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This Is Not Good

Chapter 10 of - Smile For Me and I'll Smile For You

Sakura Pov

Today is Saturday, which means its mall day. Which means it's mall day with Hinata. Which means it's mall day with Hinata and Ino…

Sigh, why did I agree to this again?

Oh yeah, to be nice, I hate how I always do that to people all the time.

Anyways I should really be getting ready Ino should be here in about an hour .

- I'm looking out my window & all I see is nothing. -

Ding Dong!

It looks like it's time, I tied my last lace and started for the door.

I was greeted by a very ecstatic blonde girl who immediately squealed, "SAKURA! You look so pretty!" Her smile was so bright I know she was telling the truth. But really I'm not pretty at all, and I'm not being humble.

I only had on a mossy green textured shirt and a pair of dark skinny jeans. She on the other hand did look pretty. Trust me when I say someone is attractive in some way it has to be true. I mean really I'm a trustworthy person!

Ino had on her Patagonia Skinnard jacket and I only know this because I've heard her gush about it to Sasuke before. I wasn't eavesdropping, its just that Ino's voice is that loud! She also had on make-up like she usually does at school, today was a different day, mall day. Her eye shadow was purple so she's probably wearing that color under. She made a butterfly effect with mascara and eyeliner, it was a true work of art.

I on the other hand do not know anything about applying make-up. I've practically only worn it on my face maybe twice in my life? And those were for only special occasions, I wasn't the one to put it on my face either.

Back to where we once were…though, "Thanks Ino. You do too, um let me grab my jacket." I managed a good smile and went to retrieve what I needed. It's not too chilly today so it's okay if we walk.

"So Sakura how have you and Naruto been lately?" Her eyes were gleaming like she had some hidden agenda. I shivered thinking of what she might do to me.

"Well we're okay I guess it's the same as always." I replied nonchalantly.

"The same? What do you mean by that, hmmmm?" She pressed on, and I think I twitched a little. While she said this her head got a little closer to me.

"Err…just the same. Nothing's changed between us since I've known him." I looked forward, we were getting closer to the bus stop. Thank goodness.

"For really seriously?" She asked in total disbelief. What up with that?

"Yeah, why? Is it wrong or something?" What's she thinking? It's just Naruto we're talking about here. He's still the hyperactive ramen loving freak that he's always been. That and his voice got slightly deeper and he's…slightly taller than me now. SLIGHTLY.

She face palmed herself, I just stared at her like she was crazy, "I feel so bad for Naruto!" Ino muttered under her breath.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" Did something happen to him that she knows about and I don't?

"Oh nothing Sakura-hey look isn't that the bus stop?" And just like that she left my side running toward the sign.

I had just gotten there when our bus arrived, "Okay remember just put in the change I already told you about in the coin slot and follow me to a seat. Got it?" I instructed her.

"Psh, of course I'm not stupid I mean come on Sakura." She rolled her eyes at me and I took in a deep breath. Praying that nothing went wrong as I started up the steps.

- But will you take my hand and let me see more? -

Normal POV

"Hinata-chan you look so adorable in that outfit!" Ino announced to the whole mall as the girls started in.

"I agree with her Hinata you are so cute! Not that you aren't everyday though." Sakura smiled at her blushing friend.

"T-thank you." Hinata twiddled her fingers staring down at her feet. She had on a white and dark blue striped long knit shirt and dark blue leggings with white flats.

"NOW THEN, lets shop till we drop ladies!" Ino ushered the two girls where they arrived at the center of the first floor. "Okay first things first, what do you guys need to get? So then after we can just look around for things we just want." Her face gleaming with excitement she was ready to jump out of her boots.

"W-well I a-actually need to find…um some a-accessories for my g-graduation dress. So…I need some help with that." The purple haired girl's moon shaped eyes shifted to everything except her friends. She felt embarrassed having to burden them by asking them for help.

Sakura blinked, "You already got your dress Hinata? We have like five months till June, I don't even know what I'm looking for. " She stated blankly, her expression slightly surprised.

"It w-was-"

"You what? Sakura you're telling me you haven't gotten your graduation dress yet? Not even shoes? Heck I would have bought it custom made a long time ago. Actually I did but that's beside the point!" Ino's breaths came out ragged as she calmed down from her hysterics.

"Anyways…of course we'll help you Hinata it'll be easy just tell us as many details as you can about the dress and we can get to the first store." Sakura wasn't good with make-up but she was great with outfits and finding whatever suited them if she said so herself. So with Hinata's needs it shouldn't be a problem.

"Right! Then after we HAVE to get Sakura her dress or at least give you some options!" Ino intervened coming back from her disbelief. She whished her head from Hinata to Sakura.

