WARNING: This chapter contains rape and torture. You have been warned.

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Chapter 6

"How could you all let my home be invaded like this? And let my most valued whore be captured?" I growled at my so-called royal guards.

All fifty men were kneeling before me, the silver mental guards uniform making them all look like they were knights. Which angered me further. For they had allowed my kingdom to be entered by my only enemy and not one of these trained men had been able to capture even one of the rebels and worse still my little pet had been taken from me.

"Have I not been a kind lord? Have I not given you and your family's homes and food, I have even blessed you all with your own individual powers. So why can I not rely on you to at least protect my home from pests!"

I sent painful telepathic waves into all the fifty of the men's heads and I saw them all wince and some even cried out.

The lot of them were so pathetic. Even my little whore had been stronger when I had first started to beat him into submission.

I could remember the day I had first got my pretty little pet. He had been so very brave to venture into my lair alone. I had to quickly shut down his mind with my telepathic abilities so he couldn't teleport back to his group. Much later, after I had fully taken the world, I had visited my prisons to try and torture information out of my little pet, even though I already knew all there was to know about his little X-men family and I could have easierly just looked into my pet's mind to find out all I needed to know about any other mutants that I didn't know about yet but this way was much more entertaining, I just wanted to have some fun with my new little toy.

He turned out to be stronger them I had first thought. Even after the usual torture of beatings and burning and whippings he refused to speak, so I had started to play cruel mind games, entering his mind and making him believe I was physically cutting off his limbs finger by finger, toe by toe, one arm at a time, one leg at a time. When finally he had simply tried to bite his own tongue off with his fang like teeth.

I had stopped him obviously; I had never been so…surprised… before in my life, or so intrigued. Most would have just told me all I wanted to know before the game even got that far but my pet had held out that long.

A month after being in my prisons, my new toy started to become more and more… appealing. I realized that I would run my hand though his growing hair and even touch his naked and bated body until one night I figured why shouldn't I use him for all he was worth, after all I was the ruler of the world. At first the pet had of course been… unwilling.

I still remember that night as if it had only happened hours ago. His body had looked so weak and feeble hanging by his wrist's from the ceiling in chains and shackles but his golden eyes still had a spark in then that proved that he hadn't yet been tamed. At first I just felt his dark silky hair and soft furry face, my pet looked so disgusted that I laughed. "You will learn to love this." I said and we had our first kiss. That night I took his innocence and some of his spirit, and he fought me every step of the way even when he was on the verge of passing out but it didn't take long before he wasn't fighting me anymore or at least that had been what I thought until one night I had fallen asleep after tasting that delicious body and hadn't chained the toy back up, he had tried to escape but my guards had found him trying to climb out a window when they had re-captured him and I had punished him by threatening to throw him away to a whore house and I had taken away the memories of his German parents. He wouldn't need then now anyway.

But that didn't stop him from trying to escape again. This time I had questioned him as to why he would bother when it only coursed him more pain. Even to this day I can still remember his answer, "I will always fight for my freedom, and to get back to my friends."

I didn't know why but it had angered me to know that he was thinking of someone other them me, that he was always going to try and leave me. So I had no choice but to erase all his memories and then I took away his will and made him believe that I was all he had in this world. He had fought me so very hard. I had only had him so tame… so MINE… for two months before this. I had worked so hard and I wasn't going to let that horrid wolverine have my pet.

"You ALL will find my pet and the rebels before the week is out or you and your families will face the noose!" I growled as I dismissed them.

All the men were quite to leave. WEAK, all of them!

Turning away in disgust, I sat back down in my thrown and started my normal daily routine. It was only now that I realized just how…different it was to not have my whore by my side. In frustration I ordered that all the cities around Manhattan were to be searched and if my pet couldn't be found within them, then they were to be burned to the ground!

I watch tiredly as Jean continued to try and fix some of Kurt's damaged mind. It was now well past midnight and Hank had fallen asleep in a chair not fare from Kurt's bed. Jean had been at this for hours without rest and I wasn't going to stop her.

We were all desperate to have at least some of our Nightcrawler back.

I wished that there was more that I could do to help Jean but I wasn't a telepath in any shape or form so I just hang nearby in frustration and waited for when I could be of use.

Finally Jean stood up straight and opened her eyes with an exhausted sigh. I stood next to the redhead with a questioning look.

Jean looked sadly back and whispered honestly, "I don't know if I helped him or not, Logan."

