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Chapter 1: The Beansprout-y Nanny

"Yuu-papa!" Lavi chirped brightly, running into his father's arms. "Lenalee, Yuu-papa is home!"

"Daddy!" Lenalee shouted joyfully, following after Lavi. She crashed into Kanda's legs with a "whumph!'' and quickly unwrapped her arms from around his leg. She jumped up and down, holding her hands up to be carried. "Up, up!"

Kanda set his briefcase down and scooped both of his children into his arms. Lenalee and Lavi giggled as they were bounced by the sudden change in elevation.

"Welcome home!" both of them squealed as Kanda nuzzled their cheeks affectionately.

"I thought I told you not to call me by my first name, little rabbit," Kanda said, glaring half-heartedly at Lavi.

"It's because I love you!" Lavi declared with all the conviction a five-year-old could muster. His small hands circled around his father's neck.

"Daddy, daddy!" Lenalee chimed in, tugging lightly at Kanda's shirt. "I want a hug too!"

Kanda leaned closer to her and allowed his little girl to encircle his neck from the other side. She snuggled her face into his neck as a woman stormed from the living room.

"That's it, you disgusting little brats!" the nanny shouted, sending Lenalee and Lavi a hateful glare. Her blonde hair was covered with soap and scraps of food and her clothing was smeared with jelly and pudding. Her face was dyed an odd shade of tomato red, and her fury matched her current skin tone.

Kanda could feel Lavi shake with hidden laughter. He knew that Lavi and Lenalee had most likely rigged the dishwasher to explode. Lavi was a genius who schemed of every possible prank for their nannies and Lenalee, despite her shy demeanor around everyone except a select few, was the one who carried out the plans her brother concocted. Secretly, Kanda was glad that Lavi and Lenalee were so mischievous. It was his screening process for the nannies that took up the job for babysitting his two children. If she couldn't take care of herself from two five year-olds, then she certainly wasn't qualified to take care of them.

It was also damn good amusement for him. He set down Lenalee and Lavi. They ran and hid behind his legs, peeking out behind them with twin grins.

She stared back at Kanda with a look of surprise and shock. "Oh, Kanda-san! I didn't know you were here!" Her face adopted a coy look and she discreetly tried to fix her clothing and her hair. "I was just going to send the children to bed."

A man in a tuxedo suit came in. He held a deflated ball, the violet one that Kanda had bought Lenalee for her birthday. By the looks of it, the ball looked as if it had been punctured by a knife. Kanda raised an eyebrow at him.

"Master Kanda," Marie, the butler greeted with a cordial bow. "Welcome home."

Kanda nodded in acknowledge to Marie before his glare centered back to the nanny who fidgeted under his gaze.

Pathetic. Kanda thought in his head as he openly sneered at her.

"Kanda-san, I can explain," the nanny started but Kanda's icy glare silenced her.

"You're fired," Kanda said sharply. "Get out of my house before I call security. It's obvious that you can't take care of yourself let alone my children."

"But I-," the nanny began.

"Get. Out," Kanda interrupted in a harsh voice. The nanny opened her mouth as if to protest again but then shut it. She composed herself as much dignity as she could (which was not that dignified considering that jelly and pudding still dripped around her), turning her nose up with an air of indifference and left the mansion.

"Bye bye!" Lavi laughed and waved smugly. When the doors closed, Lavi burst into conversation, "That was so funny, Lenalee! Did you see her face? And her clothes? She was dripping all over the floor too!"

"It was super funny!" Lenalee exclaimed, clapping her hands joyfully.

Kanda watched his beloved children babble on and on about their latest successful prank. He knelt down until he was eye level with them.

"Lavi, Lenalee," Kanda said. "You shouldn't play pranks on your nannies. It makes for a hell of a time trying to find a new nanny for you two."

"But she popped Lenalee's ball!" Lavi protested. "She pulled a knife from the kitchen and told us we couldn't play anymore because we were noisy and then popped the ball with it!"

Kanda twitched and he felt himself grow angry. A knife? Holding such a dangerous object in front of his children was unacceptable and he was glad that Lavi and Lenalee had taken care of it by themselves. He knew that he was raising two children who would grow up to be strong, capable people. But he still had to act like a parent in these situations. He put his hands over Lavi's and Lenalee's head in a comforting gesture.

"You still shouldn't do that," Kanda explained patiently. "Now promise me that you won't play pranks on nannies again."

"We promise Yuu-papa," Lavi replied innocently but Kanda could see Lavi and Lenalee cross their fingers behind their backs. Kanda sighed. That would the best he would get out of them.

"What do you guys want for dinner?" Kanda asked.

"Spaghetti!" Lenalee shouted. At the same time Lavi had shouted, "Cake!"

