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Chapter 9

Rogue slowly walked up the mansion stairs with a very morbid look on her face. She was heading for Kurt's bedroom, where the blue teen had been hiding all day.

It had been a whole week since Kurt and Logan had escaped Trask and Logan had left three days ago to track the mutant hater down and have his ravage for what happened.

This had lead to Kurt becoming worried and depressed. All he did, now that he was out of the infirmary, was sit on his bedroom balcony all day, looking out for any sign of Logan's bike returning. Everyone was worried about the blue teen; he wasn't eating enough and every night everyone woke up to him screaming out for Logan after a bad nightmare.

The rest of the team figured that because of the ordeal Logan and Kurt had had with Trask, Kurt had simply started to rely on Logan as a guardian and would call out for him thinking that he was the only source of safety around.

But Rogue could tell that there was more to this odd behaviour then that. She had been the one to find Logan trying to sneak out of the mansion before anyone found out what he was going to do and try and stop him. Rogue had tried to stop him but this was Logan and no stopped Logan from doing what he wanted to do.

"I need to do this, or I'll never be able to face any of you again." He had growled at Rogue, annoyed that he had been court. Sitting his saddlebag on his bike as he checked her over.

"What are ya talkin about Logan?" Rogue demanded as she crossed her arms over her chest in impatience, "We all need you here. Kurt needs you here. We all know that he screams for you because of his nightmares. What's going to happen to him while your gone!"

"This is what both the elf and I need!" Logan snapped back at the equally hot-tempered teen but didn't look at her. "Once we both know that Trask can't hurts us again, Kurt's nightmares will stop… my nightmares will stop."

Rogue was shocked to hear Logan's little confession about having nightmares of the kidnapping but before she could say anything else Logan mounted his bike and drove away. Leaving Rogue to realize that this wasn't just about Logan having revenge, it was about Logan feeling that he had failed to protect his home and his students before and was not going to let it happen again; it was about getting rid of a threat. And Rogue couldn't blame Logan for wanting them all to be safe; after all no one wanted to talk about it out loud but hearing about both the mind controlling drug and even the mutant power containing chips that had been put into Logan and Kurt had them all worried and on edge.

But still, Rogue sighed morbidly as she knocked lightly on Kurt's bedroom door. She hated seeing her little brother so depressed. After a minute she heard Kurt dryly give permission for her to enter his room. Opening the door slowly, Rogue saw Kurt sitting in his usually spot on the balcony edge, his tail hanging but not swaying like it normally would; this in itself proved to Rogue that her adopted brother was upset.

Quietly making her way out onto the balcony she realized that Kurt wasn't even looking out at the road leading toward the mansion like he normally would. Instead he was looking out at the setting sun, as if it was mocking him.

"He isn't coming back." Kurt whispered as if to answer Rogue's unasked question.

But this statement only confused the older girl more.

"What are ya talkin about Kurt? Logan will come back! This is his home and we are his family!" Rogue said wondering why Kurt would think that Logan would just abandon them like that.

But Kurt just shook his head slowly and replied in a dead tone, "No, he ran away just like I should have known he would… ran away from me, just like everyone else does."

Rogue sighed and she knew that she wasn't going to like the answer to her next question, "What happened between you two Kurt, while you were both captured?"

Rogue knew there had to be more to this depression then just the feeling of losing a guardian, it was almost like…

Then suddenly it hit Rogue. She knew that it was unlikely but it was the only thing that made sense.

Why Logan had become so protective of Kurt, so unwilling to let others touch him and why Kurt screamed for Logan to chase away his fears, why Kurt was so lost without the rough man.

"Kurt, are you in love with Logan?"

Kurt's only reply was to turn his head away from his sister so he wouldn't have to look her in the face but that was enough of an answer for her.

"Did this happen while you were both in Trask's hands?" She pressed and this time got a shake of his head for an answer. "You loved him even before that?"

Rogue suddenly heard a pained sob come from her brother and then he snapped, "It doesn't matter anyway. Logan's gone and he isn't coming back."

Rogue wondered for a moment if maybe she should try and hug the blue teen or something to comfort him but then she realized that that wasn't what he needed right now.

Grabbing both of Kurt's shoulders, Rogue forced her brother to turn toward her and she none too gently slapped him across the face but at the some time it wasn't a harsh slap, more of a wake up slap.

Kurt was shocked by the slight sting and burn of his cheek and looked at Rogue in wide teary-eyed shock.

