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Chapter 5: A Story of Never Ever

Miranda Lotto was a nervous sort of woman. She was quiet and shy, and did not speak unless she was spoken to. Small things that normally wouldn't startle other people would send her into a state of fright.

She was also not good at keeping jobs. In her experience, she could honestly say that she had worked in every field imaginable from shopkeeper at an antique store to assistant nurse for a clinic that dealt with surgeries (and what a nightmare that turned out to be). So when she heard of a job as the personal secretary for the Kanda Yu of Mugen Co., the world's leading company in electronics, she smiled and set down the application, knowing that she did not have the skills nor the nerves to work at such a high level company.

That was, until she met the Kanda twins. It had been during a shopping trip to the market. She had bumped into the twins (more like they had bowled her over, sending her and her groceries tumbling to the ground). Their father had rushed over, breathless from chasing after his kids. She had never seen such polite and adorable children, and she thanked them with a smile when they helped her pick up the groceries.

The children insisted that their new friend go out with them for lunch. Miranda could tell that their father doted on them because he obeyed and cordially invited her to lunch. She wanted to decline but the twins were adamant and tugged on her dress, pleading with puppy dog eyes until she gave in. Though he seemed not to care about her and only initiated conversation when the twins asked him to, Kanda insisted on paying for her lunch and even went so far as to drop her off at her apartment.

After bidding them good day and going on her merry way, she received a call the next day asking her to come in for an interview for Mugen Co. She didn't know how Kanda knew she didn't have a job or how he knew her number but she was more than happy to come in. The interview was standard and with her background, she was not lacking in experience. To her infinite surprise, she was hired right on the spot.

Her boss, Kanda Yu, was a quiet person and did not speak unless he needed something done and that suited her quite well. She was not a talkative person herself and learned to read what he wanted from his facial expressions and his habits. She had grown used to his demands and what he expected during work. Throughout her stay, she learned of the absence of the mother (though she didn't want to ask why) and the nannies the twins went through like breakfast cereal. Occasionally, Lenalee and Lavi would come in and Kanda would grudgingly ask her to watch over them for the day while he searched for another nanny. She didn't mind, really she didn't, and had prepared small toys for them play with while their father worked.

And in her four years of working at Mugen Co., she had never seen Kanda smile at anyone except his children. In fact, she had never seen any other emotion other than the professionalism required for work. He did not get furious at workers when they failed in their tasks, merely sending them back to their work with a stern warning or if it was severe, firing them. When pretty assistants walked passed him casting him flirtatious looks, he did not glance up or show any sign of noticing them. When sales in his company went up phenomenally, he merely nodded in recognition and continued with his work. It baffled Miranda that such a caring father could not feel for anything or anyone else. She supposed it had to be that any emotion he stored up in his heart, he gave to his children.

Until, Allen Walker came. Miranda had assumed he was like the other nannies after meeting him. Marian Cross, the inventor of most of their technology, had come in one morning and smirked at her boss in such an imperious manner, inquiring on his young apprentice and how he was doing as a nanny. Miranda did not mean to eavesdrop but the next thing would shock her enough to send her sprawling to the ground.

Kanda grimaced, blatant annoyance etched on his face at the mere mention of the name. His dark eyes sparked with a flame that Miranda had never seen on her boss and it was breath-taking. She continued to watch as the annoyance morphed into a sort of reluctant respect for the new nanny and then back into the mask that she knew so well when Marian Cross held out his hand, expecting. Marian Cross had laughed heartily and left with Allen Walker's paycheck in hand.

It was brief; less than five minutes and yet, Miranda felt that she learned more about Kanda Yu in those five minutes than she had in the four years. And then a question sprang into her mind: who was Allen Walker to Kanda Yu?

Allen flopped back into his bed, spread out his arms, and groaned. He was tired and it wasn't even a week yet. He stared dully at the arched fabric of his four poster bed. It was a deep red, he noted distractedly.

Allen turned, curling into himself and into his warm bed.

