at least but the youngest of the X-men team could sometimes be too clingy and they always had to be careful that he didn't bump into anything because that would cause Jamie to multiple in front of everyone, being the youngest he still didn't have full control of his powers.

Kurt smiled as Kitty waved goodbye to him from her car window as she left the grounds.

She had been the last to go.

He waved back and then ported into the kitchen to start making dinner for everyone that was still in the mansion.

With Ororo gone with Evan, who was living in the mansion again, to see their family, Kurt became the cook of the mansion.

Ororo had taught him heaps about cooking, she had decided that since he liked eating so much that he should learn to cook too and the fuzzy blue teen had found that he had a knack for it, much to Kitty's envy.

Tonight he decided that he would just do something simple. So he started to steam some vegetables and grill some steak.

Suddenly Jamie came in and asked excitedly, "Could I please help Kurt?"

Kurt gave the younger boy a wide fanged smile and replied, "Sure that would be wanderbar. Could you set the table and keep an eye on the meat while I make the gravy?"

Jamie happily started to set the table and Kurt couldn't help but smile at the younger boy's enthusiasm.

After they had finished at about seven o'clock, Kurt asked Jamie to inform everyone that it was ready.

Jamie nodded and multiplied so there was four of him and they all ran off in different directions to get everyone, while Kurt ported all of the food over to the dinning table.

Logan was the first to get there and he smirked as he saw Kurt placing the delicious smelling food on the dinning table, unable to hide a longing look.

Logan had to stop himself from ravishing the younger mutant as Kurt worked to put the food in order.

Logan sighed in his head as he remembered when he had started to feel this way toward the fuzzy blue elf; it had been after the Apocalypse attack, his inner animal instincts started to see Kurt as a good potential mate the older the teen got but he know that it was never meant to be, Kurt may be nineteen now and well in his way to college but the teen was still his student and the boy was obviously into girls, that was no secret, even though he had broken up with that Amanda girl he would never see Logan in any sexual way but that didn't mean that Logan couldn't imagine, specially now that the teen had grown, Kurt still had his long dark hair but it wasn't down to his shoulders anymore and his face had lost some of its puppy fat but it didn't take away his soft features and he had grown taller but was still one of the smaller male's in the X-men team, and one of the things Logan was most attracted to was Kurt's lean agile body, the body of a dancer; Logan always felt hot under the collar as he thought about the positions he would love to try with that lean body as a partner but right now wasn't the time.

"Ya sure know how ta make a man happy, elf." The gruff man only half joked as he sat in his seat and started to fill his plate.

Kurt blushed and inwardly wished that Logan had been serious and that it was him that Kurt was making happy but he tried to act normal by chuckling and joking back, "Yep, I'll make somebody a grate house wife one day."

Logan chuckled and Kurt wondered what his mentor would really think if he knew that his student wanted nothing more then to be his lover, Kurt had even broken up with Amanda because he couldn't give her the love she deserved because of his feelings toward the rough older man. Kurt had no idea when his feelings for the man had turned into love but it seemed to happen over night but Kurt kept it to himself, knowing that it would never work, Logan would never be interesting in him and Logan was his teacher.

Suddenly both Kurt and Logan were knocked out of their thoughts by Rogue entering the dinning room and taking her seat.

Then Hank, Charles and Jamie came in together and they all started eating.

Halfway through the meal they heard the phone ring. Hank excused himself to answer it.

When Hank came back he informed them, "That was Ororo, she and Evan thank that they may have found a new mutant, a young boy from Evan's old school and they were wondering Charles if you would go there to see him."

The professor nodded and turned to Logan and asked, "Would mind keeping am eye in everything here, Logan?"

The gruff man nodded indifferently as he continued to eat.

The professor and Hank left the kitchen, heading for the X-Jet and left.

After everyone else had finished eating Rogue went back to her room and Jamie went to play his video games, while Logan watched the News on the TV with Kurt doing his summer homework next to him; little knowing that the mansion was being surrounded by men in gasmasks and uniforms with guns.

The men waited and watched until an hour after the lights had all gone off. Then they started to hotwire the front gates security system.