"A-alright, well it has…"

- Because if you don't I'll be lost forever. -

"HEY, Sasuke what's up with you being an ass again!" Naruto had just finished his basketball training by himself when he spotted his stoic friend walking by. And remembering how the young Uchiha heir had been treating his Sakura-chan he decided to finally question his supposedly best friend again.

Said boy had his hands in his pockets and stopped but said nothing not turning back. Staring at the red swing set in front of him. It's seats bellowing in the cold air, cold and knuckle headed Naruto was out here practicing?


By this time though his vision was blocked because this knuckle head had appeared in his way,

"What do you want Dobe?" Sasuke asked boredly, annoyed that his walk got interrupted.

Naruto glared at him hard, "Listen why the hell are you being so bipolar? First, you're all 'shut the fuck up' then you go to yourself whose not a total jackass. Then you go back to the 'shut the fuck up'!" He set his basketball down. "You know how differently you've been since you started dating Ino? It wasn't till a while later but still." His cerulean eyes held fury and confusion begging his best friend to give him answers.

It was Sasuke's turn to glare, "What shit are you complaining about now loser? Ino? So what? People change when they get older idiot deal with it." He spat keeping his daring eyes on Naruto.

"There you go all over again! What's wrong with you, can't you tell Sakura-chan or me anything! You keep shutting people out like that and sooner or later you won't have anyone by your side!" He was seething how could this happen all so fast?

"Tch. Sakura. Sakura. Sakura. Is she all you ever talk about? You're like some sick puppy, you're pathetic." Sasuke sneered.

Naruto countered, "How am I pathetic when I can trust my friends? When I can face my problems? HOW AM I PATHETIC JUST BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT SOMEONE MORE THAN YOU EVER COULD!" His arm had swung out to the side to show just how much he was holding back from hurting his best friend.

Sasuke's eyelids lowered, his lips in a firm line, "Care? You're probably just obsessed and can't deny it." He smirked.

That was all until he saw a very familiar, very tan fist.

- And I don't want that since I would rather be with you. -

"Sakuraaaaa, come on! Can't you atleast try on one dress for me?" Ino pleaded using her puppy dog face. They had already gotten Hinata's accessories and surprisingly shoes that paired up with her dress very nicely too.

"For the last time no woman I don't want to! I have a lot of time to worry about getting my dress. And by the time I do it should be cheaper, have you ever heard of lowering the price? They do that when no ones buying those dresses. I can just get one of them so it shows that I won't get the same as some other girl at school." Sakura rolled her eyes, it was such a drag to go shopping for something you don't even need right now.

"Um…" Came a quiet voice.

"But you can just get it out of the way NOW! Come on the boys around us are looking at me like I'm some psycho! But I'm doing all this for you anyways!" Ino threw her arms in the air and she was right however not just boys, all mall citizens could hear her even when they were currently at the food court.


"Ugh Ino how about we go shopping for my dress on some other month when it's closer to June. I'll let you choose it if you like even." Sakura sighed, sippng her bubble tea as she waited for a reply. Her cheeks slightly pink at a few boys who winked at her when they passed by.

"Hmmm…" Ino pondered on the thought for a moment.

"I-I uh t-think you should agree Ino-chan." Hinata held her shopping bag in her pale hands tighter hoping she wouldn't get yelled at like Ino had been doing to Sakura just now.

Sipping her low fat pineapple smoothie Ino smiled, "Okay if I'm choosing your dress I don't wanna hear any lip or else I'll punch you for breaking your promise." She commented slyly, "It won't be hard or anything just a little so you learn your lesson." Stuffing a french fry into her mouth.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Fine Ino have it your way but nothing too short or revealing or something like that. I don't wanna look like some slut begging for attention."

"I'll see what I can do Sakura I'll see what I can do." Ino winked.

Sakura felt her eye twitch, "You're a big freak aren't you?"

"HEY, am not!" She huffed.

'Oh no…' Hinata sweat dropped as the two continued to bicker. 'You would think they were best friends or something. How they fight, but I can see…in their eyes their enjoying every minute of it.'

- So please don't just stare I want you to hold me too. -

Sasuke staggered back a few steps his cheek already swelling, a miniscule trail of blood flowed from his lips. You could have sworn his eyes glinted red as he lunged toward Naruto.

He caught the first kick Sasuke tried to throw at him, "Your too slow Sasuke your probably pissed off cause' you know what I think?" Naruto was able to land another punch this time in Sasuke's stomach. "I think you're jealous because I spend more time with Sakura-chan."

