Title: Seducing Siegfried

Author name: DocJorgensen
Category: Friendship, Romance

Characters: Marjorie, Siegfried Farnon

Ships: Marjorie/Siegfried

Rating: K+
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Marjorie and Siegfried.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything, unfortunately.
Author Notes: This has been bubbling around for a while, so I wrote it.

Dedication: To Mr. Bradley, good luck.

Being kissed by Siegfried, Marjorie decided, was far too heavenly. There was just something about the man was far too addicting. And didn't she know it.

The way he grabbed you and pressed you against himself, so possessive. His strong, lean arms wrapped him securely around Marjorie, as he ravaged her gently, as only Siegfried Farnon, veterinary surgeon, Gentleman and Esquire Extraordinaire was able to do.

Even after he left, Marjorie was still thinking about the vivacity in those grey blue eyes, that clever tongue and hmm, the nice broad shoulders and lean waist.

She smirked inwardly to herself, the way that man filled out a suit was nearly sinful, and his long lean figure and strong hands were far too excellent an asset not to take advantage of.

Oh yes, Marjorie thought, leaning back on the sofa, Siegfried was a very desirable man, and eligible at that.

She licked her lips in delight.

"Mrs. Siegfried Farnon" she rolled it off her tongue, nearly purring with pleasure, "Yes, I rather like the sound of that."

Siegfried Farnon would never know what hit him.