Kanda had sent him glares throughout the entire lunch break when the twins told him why they were here and why Lenalee and Lavi where so adamant in forcing him to finish his lunch. It was the most awkward yet interesting lunch he had in his life and while he tried to match every one of Kanda's glares with his own, he was busy shoveling his own meal down. He turned slightly red. At the sight of his enormous portion of food, Kanda had raised an eyebrow sending Allen into a series of sputters and blushes. Lenalee and Lavi giggled as their father waved him off and then proceeded to tease him and call him a glutton and a black hole. Allen had smartly retorted by reminding the twins that their father hadn't finished his lunch yet which sent their focus back on their father.

Allen silently snickered between bites as the twins had watched Kanda with rapt attention, making sure he ate every last bite of his lunch. Kanda was more than mildly annoyed at the end of it but he didn't voice it out. After lunch, the children helped him repack everything and Kanda suggested they should show their new nanny around the building.

They had spent the rest of the day running around the building. Lenalee wanted to show him the kitchens and the testing rooms where they had all the new games and computers. Lavi wanted to show him all his favorite hiding spots. No one seemed distracted by the fact that two children were loose in the building. In fact, they seemed to welcome them with bright smiles.

Allen smiled, silver eyes deeper than the midst of a storm. Today had been fun, more fun than anything he had been to in a long time. He could get used to this and he could grow to love the children. And maybe, he could try to be friends with his fickle boss. Allen chuckled at the thought. Hell would freeze over before Kanda would try to be friendly to him.

"Mister Walker?" Marie interrupted his musings.

He jumped abruptly, startled by the sudden call. "Y-Yes?"

"I'm sorry, but the cook has left for the weekend," Marie began, apologetic, "Usually, I take the children to a restaurant to eat but an urgent call has come up and I must leave for the evening. I would call the Master Kanda but he's busy at the moment."

Allen grinned in understanding. "It's fine," he got up from his bed and stretched. "I'm pretty adept in the kitchen. I think we'll be fine for one evening. You go ahead and I'll tell Kanda when he gets home."

"Thank you, Mister Walker," Marie said. "I'll be taking my leave now."

"Good day," Allen nodded and waved.

He bowed and left the room. At the same time, the twins rushed in. Lenalee looked breathless, her overall straps falling passed her shoulders. Lavi looked no better, cheeks tinged a deep pink and his eyes bright. Allen watched as they babbled among themselves, apparently deciding upon a game.

"Allen!" Lenalee held up a ball. "Come play with us!"

"Yeah, we want to play!" Lavi insisted.

Allen groaned but managed a small smile. "Sure but we're on our own today and that means I'll need your help making dinner."

"We're not going outside to eat?" Lenalee asked, confused. Allen shook his head; he didn't know how to drive and Marie was gone.

"Oh! Then can we have pancakes for dinner?" Lavi asked hopefully. Allen laughed and ruffled Lavi's hair affectionately.

"No, pancakes are for breakfast," Allen explained gently, noting his frown, "But we'll make something special for dessert."

"Okay!" Lavi grinned, brightening up considerably. "Something super duper special for Yu-papa!"

"Sure," Allen grinned right back.

Lenalee clutched Allen's arm, his scarred one and pulled Allen forward. Allen's breath hitched but Lenalee didn't notice. She held onto his gloved hand and laughed, a pure joyful sound that made Allen also want to laugh.

Yes, he could live with this.

When Kanda returned, he felt that something was Off. There was an odd but welcome smell permeating the house and Marie had not come to welcome him. Most important of all, his children were not running up to greet him like they usually did. He warily dropped his keys into the tray and stalked toward the kitchen.

The scene before him was warm, he realized with surprise. Allen stood in front of the stove, in the midst of cooking something. Lenalee and Lavi crowded around him, matching in their little aprons and sitting on the counter. They stared avidly at Allen, holding cans of seasoning ready. Occasionally Allen would hold out his hand to one of the twins and they would hand him an ingredient with much enthusiasm and pride.

It was Lavi and Lenalee who noticed him first. Violet and emerald eyes sparkled with mirth.

"Welcome home, Yu-papa!" "Welcome home, Daddy!"