Sasuke held his stomach for a brief second before taking Naruto's shoulders and kneeing him in the gut, "You're an idiot Naruto and I don't give a shit what you think." The young Uchiha struck Naruto's back with his elbow and his body slammed on the cement.

But that didn't keep the whiskered boy down, "You're the idiot for denying it teme." He tackled Sasuke to the ground and lifted him up by his jacket, "I'm not that dense to see that you like Sakura-chan too and just dating Yamanaka because their almost alike." Naruto held his fist in the air glaring straight into Sasuke's endless black eyes.

Which seemed to look surprised till they returned to their enraged selves, "You don't need to hold back since we're not in class anymore." Sasuke gripped Naruto's wrist that was on the same hand keeping him down tightly. "Because I don't like Sakura and I'm not stopping myself this time." He tried to bend the wrist so he could pain Naruto enough to let go, succeeding.


Naruto released his hold on the boy below him and backed away with Sasuke's hand still on his wrist making him kneel at the coursing hurt. He was still able to raise his head and see his friend's face, "Now your lying to yourself-" He grunted. "But fine I won't stop or hold back either."

He bit Sasuke's hand causing him to let go punching him in the stomach again, "I won't stop till you admit that you like Sakura-chan and that you're a complete ass for using Ino like this." Naruto pushed Sasuke so that he landed harshly on the dirt near them.

"Because I'm tired of seeing Sakura-chan cry when you hurt her. " He looked down on his friend.

"I'm tired of everything suddenly changing ever since you started dating Ino." His fists clenched, knuckles pulsing through.

"I'm sick of knowing that my best friend out of everyone else is the one making the girl that I…I've been in love with since the day she smiled at me look less happy than she's ever been." Naruto's face softened thinking of that time, the time they had met for the very first time.


"Ha ha Sasuke I got you!" A giddy blond haired boy jumped in glee havng shot his friend with a water gun.

The five year old Sasuke whiped the water from his eyes and ran to Naruto, aiming in his childlike way with his own blue water gun.

They were playing at a local park near Naruto's home while Itachi played catch with his friend Kisame. This weird fish looking boy, but don't say anything about that or he'll…scare you.

Sasuke was able to hit Naruto's pants at his lower area making water spread farther on his black pants.

He smirked cutely causing few little girls to blush at the sight, "Now I got you Naruto! And look you peed in your pants!" He laughed running away as he was chased by his friend.

From afar sat a very sad pink haired girl swinging softly on her red swing. She sniffled while looking down at her dirty shoes. She had just ran away from home after hearing her parents argue yet again about something pointless. Her mind just couldn't bear it so she slipped away from her home without them noticing. It was already almost sunset.

Locks from her bangs obscured some of her vision from the two boys who were having the time of their lives. She recognized them from school but she never spoke to them. She was too shy so she never spoke to a lot of people much.

'I wish I could be like them' She thought.

Free tears began to travel down her plump cheeks too soon for her to stop them. She swung harder and higher to forget.

Forget the yelling.

Forget the fighting.

Forget everything.

"Hey you up there!" She heard a voice.

Her head shot up and her leafy eyes widened as she swung back down. She met gazes with both the sunny haired boy and black haired boy.

"Why are you crying?" The black haired one asked.

She slowed the swing down tears still slowly falling and she just broke down in front of the two. Her hands covering her face.

Naruto paniced immediately, "What do we do? What do we do? Sasuke! Sasuke! What are we going to do?" Naruto started crying himself.

"What! Why are YOU crying you're a boy? Um…uh…Itachi-niichan! Itach-niichan!" Sasuke waved his arms so his brother would come over. He was older he should know more about girls.

Itachi and Kisame looked to the side from where they were standing and ran over when they realized there was a little girl crying on a swing and Naruto.

"Sasuke what happened?" Asked his older brother being very mature for such an early age.

"Yeah what happened to these two?" Kisame scratched his head.

"W-well she started crying-" He pointed to the girl. "then Naruto started crying then..then…" And so dear little Sasuke also started crying and he covered his eyes with his arms while he wailed with the other two kids.

The older boys sweat dropped at them all, "Uh Itachi you take care of this your better with kids." Kisame backed away a little motioning for Itachi to go.

Itachi sighed and decided to he talk to the two boys first, "Okay calm down and tell me what happened first." He laid his palms gently on their small heads.

Naruto spoke first, "Well me and Sasuke saw Sakura-chan crying and I wanted to see what's wrong so we came over." He sniffled. "But when I asked her she started crying more and I didn't know whaat to do! So I started to cry." His salty tears drying.

Vigorously rubbing his eyes Sasuke included, "What he said." looking up to his brother.