I could tell that she wanted to say more so I added, "And…"

The redhead looked down and continued with a tear falling down her cheek, "I have never seem such horrible things but I had to going through all of his memories that I could find and… how could anyone do this to anyone?"

I wrapped my muscular arms around Jean in what I hoped was a comforting hug. My anger was returning but I pushed it back and asked as softly as I could, "What happened to the elf?" I knew that I shouldn't have asked Jean to relive it a second time but I had to know what I put the elf though.

Jean seemed to understand my need and replied in a broken voice, "I can't bring myself to talk about it… but I'll show you."

Putting her elegant hands on my temples she showed me.

I suddenly found myself looking at a stone building full of cells, the inside of one of these cells was so small only two men would be able to sit in them even then they would have no room to move but many of the cells were packed full of four to five men. The smell of unwashed bodies and feces was almost unbearable, it was strange that I could smell it when it was meant to be a memory and wondered if I was just imaging what it must have smelt like.

Suddenly I saw that in one of the cells at the very end of the dungeon, there was only one boy sitting within its small space. I was quick to recognize Kurt, sitting in the corner of the cell, trying desperately to break the collar clinging tightly to his neck. I recognized with sadness that it was the collar that Hank had said stopped Kurt from teleporting. Even though Kurt was inside this horrid place I still found that I had missed seeing Kurt with that fire in his golden eyes. Obviously this was a memory of before Kurt had been beaten into submission.

"Kurt." I whispered sadly to myself, knowing that Kurt couldn't hear me because this was a memory of the past.

Suddenly the bar door was slammed open and in stepped Apocalypse.

Kurt looked up at Apocalypse and glared at the large blue-grey man. Apocalypse just smiled in return and said in his deep voice, "So are you ready to tell me were your friends would be hiding?" Obviously this must have happened right after we had escaped the mansion, I realized, which meant that Kurt wouldn't have a clue as to where we were hiding out.

Kurt just snorted and replied, "What? Can't find them yourself with all your amazing power."

I can't have felt prouder of the elf; even I hadn't known that he was this brave. Standing up to someone like Apocalypse took real courage. And what made me happier was the fact that Apocalypse obviously didn't like the elf's attitude. At least you gave him hell before he got to you kid. I thought proudly.

"I would recommend that you have more respect for your master little one." Apocalypse growled impatiently.

"You aren't my master, you murderer." Kurt growled right back. "And there is no way that I'm going to tell you anything about my friends."

Suddenly Apocalypse did a total one eighty and laughed, "Oh you will tell what I want to know little one." Apocalypse grabbed the front of Kurt's dirty and tethered X-men uniform and lifted him so that they were eye to eye. "While I could simply look into your mind and take what I want, that would take all the fun away. So maybe I will see how long you hold out before you spill your guts to me."

For the first time Kurt looked scared but he didn't make a sound as Apocalypse dropped him and then dragged him out of the cell painfully by his long blue tail.

Suddenly the memory changed before my eyes and two mean looking guards were taking a struggling Kurt from Apocalypse and chaining the elf up by his wrist's from a chain and shackles hanging from the stone ceiling in this room the was obviously some kind of torture chamber. I saw that Kurt was already shivering with fear of what was to come but there was still a determination in his golden eyes that made me smile.

Apocalypse ordered the guards to get to work as he sat in a comfy looking seat that looked totally out of place in the stone, cold and hard dank room. He had a perfect line of view to see the two guards grab a leather whip each and didn't even wince as the guards started to whip the elf's front and back. But I winced; and not just at the sound of the whip against flesh but also at the agonizing scream that come from Kurt. I wanted so much to tear the men apart and give Apocalypse a taste of his own. But I couldn't do anything; it was a memory, the event had long ago happened. So I just watched, feeling sick, as the men continued to lash out at the boy and Apocalypse didn't tell them to stop until there was almost no flesh left on Kurt's back or front. The elf's uniform was totally unrecognizable now and Kurt hadn't been able to scream for almost half an hour now because as far as I could tell he had screamed himself raw.

Apocalypse stood from his seat and walked over to stand in front of the shivering bleeding boy and demanded in an almost gentle tone. "Are you ready to tell me where your friends are yet?"

Kurt just used the last of his energy to spit blood in Apocalypse' face with a glared.

I almost laughed at the look of disgust on Apocalypse' face.