Allen turned and Kanda sucked in a breath. A beautiful smile, one filled with more happiness than he had seen before, and monochrome eyes, as endless as a storm. Momentarily, he stopped and wondered what had happened in such a short amount of time for the beansprout to be that content.

"Oh," Allen grinned. "Welcome back, Kanda!"

Allen turned to the twins, gently helping them down one by one. Kanda scooped both of his children into his arms and kissed their supple cheeks.

"I'm home," Kanda greeted, his voice low and quiet.

"You're just in time," Allen commented, deftly pulling a large serving plate from the cabinets. He scooped out the food: some type of pasta. It smelled delicious.

"You cooked," Kanda noted, unable to keep a hint of curiosity out of his voice.

"Yes," Allen replied as if daring him to make a nasty sort of comment. Silver eyes challenged him and he flared at the thought. "I did."

"We helped too!" Lavi puffed up his chest proudly.

"We helped make dessert too!" Lenalee added in. Kanda stared at Allen who jerked a thumb at the oven.

"Chocolate lava cakes," Allen answered with a grin.

"One is not sweet," Lavi explained excitedly, "Just like you like it, Yu-papa!"

"It's bitter chocolate!" Lenalee completed.

"Bittersweet chocolate," Allen corrected for her.

"Can't wait," Kanda grinned, letting both of his children down so they could grab plates. Allen panicked as they grabbed more than they could hold. He caught Lenalee as she stumbled and snatched the white plates before they shattered on the floor. Her face crinkled as if she were about to burst into tears. Allen knelt down until they were face to face and put a comforting hand on her hair. They exchanged quiet words before he handed her one plate.

"This way you won't fall," Allen smiled and sent her off. She nodded and carefully balanced the plate in her hands. Her violet eyes furrowed in concentration as she walked to Kanda who thanked her and put the plate on the table. She beamed at him, proud that she had completed her mission and scurried back to take another plate.

It was then that Kanda realized Allen had slipped quietly into their family, connected himself so deeply that there was no chance of him ever leaving. Damn, it was only two days but seeing his children happy with someone other than him, it was so rare. Watching as Allen helped an excited Lavi into his chair, Kanda thought that might not be such a bad thing after all.

Kanda had been reading over the new proposal for their golem phone tech as his children nestled next to Allen's side. They were watching a television show, something about guardian spirits and a scientist who broke out into hives whenever he was embarrassed. Kanda could see them fighting exhaustion and Allen seemed to notice too. They seemed determined to stay awake with Allen and every so often, they would poke each other if one of them seemed to doze off.

"Boy, I'm tired," Allen mock-yawned, "Time for bed!"

Kanda set down his laptop. Allen got off the sofa and offered his arms to Lenalee to carry her off to bed. Lavi hopped into Kanda's arms and they waited for her to do the same but she remained on the couch. She shook her head when Allen stepped down to pick her up.

Allen frowned, confusion written on his face.

"What is it, little one?" Kanda asked softly, smoothing down her hair and kneeling down. "Aren't you sleepy?"

Lenalee nodded lethargically but she looked slightly uncomfortable.

"I-I want to sleep with Allen!" Lenalee burst out, her cheeks stained bright pink and her little hands clutching the edges of her dress.

Oh no. Allen felt his stomach drop and slid a glance at Kanda. Both Lavi and Kanda stared at her with surprise on their faces. Normally, Lavi would be the one to make all the decisions and Lenalee would follow along. Kanda turned to him sharply, eyes clearly commanding him to fix this. Allen shrugged his shoulders and held his hands up. Luckily, Lavi managed to save Allen the trouble.

"Yeah!" Lavi nodded after a split second. He squirmed in Kanda's arms until he let him go. Lavi rushed to Allen and hugged him around his knees. "I want to sleep with beansprout nanny too!"

Lenalee looked visibly reassured when her twin agreed with her. She smiled brightly all traces of sleep gone from her face.

"Sleepover!" she exclaimed, twinkles lighting up in her violet eyes.

Before Allen could intervene, they burst into a flood of sleepover plans and skipped in circles around him, pausing occasionally to ask him about things like what story they should read and if they would be able to have milk and cookies before bed. Allen didn't notice and instead chose to watch Kanda who looked more annoyed with each passing minute.