Now seven year old Itachi may be older however he was still under the age of knowing how to understand them sometimes. Either way he patted his little brother and friend's head and slowly walked to the whimpering girl.

He crouched down to get a better view of her uncovered face, "What's wrong with you Sakura-chan?" If he remembered what Naruto said that was her name.

She shook her head.

"I don't think we can help you if your not gonna tell us." He smiled lightly to her.

Sakura looked in Itachi's eyes and couldn't help herself. She slipped off the swing and circled her small arms as much around him as possible.

"I hate it when my parents yell at each other. I hate it so I left my house and came here." New found tears flowed down as she closed her eye lids tighter.

The boy she held in her arms softened, bringing his arm to soothe the girl down he told her, "You shouldn't leave your house when you're parents don't know Sakura-chan. We have to take you back, okay?" He felt her nod. "But if you want to talk to us just come to the park after school any time you can. We'll be playing till dinner time." He lightly took her hands from his shirt.

Her mouth in a sad pout, "Can you smile for me Sakura-chan?" Itachi asked giving her one of his own.

All the while Naruto and Sasuke stared, Kisame playing catch by himself.

"Please?" He tried again.

She tried but couldn't seem to form one, so he tickled her tummy until she rang out in laughter. Sakura was about to die of laughing until Itachi calmed and stopped.

Her face still beaming more genuine than before, "There you go now you look a lot better." He rustled her hair and stood up walking to Sakura's side to take her hand.

The young happy girl smiled brightly to the boys in front of her, "I can't wait to see you both tomorrow at school!"

Their little hearts skipped a beat seeing such a pretty smile, the both of them blushed looking away from Sakura. Naruto scratched his nose smiling embarrassingly, not knowing why. His friend squirting water at a rock to look like he hadn't heard a thing.

"Aww Sasuke and Naruto are blushing!" Kisame teased.

Sakura watched when the two started to chase around the fishy boy, she tilted her head. "Nii-san what does blushing mean?" She quirked her head to the side.

Itachi glanced down at her, "Uhh…you'll know when you get older."

"Oh, okay Nii-san…um Nii-san why does that big boy look like a fishy?"

Kisame stopped running causing the boys chasing him to run into his back.

"Uh oh…" Naruto bit Kisame's leg to distract him while Sasuke jumped on his back to push him down.

"Sakura-chan let's take you home now." Itachi started leading when Sakura told him her directions. Sasuke and Naruto had run after them when they were far enough away from the park.


"How can you just throw everything away Sasuke? " Naruto gazed at the swing set ahead of them isolated from children.

Sasuke's mind went to the sky above them, the clouds hovering painting bits of the sky white. "I didn't throw anything away…Naruto…" He closed his eyes.

'I never knew that that was love I care fore Sakura too. I feel the same way as Naruto, this is a freaking stupid coincidence.'

"Why do you want me to admit that I like Sakura?" He asked his arms spread out on the grass.

His best friend grinned foxly, "So that I know whether or not if I have to keep her away from guys like you. Cuz someday I'm gonna marry Sakura-chan and we're gonna have lots of kids!" He hollered to the world.

"Tch, not if she's with me. And marriage? This early Naruto that's not happening."

"So you admit you like her Sasuke?"


It wasn't suppose to slip out like that,"Yeah."

"For how long?"

"It was probably the same time as you except I never realized it."

"Well that's gay."


"Because we both like the same girl and she's our best friend."

- I'd feel better everyday knowing you'd be there. -

"Bye Sakura I'll see you at school Monday!" Ino waved her arms from inside her driver's car.

"Yeah see you then!" Sakura laughed at how entertaining the blonde looked.

She unlocked her door finding her home dark because it was already 9:00pm. They had gone out to eat dinner together as well, on Ino though since she inssisted.

Sakura slid off her jacket when she arrived to her room and closed her door. She laid on her bed jamming her earphones in her ears, turning the level up on her ipod and lifted her arm to cover her eyes.

'What am I doing? Talking to Ino again, I don't want to get close to her. I don't want any of this, I don't need any of this.'

'I was happy I should be happy so why the fuck am I crying like this all over again?'

She accidentally knocked a book off of her desk. Hearing the plop she searched blindly by feeling her way toward it. She knew what it was, the photo album.

Sakura knew that she shouldn't have for it would just be stupid but she did anyways. She opened it turning to a certain page. Their a picture of her and her parents.

Together holding either side of her and smiling at the camera person. Her body shook, she held the picture against her heart.

"I miss you." She whimpered. "I miss you, the both of you so much."

'But I'm such a coward I can't admit to anything.'


If you guys are confused then if you read this it should confirm a few thoughts.

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