"Stop being so emo, you stupid blue jerk!" Rogue snapped, "Logan went to stop Trask for good so he could never hurt any of us again, so don't you dare think the worst of him when he is trying to do what he think needs to be done to keep us all safe. He even pretty much told me that he was doing it for you!"

Kurt's golden eyes suddenly started to brighten again and he smiled at his adopted sister as he pulled her into a hug, being careful of her bare skin.

"Thanks sis, I needed that." Pulling away Kurt suddenly looked very embarrassed, "So you don't mind? About me and Logan…together?"

Rogue just snorted as if she had known all along, "Just tell me one thing. How big is Logan?"

At first Kurt didn't know what his sister was talking about but then it hit him and he blushed like mad, "I don't know you pervert! We've never done it! And even if I did know I'm going to tell you!"

Rogue chuckled almost evilly and was about to say more but suddenly both her and Kurt's attention turned to the road. They could both hear a motorbike somewhere in the distance. Kurt felt his heart start to throb into his ribs as he tried not to get his hopes to high, after all Logan had only been gone three days. But his face started to brighten as he spotted Logan's bike zoom full speed toward the mansion.

With a shout of pour joy Kurt teleported both Rogue and himself down to the front gate.

He's back! O god I owe him the biggest apology for thinking that he had abandoned me! Kurt thought to himself as Logan pulled up in front of the two teens.

Pulling his helmet off, Logan smiled at them and said, "Well that's one less mutant hater that we have to worry about."

Kurt and Rogue both jumped into his strong arms and Kurt yelled out, "We're just happy that your back."

Neither of the teens saw the evil smirk that spread across Logan's face nor the sudden gold that shifted in his sly eyes.

Neither of them even had a clue that the real Logan was walking along a road with a look of pour murder on his face.

After a day and a half of riding, Logan had made it back to the place he and Kurt had been held only to find that the place was in ruin and everyone was already dead.

To say that when Logan found Trask's body, he was seriously ticked that he would never be able to repay Trask for all the pain he cause his elf and himself but at the some time he was happy that he wouldn't have to worry about Trask ever again.

But what Logan wanted to know was who had done all this?

There was no scent that he could find of the person who had done this but Logan put it down to the scent of the rotting corpses blocking out every other scent in the place, obviously all this had been done days again.

Deciding that there was nothing here for him, Logan had left again.

But just hours into his ride a bear suddenly come out of no where and knocked him off his bike, sending him into a nearby tree. The bike stalled and fell unharmed into the grassy side of the road.

Logan, who was now fully alerted to the bear, roared and leapt back at the bear, his metal claws ready but suddenly the bear turned into a tiger and meet him midair, and in that moment Logan understood as he landed with the tiger both of them clawing at each other.

"Mystique! Why are you here?" Logan growled as he backed away from the tiger as it turned into the tall blue female mutant.

And she looked close to being in a rage.

"You will not talk to me, you child molester!" Mystique roared as she morphed he hands into razor sharp swords.

Logan could only look at her in confusion. Since when did he molest a child? "What in hell are on about Mystique?"

The blue female just glared at him and almost screamed, "How dare you lead my son into thinking that you could ever love him! A creature like you could never love! What you are doing to Kurt is no better then what Trask did to him!"

Logan was beyond pissed that Mystique thought that he was playing Kurt like that. "What do you care if me and Kurt are together! You've never worried about him before! And how do you know about Trask?"

But just as he finished his sentence, he remembered something that Trask had once said to him.

Trask had said that some rich woman was funding his labs and even giving him the request to make the mind-controlling drug.

"This is all your doing!" Logan snapped as he realized that Mystique was obviously planning something big. "It was your fault that Kurt had to go through all that shit!"

Rage suddenly blinded Logan as he realized that not only had Mystique been the reason that Kurt and he had to go though all that horrid torture and then she had the goal to call him a child molester.

Charging at the woman, he realized to late that she had morphed her hands back and had pulled out a gun.

Firing at the man Logan felt the bullet hit his head and everything went black and he felt no more.

Until hours later when his powers had finally pushed the bullet out of his forehead and healed him. His metal skull had stopped the bullet from going through his brain and saving his life.

When he finally awoke it was to realize that the bitch had made off with his ride and his wallet, keys and even his X-men communicator.

So now he was left to walk along the deserted road, hoping that he could make it back to the mansion in time to stop whatever that bitch had planned.

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