Kanda allowed a rare smile cross his face. He only smiled around his two children. "Spaghetti and cake it is."

In his mind, he made a note to find a new nanny by tomorrow. Come to think of it, hadn't Cross, that damn drunkard from the Black Order Company, recommend someone? As much as he hated Cross for his notorious womanizing ways and reckless spending, the man had been useful when it came to hiring people who did well in their jobs and inventing new gadgets that were big sellers in their corporation. He vaguely recalled a conversation where the womanizer had offered up his apprentice as the perfect nanny.

He'd have to call him up, after making dinner for his two angels.

"What?" Allen asked, flabbergasted. He stopped washing the dishes momentarily and the soapy plate in his hand slipped back into the sink without notice despite the loud crash that it made.

Cross frowned when he heard the dish break as it clattered in the sink. The brat would pay for that after the discussion.

"You'll be working as a nanny for the Mugen Company's head CEO," Cross repeated. He frowned more deeply; he hated repeating himself especially for this worthless brat.

Allen seemed oblivious to the blatant annoyed look that Cross was giving him. His chrome-plated eyes widened with confusion.

"A-a nanny?" Allen asked incredulously. Cross nodded slowly, cursing Allen's slow wits. He stared at the empty wine glass in his hands, wishing that it was filled and that he was drunk when he was talking to his apprentice. He always felt this way when talking to Allen. The idiot could be so dense sometimes that Cross had to physically beat sense into him with a hammer.

"The fucking long-haired brat has two bratlings," Cross responded. "Twins; a boy and a girl. They've been turning away every single nanny since they were old enough to walk." He swilled the empty glass, willing it to fill up. "Which is why the Kanda brat is offering a lot of money for anyone to babysit his kidlets."

"I won't do it," Allen deadpanned. He brushed his white hair behind his ears and turned back to washing the dishes.

Cross felt anger slowly build up. His hand reached for the handy hammer that he kept strapped to his belt. It had been there ever since he had taken Allen in and had never left him.

"Why the hell not?" Cross asked, a threat lacing his words. "It pays good money and if you accept it, you won't have to do any side jobs. You get to live there too, all expenses paid so you won't have to live in this shithole anymore."

"You just want me out of the house!" Allen accused, spinning around quickly. He dried his hands and pulled a bottle of wine from the top cabinet.

"What gave it away?" Cross sneered. "Accept the job or I'll fucking blow your head to pieces."

Allen stiffened. He was used to the threats and he knew that Cross, being the sadistic master that he was, would follow through with that threat.

"I don't work well with children!" Allen protested. He quieted and whispered, "They'll think I'm disgusting."

Allen sat down and popped open the wine. He stared somberly at the liquid; people avoided cursed, ugly children like him so he was used to the disgusted faces and the curious yet mean stares. When he was little, he was picked on for his weird arm and it made him so miserable as a child. Seeing children sneer at his odd appearance was like reliving that childhood over and over again on their young faces. The hate, the scorn, and the humiliation was too much for Allen to see on children let alone adults so Allen tried his best to hide his arm with gloves.

"They don't need to love you," Cross quipped as he held his wine glass out. Allen dutifully poured him a glass. "They just need a person who won't throw herself at the Kanda brat's feet or fawn over his children in an attempt to get closer to him. Although-" Cross took a sip of the wine and sighed, "-God knows why anyone would like the ill-tempered bastard."

"But-," Allen began.

"You start working tomorrow," Cross cut in. "Someone will come pick you up and take you there. And don't you dare think of quitting. I don't want to see your ugly face here anymore so you better keep that job."

Allen groaned and slammed his head into his arms. With his face in his arms, he didn't see Cross's face spread into a wry smile.

"So this is the Kanda mansion," Allen mused. He stared with awe at the huge expanse of the property. The mansion was a soothing white color with blue tones. There was a large yard in front complete with a bubbling fountain and a myriad of flowers. The whole scene was so picturesque that it seemed to come from the fairytales that Mana had read to him when he was little.

"Mister Walker," Toma, the chauffeur, asked. "We have arrived."

As if Toma really needed to say anything.

The car stopped in front of the house and Allen walked up to the front gate. Up close, the wooden double doors were bigger than he had expected and it intimidated him.

Taking a deep breath, he rang the door bell. The door opened without a creak despite their size and a man with headphones dressed in a suit stepped out.

"Welcome, Mister Walker," the man whom Allen assumed was the butler smiled politely. "We've been expecting you. I'm Marie Noise, the Kanda family's butler." Allen smiled back nervously.

"G-Good morning," Allen stuttered, bowing slightly. He licked his dry lips, cursing his sudden panic. "I'm here for the position of nanny."