Allen inched away as veins started popping and Kanda's face became notable red. He dimly pondered over the safety of his internal organs.

"You are not allowed to sleep with your nanny!" Kanda shouted, his voice echoing across the large arc of the ceiling. The twins stopped mid-skip, staring at their father with wide eyes. Never before had Kanda denied them anything and Allen could tell that the twins were just as shocked as he was.

"Unless I'm invited too," Kanda sighed in submission. He turned to glare at Allen who gulped and backed away slowly.

"Yay!" Lavi cheered. "Sleepover with Yu-papa and beansprout nanny!"

"I'm gonna get my favorite pillow!" Lenalee proclaimed, dashing into their room with Lavi.

"I'll go bring a mattress," Kanda groaned before shooting Allen another glare that could have killed. Again, Allen held up his hands and shrugged his shoulders. There was no way this was his fault.

In a flurry of sleeping arrangements, Kanda and Allen had managed to move away all of the furniture in the living room so that there was a wide empty space where they put the mattresses. Allen thought that one mattress was plenty of room to fit four people, two of which were under four feet but Kanda wanted as much space as he could from Allen and well, Allen wasn't complaining about that either. After a tiring day, he just wanted sleep.

Allen fluffed down the bedding, smiling softly at Lenalee when she toddled over with another armful of pillows piled so high that he couldn't see her face over it.

"Thank you," he smiled, taking the load off her hands and spreading out the pillows. Their bed was a motley assortment of green, violet, and blue pillows and blankets of various prints and colors. On one side of the bed, Lavi had pulled Kanda's dark blue comforter and on the other side, he had added his own blanket printed with golden golems. Allen had taken the white quilt in his room and set it down next to Lenalee's own purple one. The whole scene was endearing.

Allen flopped himself on the mattress, moaning in delight at the sheer softness of their makeshift bed. His bed back home was never this comfy. Lost in his mattress-induced daze, he did not notice Kanda staring at him with wide eyes and a tint of red dusting his cheeks.

He did not have long to enjoy his new bed as Lenalee and Lavi pounced on him, burrowing into his chest and tugging on his shirt insistently. He let out a yelp while Kanda smirked, enjoying his pain.

"Story time! Story time!" Lavi and Lenalee chanted. Their faces lit up with the prospect of a story from their favorite nanny.

"Alright," Allen sighed tiredly as the twins let him up. Even Kanda looked worn out but in a more dignified air than Allen. He sat cross-legged next to Allen as Lenalee climbed into his lap and settled herself there comfortably. Lavi took his place in Kanda's lap and they sat, facing each other. Allen exhaled, a deep breath that tickled Lenalee's ears. She giggled but patted his arms, urging him to start.

"Once upon a time," Allen began and then stopped abruptly. He didn't know any good stories off the top of his head and he scrambled his brain for an idea. "There was a clown. But he wasn't an ordinary clown."

"Ooh!" Lavi interjected, raising up his hands. "Can he be a warrior? And he'll kick monster butt! And he's a king!"

That's a rather odd combination of requests, Allen thought but if they added to his failing story then he wasn't about to deny the small child.

"Okay…" Allen murmured, weaving the information into his story. "Let's call him Crown Clown so he'll be a king that defeats monsters. Anyway, Crown Clown had been abandoned by his master at a very young age and was left to fend for himself in a world full of monsters. But he had a superpower. He could bring salvation to these monsters by slaying them with his arm."

"His arm?" Lenalee asked incredulously, her violet eyes going wide. Her eyes glanced at his own mottled arm and he smiled at her. She nodded, completely absorbed into his tale.

"Yes, his arm changed into a sword and he could use that to defeat the monsters," Allen explained.

"Cool!" Lavi grinned. "And he has a cape! And a mask! Like a superhero!"

"Oh!" Lenalee piped up. "And he is leader of superheroes! Make him a leader!"

Allen chuckled but acquiesced. "Sure. And one day, he joined a group of demon-slaying superheroes just like him. Each person had a different superpower to defeat the demons. One could-"

"One could fly, like a butterfly!" Lenalee helpfully put in.

