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Full Sumary-"I'll let you and your cute friend live for noe, but if I ever see you again you're a goner" She removed the gun from my chest and rode off with her riend behind her. Naruto and I just stared at her in shock, "Was that...Hinata?"Naruto cast in the wild west!

They are all 16 years old, except for the adults who will come in later on.

Chapter 1

Sasuke POV


The land of the free and the brave. The place where you can have a new start.

That's exactly why I'm going.

"Oi! Sasuke, hurry up! We're going to miss the ship to America if you don't come!" I heard my best friend say. I turned around to respond to my blond friend.

"I'm almost done dobe! I just need one more minute. " I said in my emotionless tone. Naruto knew me better though. He could probably tell I was just as nervous and excited as him. I packed the last of my belongings into my suitcases and headed out of my room.

Naruto turned around to face me with a bored expression.

"You take soooo long? What are you? A girl?" I just frowned at him and started walking out of the house. "Well? Are you coming or not dobe?" He followed me and we went to my car. The servant there was already in the car waiting for us to get in. We put our luggage in and the driver set off.

"What do you think America is like, Sasuke?" Naruto asked me once we were settled in, in the room. Once my driver left us we boarded the ship and went into our room. We had just finished packing when he said the question.

"Well, according to Itachi it's a nice place with many opportunities. The towns are nice and they'll give you money plus he says that some men have even found gold on the ground." I was lying on my bed reading a book.

"Naruto was sitting on his bed looking at me. "Are you sure? I mean, it sounds too good to be true, Sasuke. Itachi's lied to us before." He was right. Itachi has lied more than anyone I have ever met. That's why I was pretty happy when he decided to move to California and live there. Even though it's the 1800's, the united States are pretty popular throughout the world, especially after the war between them and Britain. People around the world were shocked to see how they could defeat the greatest army in the war. Now, me and Naruto are going to America to start a business together because Itachi wrote in one of his many letters 'this place is full of great chances'.

"Well, we're just going to have to find out if he lied or not" I stood up and put my book away. I grabbed my pajamas from my drawer and headed towards the bathroom to put them on. I entered the room and took my shirt off. I faced the mirror above the sink and saw a man with midnight black hair and eyes looking at me. I sighed and put on my pajamas.

I left the bathroom to find Naruto asleep already.

"Jeez…you're too much of an idiot Naruto" I muttered. I looked around the room to find some things that I didn't notice before. This was a second class room so it had enough space for 2 people. The bed on the left, where Naruto was now sleeping, was a small bed that fit him nicely. The bed on the right was mine. In the middle of the two beds were two drawers where our clothes were. The door was in front of the beds and the bathroom was on the right side of the room.

The best part of the room was the view. The window was about 2 to 3 feet wide and 1 foot tall, so the ocean was seen clearly.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Naruto snoring. I muttered 'idiot' and left the room to the deck of the ship. The ship was a wooden ship, but one of the fanciest that there is. I went to one of the sides of the ships, and leaned forward on the wooden wall that prevented me from falling to my doom.

I watched the ocean for a long time, thinking of how my new life would be. If what Itachi said was true, then life would be a walk in the park, but if he lied then things could get difficult. The sun was setting and the sea turned a beautiful shade of orange. I stared off into the sunset,

"Let's see how things will turn out" I said to myself and I headed back to the room to get some sleep.

Third-Person POV


"P-please! Have mercy!" A man with brownish hair said to me. His blue eyes were filled with fright, but the woman in front of him didn't even care. She had the gun touching his forehead and her eyes were emotional.

"I don't think so. Now give me the money!" Her voice was filled with impatience. The man squeaked and took out all the money he had. The woman nodded to one of her comrades and he took the money away.

"Thanks for the cash, but I can't have you tellin' on me" Without a look of sympathy from her, she pulled the trigger.

"Let's go" She fixed her cowboy hat, and mounted her horse.

"How much money did he have?" asked the comrade. His brownish hair was covered by his hat and his red bandana was tied around his neck. His brown horse he was riding was running along with the black horse carrying his friend.

"Not enough. We gotta get some more or we won't be able to have dinner tonight." Her face was calmer than it was a few seconds ago. "We can stay in a hotel for the night, though. Let's go into town before night falls. "She looked at him with her violet eyes "You know you don't have to do this, Kiba. I don't want you to get caught up in this dangerous life like I've had."

Kiba looked at her and then looked away. "It's OK. It's my choice and we're going to get through this together. I'm not going to abandon you, Hinata." They rode in silence after that.

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