❀Prologue Of - Smile for Me and I'll Smile for You

Our last year in 8th grade, just who knew how much things could change? That I wouldn't talk to him as much anymore. How I thought more of my life goals and how hard it was going to be.

It's as if the last year we have in Konoha Elementary doesn't matter. After this we are all moving on to Konoha High and who knows what might happen?

But what could I do about him? Naruto even if he is one of my closest friends I just can't talk to him about it. I don't want to trouble his thoughts with anything unnecessary.

Even with all of this I still feel like Sasuke-kun is different either way. Ever since he started dating her (Ino).

I remember how Ino and I used to play with each other when we were kids. Although as we got older I only said a simple hello every now and then when she offered. She had stayed back a year so it was only every once in a while.

Then one day as the three being Naruto, Sasuke-kun, and I were walking past the park. Ino was there with a group of friends.

I didn't expect any of this at all and it felt like those months came so fast.

-In the blink of an eye-

You see Ino met Sasuke-kun before when they were young , funny though he couldn't remember. But Itachi his older brother could.

After we started talking a little more and I guess I talked to her more frequently. She began to come into our lives each moment when she could.

She told me a little while later that she was beginning to fall for Sasuke-kun and it was just growing each time. She asked him out too but he declined.

Somehow, about a month had passed she asked him again and guess what?

He said yes. I didn't mind at all but thinking of the Uchiha Sasuke dating is just abnormal. *Smiles* Although I did not say this at all, nope I didn't have to.

Naruto thought it was extremely surprising and he didn't bother holding back, "TEMMMMME you mean your NOT gay?!?!?!" You gotta count on Naruto being the loud mouth always.

I had to look away because Sasuke-kun got a smidge violent. It's normal though, they fight and argue and mostly everyone questions their friendship.

Everyone shouldn't make assumptions. Naruto and Sasuke-kun they were total opposites and that was quite okay with them.

They're just weird that way and their still my best friends through thick and thin.

-The chain of Bonds are slowly disappearing-

I just can't hold in a giggle until I take a step to stop Naruto from being pummeled. I only blink just for one millisecond and see a flash of light lemon blonde cross my eyes and I hear:

"Sasuke-kun stop, you know he was only kidding. You're going to kill him if you keep this up." Her, Ino spoke those words and the next thing just stunned me more.

Sasuke-kun, he dropped Naruto like it was nothing returning back to his stoic stance before. Ino smiled, Naruto gaped like a surprised puppy dog taking quick glances from me to Sasuke-kun and over and over.

No one was ever able to stop Sasuke-kun unless they wanted to live not even teachers. They either let me or Naruto take over we were friends it was expected. We were there for each other.

"Let's go" it was soft he was talking to all of us but it was soft. It was for her, I shook my head and reminded myself that Sasuke-kun he had a girlfriend now.

Without thinking any further I spoke even though at the pit of my heart something stung.

"I'm sorry guys but I just remembered I have to get home early to watch my sister" I pulled my lips up to show my sincerity, put my hand up to say goodbye, take my route home, and pick my speed up to show that I was rushing.

"Sakura-CHAN!!! Wait up I'll walk you with you!" That was Naruto of course I wasn't surprised usually they both would walk me home. I breathed slowly knowing that it wasn't going to be like that from now on.

I stopped mid-way just to turn myself to face him.

"Naruto hurry up then! I don't want to get a call from my Mom saying that I was late." I made it so that I was as cheerful as always which was very easy. I hoped neither of them noticed(Naruto and Sasuke-kun).

They can have the most sharp eyes sometimes.

I didn't look at Ino or Sasuke-kun just straight on Naruto waiting for him to catch up. Once he was right next to me flashing his teeth as widely as ever I began to take my steps again. This time at a good pace so that him and I were completely in sync.

"See you later Sakura, you too Naruto!" It was Ino's voice again speaking ecstatically just like her personality. Our backs were turned mine and Naruto's, without even looking back I could still feel dark obsidian eyes watching us leave.

Goodbye Sasuke-kun.

That was in the month of May in our 7th grade year. As days passed I felt as though Sasuke and I lost contact. Reaching into summer I finally confirmed that as it continued in the beginning of 8th grade.

I watched sometimes to see him smiling when Ino talked to him. He was very caring towards her I was happy with that.

But then he started to look at me weirdly like I was an alien. He didn't tell me much anymore and I just let him talk to Ino about stuff or whatever they spoke about.

Him and Naruto were still extremely close. I couldn't say that I felt left out my brain didn't really agree.

It's just when Ino and him were together I just want to get away so I do. I say wispy hello's and bye's to Sasuke through the halls, when we coincidently meet walking home, or just talk briefly when we're assigned to work together.

-Time goes on and real words real feelings are left hidden.-

I was separating us because it was right and it wouldn't make a difference since he had Ino. He wouldn't mind or even notice that I was hurting anymore. He was always with her nowadays.

I didn't mind it, if he was happy then I was happy. Even when I cry at home when he acts indifferent to me. Even when I can't be the one who is making him happy.

Even if it hurts so, so much. I love him like a brother just like Naruto. I love them so much anything that made them that glad to live I would accept.

I know one day we are just going to completely drift apart. Like our friendship was nothing. Like it had all been a peaceful hurtful dream. And grow up.

Sasuke and Ino coming closer each and every day.

Naruto just being himself talking to me and Sasuke when he could.

Me, Sakura putting on a joyful façade when I'm near Sasuke or Ino. Trying to live out a life with friends as much as I can.

I completely know that this isn't much but I hope I gain readers!! This story is on a working basis so please be patient with meJ I'm not very good at writing you can probably see but I hope to improve. Tune in for the next chapter soon!!!

P.S. I know this is quick but it is only an opening. I am going to try making this story more interesting and hopefully with more inspiration I can make this a FanFic you all reading will surely enjoy.