"I guess it seems that if anyone moves, they die" Kiba said. We all just stared at each other, waiting for someone to move.

Sasuke POV

"What are you two doing here?" She asked. I stared at Naruto and he had a tinge of pink on his cheeks. I cleared my throat and she glared at me. Naruto opened his mouth to speak.

"Well, we're here to-"

"Look for Itachi." I cut him off. I didn't want to tell these two of our real intentions. They're outlaws. Naruto looked at me and raised his eyebrows. I stared at him and gave him the 'go along with it' face. He nodded in agreement.

I looked at Hinata. "I should ask you the same. What are you doing here?" I saw her look at the brown-haired guy and she nodded.

The guy spoke. "Well, you see…." I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and I bent forward in pain. I felt someone trip my foot from behind and I fell on my back and I let go of the gun. Hinata was standing in front of me with her gun still pointed at me. I turned my head to find Naruto in the same position as me.

"That's something you don't want to know" Hinata said. "Now, what's the real reason you're both here."

"I don't have to tell you." I said. I'm not giving up my last bit of money to some girl who acts like she's my enemy.

"It seems you don't know the situation you're in, Sasuke." She looked at her companion again. "Kiba, can you do an example?"

Kiba? As in Inuzuka Kiba?

"Sure, Hinata." He removed the gun from Naruto and forcefully made Naruto stand up. "You see," he began. He pulled the safety trigger from his gun and pointed it to Naruto's head. "We let no one live. That's life."

Naruto didn't move, but the fear in his eyes was obvious to anyone. He was in range for his head to be blown off by that gun. I would have even of been terrified. I looked at Hinata to see if she was serious or bluffing. Her eyes said that she was willing to kill Naruto, even if it's just to make a point.

"The real reason. NOW" Hinata said this in a cold, dead tone. Is this the Hinata I really knew from years ago? What happened to her?

"As I said we're-"

"STARTING A BUSINESS!" Naruto blurted out before I could come up with another lie. I glared at him, wishing I could tape his mouth shut.

"Huh? A business? You two?" Hinata's friend (who is apparently named Kiba) said. There was an awful silence until a laugh cut through it. We all stared at each other to find Hinata laughing her guts off.

"A-a business? Why didn't you say that earlier?" Hinata wiped her tears from her eyes and grinned, "You guys won't harm our goals then." I looked at Naruto and he had the same look that I had.

"What are you-"Kiba interrupted me.

"You guys should go to your room now. Someone's bound to complain about the noise we're making." I saw Hinata nod in agreement at this. I had no choice in this apparently so I walked back to the room with a scared Naruto behind me.

Once we were in our rooms, I immediately confronted Naruto.

"What happened? Why were you in Hinata's room? What did you do?" Before I could ask even more, Naruto put a hand up telling me to "shut the hell up".

"I was in the room just after you left. A few moments later, I hear someone fire a gunshot so I come running into the room next to us and I find that guy there cleaning a pistol like it was normal!"I looked at Naruto. Is he serious?

"Dude, this is America. It IS normal to carry guns around. I think it's in the second amendment." Naruto looked at me like I was crazy.

"Whatever. Anyway, I practically knock the door down to see what's happening and rush into the room screaming what happened. Next thing I know, there's a gun pointed at me!" Naruto spoke again, "That guy looks awfully familiar though. That guy…he's called Kiba right?"

"Yeah. Now that you mention it, he does look familiar."

Hinata POV

I saw Sasuke and Naruto leave our room and I quickly closed the door. I faced Kiba and asked him what happened. He said that Naruto came barging up and he acted on reflex to point a gun at him.

"You're not lying to me right?" Kiba looked at me and smiled.

"You should know that answer better than anyone. Like the Uchiha, the Hyuuga clan is also talented. You're eyes can tell whether a person is lying or not. No one can lie to you if they try."

"Kiba, I told you this countless times. My eyes can tell if people are being honest but also if they're being honest with themselves. It's a pain." I looked at him and smiled. "I know you're not lying even without activating my eyes."

"Well you should trust me by now Hinata. I mean, master."

I groaned. "Not that again Kiba! We're not there anymore so you don't have to say it."

Kiba's eyes flicked with anger as he remembered that place. He hates that place as much as I do.

"Kiba…" I started. He looked at me and waited for what I was going to say. "We have to leave. I can't have Naruto and Sasuke get into this too. I can't save them if they middle into this."

"Ok, Hinata but where are we going?"

I thought for a moment and I finally decided on a place. "We're going to visit my brother."