A look that Allen could decipher passed through Marie's face but it was gone as quickly as it came. Marie smiled mysteriously and ushered Allen in.

"Please come in and make yourself at home," Marie said. "The children will be coming in soon." He led Allen through marble corridors decorated with soft plush rugs and into a large sitting room filled with elegant yet modern furniture. Most of it was Oriental, Allen noted. On one wall, there was a fireplace and mantle.

Pictures of two children and an adult decorated the mantle as well as an odd-looking hourglass that had a blossoming lotus in it. In every picture, Allen could see the faces of smiling children and the father. Allen looked at the pictures yearningly. They looked so perfect.

Two children, a redheaded boy with emerald eyes and a girl with violet eyes and pigtails ran into the room. The boy was leading the way and the girl, holding a green ball in her hands, trotted after him merrily.

"The nanny's here, the nanny's here," both of them sang, skipping around the seat where Allen was. Allen watched with conspicuous awe on his face.

They're so beautiful. Allen thought.

"Here they are," Marie smiled. The children gathered around Marie's legs, peeking at Allen shyly. Marie put a hand behind each of their backs and gently pushed them forward. They stumbled a bit before running and clutching onto Allen's dress pants. Allen jumped from the unexpected movement and held both of their bodies close so they wouldn't fall.

"I'll leave you to get acquainted with and take care of the children," Marie explained. "There is a list on the refrigerator in the kitchen of what needs to be done today. Emergency numbers are also on there in case anything happens. Food is prepared on the kitchen table for breakfast and lunch. I will return in the afternoon to assist with dinner. The Master Kanda might be returning home early today so please do not be alarmed when you see him. Your room is next to the children's, on the left. All of your belongings have been moved in already so please make yourself at home."

"Okay," Allen said and nodded. Truthfully, he was having a hard time processing all the information. He was afraid he was going to forget something and get fired. Then he'd have to face Cross and the hammer. Memories of the tool connecting with his head made him wince in pain. "Have a safe trip, Mr. Marie."

"Bye Marie!" Lavi waved.

"Bye Marie!" Lenalee echoed, waving her hand frantically.

Marie said his goodbyes, hugging each other the children and took a pair of car keys from a rack that contained at least five sets of keys. As soon as they heard the door close, Lavi and Lenalee turned to their new nanny. Allen felt his heart pound when he saw violet and emerald eyes stare at him with wonder. He knew that they were staring at his scar and his pale hair. He saw the silent judgment in their eyes and for a second, panic showed on his face.

He shouldn't be doing this. He wasn't kidding when he said he literally had no experience with children. As a baby, he had been adopted by Mana, his beloved foster father, and he lived with him, happy as a child could be. His odd appearance made other children stay away though, depriving him of a normal childhood. When Mana died and he was taken in by Cross, his interaction with people in general, except for jobs and gambling, became nonexistent.

Twin grins broke out on Lenalee's and Lavi's face. Suddenly, the fear dissipated and Allen found himself smiling too.

"I'm Lavi!" he pointed at himself.

"I'm Lenalee," she grinned shyly. Her hand took her brother's in a tight grasp, Allen noticed. She must be the more withdrawn twin of the two.

Allen let out a quiet sigh of relief; it seemed that he was accepted.

"I'm Allen Walker but you can call me Allen if you want," he said brightly. There was a tense silence after that and Allen didn't know what to do.

"Are you our new nanny, Allen-nanny?" Lavi asked. Allen nodded quickly.

"I guess I am."

Allen glanced at the clock in the room and stood up. Might as well get the day started.

"Time for breakfast," Allen announced. Automatically, both children tensed and their faces welled up. The familiar panic settled in Allen again and he wondered briefly if he had upset them.

"We don't want breakfast," Lavi sulked petulantly. "Breakfast is for sissies."

"Yeah, sissies," Lenalee echoed after her brother. She stared at the ball in her hands. "I want to play outside," she declared, holding the ball up.

Allen felt sweat coat the back of his neck and ran his hands through his hair. They were going to be a handful.

"Well," Allen started. He floundered with compromises in his mind. He was really bad with children. "How about we have breakfast then I can take you outside to play for the rest of the afternoon?"

Again, there was the silent communication that Allen didn't understand.

"Okay," Lavi and Lenalee nodded in sync.

"Would you please take me to the kitchen?" Allen asked, taking Lavi's hand. Lavi nodded and lead the way. Another hand pulled at his free hand and stopped him. Lavi looked at Lenalee and then dropped Allen's hand with a shrug. He continued on without them.

