This is based on what could have happened had Apocalypse had seccessed in turning people into mutants.

Warning, this chapter contains 16+ themes so please turn away if you feel it will upset you, otherwise enjoy:)



The world is such a different place now…now that Apocalypse ruled.

Nothing is as I remember it use to be, not that I can remember much; Apocalypse, my Master had tried erasing my memories of before he was ruler of the world in the attempt of making me his obedient little pleasure slave but I was able to hold on to some of my memories, memories of a time when the skies were not always dark and cloudy, when there was a justice system and equal rights, when Apocalypse's word was not law, when I use to smile, when I was naïve and had my innocents, of a time when I knew what it was like to have a family, to have friends.

Friends, I wish I knew what happened to them even if I can't remember all their names and faces, I still hope that they are alive and doing alright for themselves in this now age but I seriously doubt that I'll ever know.

I sat on the cold hard floor of Master's throne room, at his blue feet like the good little slave that he had made me, wearing nothing but the collar that he made to stop me from using my mutant powers, attract to my collar was a chain leash that Master held in his strong, powerful hand.

He had forced the people that were now at his commend to build him a palace made of gold. It was shaped like the pyramids and held many chambers but Master's favourite chamber was his throne room, were we are now, listening to his guards, telling him about a rumor of a mutant with metal claws raising an army to rebel against him.

Normally I wouldn't care about such things, I was a slave I was only meant to care about my Master's needs but something about the metal claws was itching at me, thinking hard I saw a dark haired, rough looking men in my minds eye but I couldn't remember a name or why I knew him.

My Master seemed to find this news amusing, chuckling as he patted my head, running his strong fingers through my dark hair and said to the captain of the guards, "We'll see how fare this metal clawed mutant gets with his rebellion. Have all your men look for him and when you find him, kill him."

The captain nodded and left the throne room to give the new orders to his men.

Suddenly Master roughly grabbed a fist fall of my long dark hair and forced my head back so his peeved crimson eyes were glaring into my pained golden eyes and he said in a firm voice, "Stop trying to remember him pet, he is nothing to you now and if I find that you are trying to remember any of your past I will punish you."

I nodded as best I could to show that I understood, feeling like a baby mouse being cornered by a tiger.

Master smiled at my nod and used his strong grip on my hair to pull my face toward his groin.

I knew what he wanted of me and though I hated it I knew I had no choice.

Untying Master's robe, my blue furry three digits pulled out his half-hard member and I took it into my mouth, being very careful of my fang like teeth.

I hated this, always have had.

You'd think that it would have become easier with time, I don't know exactly how long I had been with Master but it has been a very long time and still I almost vomit at the act that I do with Master at least three times a day, with both my mouth and my ass.

Master doesn't even stop his meetings when I'm kneeling between his legs making him groan from deep in his throat with pleasure but I didn't care about who sees me give Master pleasure anymore.

Why should I care, as long as I please Master that is all that matter's because that is all I'm meant for, I'm Master's toy to do with as he will, his possession and that is all I every will be.



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