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1. Giving Orders
Giving orders was his job, so why not order her too. His first official order was for her to stand still and of course she listened. It ended with their lips glued to each-other.

2. Love
Love was what he felt every time he looked at her.

3. Freedom/Restraint
He rather liked this game, having her all tied up only to himself. No matter how she tried Song Yeon couldn't make the silk ropes loose, so she had to endure this sweet torture that he bestowed upon her. Oh, gods he had to move soon or she would explode right there.

4. Gentle
Their fist time he was so gentle that she could not believe she had been afraid of this.

5. Rings/jewelry
She had some jewelry from the queen; she only took it in order to always be by San's side.

6. Voyeurism/Exhibitionism
He knew it was vanity, but he couldn't help himself. Something always made him smirk when he saw the jealous looks other men were throwing him, when they saw him with Song Yeon.

7. Garden/Flowers
He watched his son and Song Yeon gather flowers and he couldn't help but smile, the warm wind brushing past them.

8. Hotspring
Her arms went around her chest, trying to hide from him but he was already so close to her, the water pooling around them. She didn't offer very much of a resistance.

9. Discipline
He couldn't wait until those courses of hers were over, he already missed her presence and smile.

10. Moonlight
The moonlight had a way of making her look like a nymph, arching under him.

11. Silver and Gold
When comparing her to the queen it was like comparing silver to gold, too bad though because he'd choose silver any day.

12. Blood
He was panicking, it took some time for her to convince him she was alright, after all it was only a little cut.

13. Hesitation/Hesitating
He froze, he looked down at her. Her eyes were filled with tears, She knew it was not something that could be avoided. His mouth came down on her neck, sucking her pulse, effectively making her forget about the pain from earlier.

14. New
This was all new to her, that's what he tried to remind himself on heir first night together.

15. Blush
She still blushed, even after giving birth to his son, she still blushed when they were together.

16. Footsteps
She had tried to congratulate him today, for Concubine Hong's(Lady Won Bin) pregnancy , but he would have none of it. His footsteps still echoed in her mind.

17. Fear/Comfort
He was her source of comfort, whenever fear took roots is her hear and mind.

18. Lost and Found
When she was lost, in her dreams caused by her high fever it was he who found her, her dear San.

19. Deep
The way he took her was always deep and a bit rough but she never really complained, only moaned louder for him.

20. Spank
She couldn't remember if her parents have ever spanked her.

21. Silk
Her skin was like silk, gliding over him, enveloping him and holding him tightly inside her, until it was too much for him to bear.

22. Giving in
She couldn't hold it in anymore and gave in to him. Their bodies rubbing against each other. Her walls holding him tightly. His arms around her, their breaths mingled their cries united as one.

23. Haunted
Her scent haunted him during his meetings, her taste tempted him whenever he saw her from his desk, in the courtyard. The way she looked was by far the most dangerous, making the fire inside him burn like no other woman has been able to do.

24. Secret
It was a secret and he planned to keep it that way. He was the only one who had the right to hear her beautiful moaning. Like now for example, she has just made that wonderful sound and he wanted to hear some more.

25. Behind
She was required to walk behind him, but he would much rather have her walking in front of him, so he could see her hips moving. He should really change that, he would talk about it with the ministers/lords .

26. Realization
When she left for Qing it hit him, he could not live without her. He needed her here, next to him.

27. Out of Body
He felt so out of his body. She has refused to enter the palace as his concubine. Didn't she know she was his only true desire?

28. Dreams
He just didn't get it. He woke up in the middle of the night again after dreaming of her. Ever since she became his he had this obsessive hunger for her. He couldn't get enough of her to the point where he'd come to her in the late hours of the night.

29. Life and Death
As she struggled between life and death, he realized that being the crown prince of Joseon had no importance if death decided to take her away from him.

30. Heart and Soul
Their heart and soul was one, a whole. They were like Yin and Yang always together.

31. Going Without
Going without any for so long was hard even for him. After all he was a man. He couldn't wait to get back to her.

32. Baby
There was a child inside of her. His possible successor.

33. Special
She was special, for she was the one who held his heart. It was effortless to see.

34. Hunter and Prey or Hunted
She didn't know what she was anymore. She hunted for his warmth, was prey to his kisses and caresses and was hunted for her sweetness by him.

35. Too much/Overload
It was too much, all the heat surrounding them, the force he used, it was like he wanted to tear her in two with this sweet pain-pleasure feeling.

36. Respect
He respected the queen, she was a good friend, his first wife and the queen of Joseon, but it was Song Yeon who occupied the throne of his heart.

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