"Allen," Lenalee pleaded, holding her free hand up to him. He was confused with the motion. It finally occurred to him that Lenalee wanted to be carried and he smiled, pulling the girl up until she rested comfortably on his hip. Lenalee looked surprised but then giggled and snuggled her face into his shoulder.

"Let's go find your brother," Allen murmured, setting off in the direction where Lavi went.

The kitchen was just as marvelous as the rest of the house. It was spotless, filled with state-of-the-art appliances, and more food than Allen had seen in his life.

Allen looked at the porridge that was set out for them. It looked gooey, lumpy, and not at all appetizing. There were also a few dishes of pickled vegetables and fish, and they did not look appealing to a five year-old either.

No wonder these children don't like breakfast. Allen thought. He certainly wasn't going to eat that so he saw no point in trying to force the children to eat it.

Racking his brain, he thought of his favorite breakfast food from his childhood. He thought back to Mana, his foster father, and the mornings that he spent with him.

"Do you guys want to make pancakes instead?" Allen asked, kneeling down to their height.

Lenalee and Lavi looked awed. Most nannies would demand them to eat the breakfast set out for them or skip breakfast altogether and let them have their way.

"Ummm... Allen-nanny?" Lavi asked hesitantly. "What are pancakes?"

Oh! Allen thought. Their father is Japanese. They probably haven't had a lot American food.

"They're American flat cakes," Allen replied. He struggled with describing them, "Umm... they're flat sheets of spongy dough and umm... they taste really good with maple syrup and butter."

Lenalee and Lavi looked incredulous. They stared at each other with skeptical looks and then back at Allen who waited patiently for them with a gentle smile.

"Yu-papa said that American food is only fit for back alley scum and dogs," Lavi mildly commented, hoping to crush their nanny's hope of getting to know them.

Allen felt his eye twitch. What had their father taught these children? Allen sighed and put his hands on his hips.

"Well, your father probably hasn't tried pancakes before!" Allen said with conviction. "We'll try pancakes first but if you don't like them, we can try something else."

Again, silent judgment passed between the two. Immediately, Lavi clung onto Allen's leg, earning an 'oof' from Allen.

"Yeah!" Lavi answered for them. "Pancakes! I want to try!"

He scurried into some corridor where Allen assumed they kept the flour and other food items.

"I want to help," Lenalee answered, pulling shyly on Allen's pant legs. Allen beamed down on her and took her small hand in his.

"Would you like to lead me to the pantry then?" Allen asked with a soft smile on his face. Lenalee nodded and ushered him near large, double doors.

Lavi and Lenalee both stood at the edge of the door and Allen assumed that they weren't allowed inside.

He found a pair of little purple and green aprons that were crisp and new, showing barely any use. Lenalee and Lavi squirmed excitedly as he helped them put the aprons on. He found another dark blue apron of normal size for himself and went through the task of gathering ingredients.

Lenalee and Lavi held out their arms obediently, waiting for Allen to load ingredients into them before running back to the kitchen to set them down and then hurrying back again.

Allen followed them into the kitchen and rummaged in the fridge for anything worth using while Lenalee and Lavi pulled out a bowl from the cupboard. Allen found it cute how it took both their combined efforts to lift the huge mixing bowl onto the table.

"How about we make blueberry pancakes?" Allen asked, pulling out a small carton of said item from the refrigerator.

"Yeah!" Lenalee and Lavi cheered.

They spent the afternoon making pancakes. Allen was awed with the children's willingness to participate. They were so adorable and helped him whenever he needed. Seeing their faces covered with flour and eggs was so endearing. He was at ease with the kids and all the nervousness and the panic from before seemed silly now.

So this is what it's like to be with other kids. Allen thought with a smile.

He was careful to keep the children away from the stove as he cooked the pancakes. Watching them 'ooh' and 'aah' whenever he flipped a pancake high in the air made him giggle.

"These are nummy," Lavi said, taking another bite of his honey-coated pancakes. Allen hadn't been able to find maple syrup and substituted honey instead. The twins enjoyed them thoroughly, asking for seconds and thirds. Allen himself had engulfed half the pancakes they made much to the fascination of Lavi (and Lenalee who was too polite and shy to show it).

"You've got honey on your cheek," Allen said gently, taking out a handkerchief and rubbing Lavi's cheek clean.

Silent judgment was passed between the two again.

"Allen, we want you to stay forever," Lenalee mumbled. Her face turned a bright shade of pink and she busied herself with eating the rest of her pancake.

Allen grinned. She was so adorable! "I will. Your father hired me as the nanny after all."

"No, Allen-nanny," Lavi clarified, staring him with piercing green eyes. "We want you to be our new mommy."

Allen choked on the pancake he was eating, and groped frantically at the air when it stayed lodged in his throat.


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