Logan had been having a very heated dream about a blue fuzzy elf lying under him moaning and whimpering for more, when he suddenly woke with a start. At first he had no idea what had woken him but them he realized that his super sensitive nose was picking up at least fifty men outside the mansion walls.

The gruff man growled angrily and quietly went to wake the students but Logan didn't even make it to Kurt's bedroom, which was just three rooms down from his when the intruders broke in through the hallway windows surrounding him. He also heard the front door and more windows being broken into in other parts of the mansion.

He was a little bit surprised when the mansion's security system didn't go off.

Suddenly all the intruders had their guns pointed at Wolverine who growled and bared his teeth in response.

One of the intruders yelled, "Put your hands up freak and get down on the ground!"

Wolverine growled again and as quick as lightening he had his mental claws out and was attacking the attackers.

Kurt started awoke to the sound of yelling and guns firing.

Porting out of bed over to his bedroom door he was about to open the door to see who could be watching TV that loud at this time of night.

But he never got to open his bedroom bed. With a gasp of horror Kurt watched as several men in uniforms and gasmasks with guns knocked his door in and stormed in.

The moment the intruders saw him they pointed their guns at him many gasping out 'its a demon' and 'should we just shot it'.

Out of reflex Kurt raised his hands over his head.

Looking passed the men Kurt saw that Wolverine was in the hallway fighting several others; he also saw that the guns the men were carrying didn't have bullets but tranquilizes.

Which could be just as bad to him, cause unlike Wolverine who could take several darts and still keep going, Kurt's very fast metabolism made it so any drug that enters him system worked fast and even increased its affects so much it could over dose him.

But that is why he loved his mutant powers so much.

Kurt smiled at the men in front of him and with a puff he was gone. The men gasped started to run around looking for him little knowing that Kurt was showing why his codename is the Nightcrawler. Using the cover of the dark Kurt crawled on the ceiling out into the hallway.

Knowing that Wolverine could take care of himself; one of the many reasons why Kurt loved the man, Nightcrawler ported to Jamie's room to find that more of the men were inside and had knocked the youngest X-men out and were about to carry him off.

Nightcrawler was having none of that.

Porting off the ceiling down to the ground, many of the men gasped in surprise and horror as they saw him.

Kurt didn't waste time and quickly grabbed the younger boy from the man holding him and porting away before the men could even react and ported them into the danger room knowing that that would be the safest place to hid his helpless friend.

He gently lay Jamie in the danger room's control room then he ported onto Rogue's bedroom ceiling to find that no one was in there. Worried that he was to late he ported away to find his sister.

And he did, inside one of the mansion's bathrooms. Knocked out with three men down around her.

"How do we get her out of here when we can't touch her?" One of the conscious men asked the others in the room.

Nightcrawler shook his head, obviously they had not done they're research before attacking.

"Don't worry! I'll take care of her!" Kurt said merrily from the ceiling and ported down to his sister while the surprised men started shooting up at the ceiling where he had just been. He quickly put his three digited hand on Rogue's clothed shoulder and ported them into the danger room's control room.

Kurt was panting as he laid Rogue next to Jamie, all the blind porting was taking its toll and he knew that he only had at most four ports left in him before he passed out from exhaustion.

But he had to go make sure his Wolverine was ok; so porting onto the ceiling of the hallway just outside his bedroom he saw that Wolverine was still fighting off the intruders there. He smiled as he saw that Wolverine had taken so many of them down but them frowned as he saw that Wolverine was obviously starting to be affected by the darts, his normal swift, strong movements were getting sluggish and clumsy and he was shaking his head a lot, obviously trying to clear the drug from his head and still he was being hit by the darts, his hard broad chest was almost covered in them.

Kurt knew that he had to get his secret crush out of here before it was too late.

Kurt released his hold of the ceiling and allowed himself to drop down to Logan. Landing on the startled man's broad shoulders he teleported.

But he was more exhausted then he had first thought and had only been able to port them onto the floor above the danger room, which much to his horror had more of the intruders that were quick to shoot at them.

Logan tried to use his larger body to cover Kurt's but they were unlucky. Kurt hissed as he felt a dart hit his shoulder but he was out before he could even hit the ground.



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