"That's less then you deserve bub." I growled to myself because no one else could hear me.

Apocalypse wiped the bloody spit off his nose and cheek with the back of his hand and growled at the boy, "If that is the way you want it, then fine!"

The torture only got worse from there. I couldn't blame Jean for crying after seeing this; even I couldn't have done this stuff to Sabertooth it was that horrible.

Apocalypse had personally beaten Kurt until the elf had passed out, then when that didn't work, Apocalypse forced red-hot needles under Kurt's six finger nails, then tied Kurt to a torture device that very slowly pulled the elf's arms back until there was a horrifying pop and crack of his shoulders dislocating. Too which Apocalypse took great pleasure of putting painfully back into place for Kurt once done. Now with Kurt's arms useless, Apocalypse started on his legs and tail. Using a small razor he cut away chunks of furred skin from the elf's thighs and tail, letting blood drip down to the floor.

I felt seriously sick to my stomach but I still couldn't help but be proud of Kurt, though all of this only screams and whimpers escaped his mouth, he never once answered any of Apocalypse' questions. Though I wished that he would just tell the sick bastard that he didn't know where we were so that the torture would stop.

Finally after a month of torture, Apocalypse had realized that Kurt wasn't going to talk out of fear of pain to himself. So this time when he walked into the torture chamber where Kurt was chained from the ceiling again by his wrists, he had someone with him. Two guards dragged a small girl only about seven years old behind him. The girl was crying so helplessly, obviously scared out of her mind, even without the tears you could tell because the poor little thing had wet herself in fear.

I felt by stomach drop to my feet and Kurt for the first time had real panicked terror in his golden eyes.

"So my little pet, are you ready to tell me where your friends are?" Apocalypse smiled as he saw the look in Kurt's eyes as he looked at the girl.

Kurt gulped at the question eyeing the girl in worry but still shook his head.

Apocalypse laughed and signaled to one of the guards who nodded and then suddenly without any relent he punched the girl in the stomach. The girl gasped in pain and shock, her eyes almost popping out of their sockets at being so brutally winded.

Kurt screamed, "STOP!" Tears falling down his cheeks as the girl start to holler in pain and fear.

Apocalypse never stopped smiling and replied carelessly, "The girl will not be harmed further as long as you tell me what I want to know."

Kurt growled and hesitantly replied, "OK, just please let her go."

Apocalypse shook his head, "Not until you answer my question. Where are your friends hiding?"

Kurt looked at the girl who was looking back at him in fear at what he looked like but also hope as she realized that her fate rested in his hands.

"I don't know where they are." Was Kurt's loam, even though true, answer.

Apocalypse obviously didn't believe him and looked angrily at his guards and the men both started to punch the girl in the head and the stomach.

"STOP! I'M TELLING THE TRUTH! I DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY WOULD BE IF THEY AREN'T AT THE MANSION!" Kurt cried out desperately as he tried to break free of his restrains to help the screaming girl.

Apocalypse growled and backhanded Kurt across the cheek with such force that the elf was thrown back in his restrains. "YOU WANT THIS GIRL TO BE BEATEN TO DEATH? TELL ME THE WHERE THEY ARE!"

"I DON'T KNOW!" Kurt cried. The girl's screams were getting weaker.

Suddenly Apocalypse was touching Kurt's temples and looking into his mind. Realizing that Kurt was telling the truth, the blue-grey mutant ordered his men to stop and take the girl back to where they found her.

I could see that the girl was in a very bad way and even I could tell that she wasn't going to live much longer because of the violent and uncalled for beaten.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD IF YOU HAD JUST LOOKED INTO HIS MIND IN THE FIRST PLACE THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO NEED FOR THIS!" I roared at Apocalypse' form even though I knew he couldn't hear or see me.

Kurt was crying openly now, obviously beyond holding it back, which I wasn't surprised, no one his age should have gone through this; he was only a kid.

"If you had just told me this from the start. None of this pain would have been necessary." Apocalypse said in a comforting voice as he gently stroke Kurt's long dark hair, almost as if he really believed his own words.

"Just do it." Kurt growled sadly.

"Do what?" Apocalypse asked confused.

"You know I don't know anything. So just kill me and get it over with!" Kurt snapped.

Suddenly I painfully saw why Kurt hadn't told Apocalypse anything. He had been stalling, hoping for us to come and rescue him.