"And one had a hammer that could shoot fire!" Lavi added, making whooshing sounds and swinging his little arms in a pantomime of a hammer.

"And one could wield a sword that could slay demons," Kanda said, almost quiet. Allen jumped and turned his head to Kanda so fast that he thought he would get whiplash. Kanda stared at him, his arms holding Lavi but his eyes held an unreadable gaze that made Allen squirm.

"Go on," Kanda said, a slight smirk on his lips. Heat curled against Allen's cheeks but he ignored it.

Allen nodded. "And they formed a team even though the swordsman and the clown did not get along well."

"Eh?" Lenalee asked, put out by the thought. "Why not?"

"Because the clown was such a moyashi," Kanda smirked, converting back to his native language. Allen twitched at the insult and glowered at Kanda.

"What's a m-moy… eshi?" Lenalee asked, unaware that she had asked this question earlier today. She wrinkled her nose as she tried to pronounce the unfamiliar word.

"It's your nanny," Kanda replied smoothly.

"Well, that was because the swordsman was a hypocrite," Allen countered. Kanda bristled and would have lunged at him if he didn't have a child in his lap.

"Who's a hypocrite?" Kanda snapped.

"What's a hypocrite?" Lavi asked at the same time. Kanda turned to stare at his son, and then shot a nasty glare in Allen's direction.

"You see," Allen whispered conspiratorially to the children, "The clown had a curse on his eye. His father had cursed him so that he was able to see the monsters even though they were disguised as humans."

"That's not a curse!" Lavi giggled. "That's a superpower."

"But he has to see the icky demons," Lenalee stuck out her tongue. "That would be gross."

"And the swordsman was a hypocrite because he hated the clown for the curse when secretly," Allen lowered his voice to a stage whisper, causing Lenalee and Lavi to lean in. Kanda had moved closer to him too. "The swordsman had a curse too."

"No!" Lavi shouted in dismay.

"Yes!" Allen played along, a grin working on his face. His silver eyes darted around the room and then rested on the lotus hourglass on the mantle. "The swordsman had a mark on his chest that drained away his… um, superpowers every time he got hurt. His curse automatically healed him but he gave up a little of his superpowers in return. And to keep track of it, he had an hourglass."

Kanda raised his eyebrows. Allen noticed his eyes go to the same hourglass that he had drawn his inspiration from.

"And they would go on missions and fight monsters and save the world," Allen continued. "On one mission they had to save a doll that had lived in a forgotten city for hundreds of years. She was a singing doll who could sing the most beautiful lullaby you have ever heard."

"Make them fall in love," Lenalee said, violet eyes beginning to droop.

"What?" Allen asked, fleetingly stupefied.

"The clown and the swordsman," Lavi supplied helpfully, green eyes also beginning to droop.

Allen choked and slid a glance at Kanda who had also stiffened.

"Alright," Allen agreed. His voice dropped to a whisper when he noticed that the children were almost asleep. "And when the clown realized that the swordsman had a curse just like him he realized that maybe, they were the same and they could love one another."

Allen stopped, listening intently for their soft breathing. Kanda nodded and gently tucked Lavi into bed. Allen lifted Lenalee from his lap and maneuvered her next to her twin. Allen yawned, truly tired from today and slipped under the covers.

"Go to sleep beansprout," Kanda said. Allen nodded out like a light as Kanda slipped the covers over Lenalee.

The house was dark and quiet when Allen startled awake. Sleep-kissed silver eyes searched for a clock or something to tell him what time it was. Heavy curtains covered the windows, blocking out any type of light. And then he heard a distant tapping sound. He peered over to the other side of the bed and saw that Kanda was not there.

This is odd, Allen thought. He peered down at his arm and saw that Lenalee had rolled onto it during the night. Gently, he slid out his arm and pulled the covers back on her prone form.

Allen quietly tip-toed through the mansion. It was difficult without any light to lead him and the marble floor was cold against Allen's bare feet. Twice, he found himself stumbling over the leg of a chair and a table with a candlestick holder on it. His navigation was slow but he finally made his way to a relatively plain door, open slightly ajar.