"Oh god elf, you put yourself though all of this in hopes that we would get you. But we all thought you were already dead!" I just wanted to kill someone my rage was so high.

Apocalypse only laughed and said as he touched Kurt's cheek with the back of his hand in a way that was far to intimate for comfort, "It would be such a waste to simply kill you, my pet."

And that was when I witnessed Kurt's first rape by Apocalypse and it would forever be burned into my mind. The pain and terror that filled the room was horrific. And Apocalypse continued this each day and night for months until one night Apocalypse had fallen asleep before he chained Kurt back up and Kurt tried to escape but was court. The three guards who had found him trying to climb out a window had known he was 'Apocalypse' whore' and had each raped him before returning him to Apocalypse to be punished for his escape attempt. As punishment Kurt had had the memories of his parents taken from him and Apocalypse threatened that he would be sent to a whorehouse if he ever tried to escape again. Kurt seemed to submit for awhile after that but two months later he was once again trying to escape but it had ended like the last time but this time the punishment was all of the guards that wanted could use the elf's body as they desired for a week. By the end of that week Kurt wasn't Kurt anymore, but there was still some light in his eyes, which Apocalypse questioned.

"Why do you fight when it only causes you more pain?" The blue-grey mutant demanded.

"I will always fight for my freedom, and to get back to my friends. And you will never be able to stop me." Kurt growled at Apocalypse.

I smiled sadly at these words. I never knew that Kurt had it in him to fight like this. But obviously none of us had known that he was this strong, he had always been such a goofball.

Apocalypse looked mad and suddenly entered Kurt's mind, painfully judging by the yelp the elf released.

"If I can't have you with your mind, then I'll have you without it!" The blue-grey mutant yelled in frustration. And Kurt screamed as his very independent will was forced from him. All his memories, all his independent thoughts, everything taken, until I could only see a shell of who was once an enthusiastic student, an important teammate and a good friend.

Suddenly I was standing with Jean again in the infirmary. I fell too my kneels with a roar that seemed to shake the room. "THAT BASTARD!"

I heard Hank wake with a startled gasp, while Jean started sobbed harder and Kurt moaned in his sleep but didn't wake.

"Logan? What is it?" Hank asked in concern as he moved to my side. But I couldn't speck I was so angry. Kurt had been wanting for us for months to save him and all in vain. If only we hadn't just assumed he died that day, we could have saved him before he was nothing but a form to be used by others.

Hank seeing my inner rage left me be for the moment, no one tried to talk to me when I was like this and that was the way I liked it. Instead the hairy mutant turned to Red and asked, "Where you able to help Kurt at all? And what is wrong with Logan?"

The teary redhead could only shrug unsurely, "We won't know until Kurt wakes again. And Logan just saw all of the memories of what happened to Kurt that I could find. I released as many of Kurt's lost memories as I could find."

It was obvious that she wanted to say more but didn't know if she should.

"What are you think, Red?" I asked as I got my anger under control again.

The redhead still hesitated but then finally said, "Maybe… it would be better…for Kurt… if we simply erase his memory of Apocalypse."

I felt my anger return, how could she even think that that would be better for Kurt?

I almost saw red when I saw Hank nod his head in agreement.

"Maybe it would be better."

"NO!" I growled at them both. "You don't know what you're talking about. There is no way we are messing with the elf's mind anymore then necessary!"

Jean sadly looked at me and replied softly, "Logan it could make it easier for Kurt to heal."

"No, it's just an easy quick fix!" I snapped, "His mind may not remember but his body will and this will only confuse him until he either goings mad or finds out the truth and then we will be right back to square one. Believe me I know."

Jean looked like she was going to argue more but I bet her to it, "I know that my past wasn't all rainbows and butterflies, it is down right dark and horrible but that doesn't stop me from trying to remember. If you are just going to try and take the easy way out then fuck off out of here because Kurt deserves for us to at least work to get him back after all he has been through because we just gave up on him." I don't mean to talk to Jean like this but she was out of line. Later on when Kurt could think for himself, he can decide for himself if he wanted the memories of his trauma erased but until then no one was going to make that decision for him.

My words, though harsh, seemed to get through to Jean and Hank and they nodded in agreement.

Looking back over at the sickly unconscious figure laying in the white-sheeted bed, I sighed and sat back down at the elf's bedside and prayed that when he woke again he would be less of a mindless slave.

Don't worry elf. I'll never abandon you again.

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