It was a small room compared to all the other rooms in Kanda's mansion but every inch of it was covered in papers and folders covered what seemed to be a sofa in one corner. In the middle of it all was a large wooden desk with a lone figure poring over the dull blue glow of a laptop. Allen was mildly surprised; he had the impression that Kanda was a perfectionist in every way but this room put his Master's office with its collecting piles of debts to shame.

"What the hell do you want, beansprout?" Kanda asked tiredly, glancing at him for a second before returning his gaze to his laptop.

Allen flinched in annoyance at the nickname but didn't say anything. It astounded Allen how Kanda could be tired yet still such a bastard. It had to be some type of skill.

"Why are you up so late?" Allen asked awkwardly, trying to make conversation.

"Thanks to that stupid bitch and her interruption, and you bringing in the children I wasn't able to finish today's work," Kanda growled. He pulled off his glasses and rubbed his temples. Raven strands fell across high cheekbones only to be brushed back.

Allen didn't say anything, only watching Kanda from his seat by the door.

"Well?" Kanda bit out. "Aren't you going to question me?"

Allen shook his head. He held up his hands in a placating gesture. "It's not any of my business. If you don't want to talk about it, then I'm not going to pry."

"Then get out," Kanda hissed, turning back to his laptop.

"You feel like you need company," Allen pointed out.

"I don't," Kanda replied abruptly, cutting him short. "So get out."

Allen didn't move and Kanda didn't seem to care anymore or he was too busy to bother. The only sound in the room was the quick successions of taps from the keys on Kanda's computer. Allen quickly grew bored from sitting by the door way and quietly padded across to the nearest pile of documents.

He picked up one of them, scanning them over. To his surprise, he recognized this one. Allen gradually made his way through the pile, putting the papers in a stack and clearing away unused folders until he had unearthed a small drawer that had been next to the sofa. A close inspection of the drawer told Allen that it was filled more papers, hastily shoved in there.

"What happened to not prying?" Kanda questioned, his tone more inquisitive than angry.

"I'm not," Allen retorted lightly, "I'm helping you. I'll have you know that I was also the one who did the paper work and picked up after Master Cross with his patents and his… other expenditures." Allen cringed when the debts floated into his mind. "I'm fairly adept at this."

Kanda didn't say anything. He looked over his cabinets and winced; they were really cluttered and he knew Marie didn't touch them because he didn't know want to disturb whatever order Kanda had them in. Not that they were in any order. At work, he had Miranda deal with the organization but since he rarely did work at home, he hadn't bothered with filing papers. It was a job below him and one he avoided like the plague.

"If you'd like, I could help you with some of this paperwork," Allen murmured, reading through one of them. "It seems like low-level work and I wouldn't mind helping when Lenalee and Lavi take their naps."

Kanda stared at him with an unreadable look in his eyes before swiveling back to his computer.

"I'm not paying you extra, beansprout," Kanda said shortly. Allen chuckled.

"I didn't think you would." Allen took up a pile of papers and began sorting through them.

"Any office supplies you need are in that closet over there," Kanda muttered, pointing in the vague direction with his pen. Allen made an affirmative sound but did not disturb Kanda.

Though Kanda didn't say it, he was grateful for Allen's help.

Lenalee had rolled in her sleep again, Allen thought when he woke up with a weight pressing against his chest. The small girl had somehow found her way onto his chest and was snoring soundly , her head tucked under his chin. It was cute if not somewhat unexpected.

Allen glimpsed at the room. He could distinctly make out the furniture pushed up against the walls, an orange glow outlining their shape. It was early morning, Allen guessed. He was back on their makeshift bed which made him wonder about how he got there in the first place.

He could remember penning a few reminders on documents that would be filed away later and then he was back here. He peered down at Lenalee and noticed that she was sleeping on something. Allen picked a corner (which turned out to be a sleeve) and held it to his cheek. It was warm and make of pure white cashmere. He inhaled the familiar scent of sandalwood and pine.

A small smile crept its way onto his lips when he thought of whom the jacket belonged to.

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