Okay, so I've ventured into the world of drabbles. I'll keep updating this whenever I write more ;) Enjoy!

Safe (Houses POV)
You love how safe you feel in his arms. You feel as if no harm can come to you, because he's protecting you. It is without a doubt your favourite past-time, no matter where you may be - especially when you're in bed together. With his arms protectively around you and the duvet blanketing you both. It's like a cave - or a cocoon. When you've had a bad day at work he softly kisses you, then takes you by the hand into your bedroom. He knows that it makes you feel better, and he enjoys it too. But you doubt he enjoys it more than you.

Escape (Wilsons POV)
He's coming after you. Chasing you down the corridors of the hospital with what appears to be a bone saw. This can not be happening. The murderous glint in Tritters eyes chills you right to the core. Thankfully you make it to your office, only to find it to be locked. You frantically fumble for the key, breathing a sigh of relief when you find it in your lab coat pocket. Your hands are shaking so much that you can't quite get the key in the lock. Then you hear his footsteps behind you and close your eyes as he raises his weapon.

Your eyes snap open. Your chest is heaving up and down and you can't quite catch a breath. Frantically looking at your surroundings, your eyes snap to the man sleeping next to you. Or rather, on you - he is half draped over you with his head on your shoulder. It was just a dream. Just a freaky, terrifying dream. That's all. You put your arms around him and will yourself to relax. No need to wake him up just yet.

Freezing (Houses POV)
It's easily -10 degrees in the park, and neither you or him had the brains to bring gloves when you went for your walk. The snow crunched under your footsteps as you walked down the path back to your apartment. He'd wanted some sweet photos of the pair of you in the snow, and you couldn't exactly say no. A smile found its way to your face as you remembered how difficult it was to keep your hand steady enough to get a decent picture when it was ice cold and slowly turning blue. In the end you both gave up and made your way back. If you weren't careful, your hand would freeze to his. So you put both your hands in your coat pocket. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw him blush ever so slightly.

Surprise (Wilsons POV)
It's his birthday soon. The big 50. You know he's not looking forward to it, as he feels sensitive about his age as it is. So you don't speak about it, not even briefly. However, when the day arrives, you make sure you're awake in time to make his pancakes ready for him. Breakfast in bed is one of those things - you're never too old for it. He looked grateful, and gave you a sticky thank-you kiss to show you.

Under The Weather (Houses POV)
When I find whoever did this to my Jimmy, they'll wish they'd never been born. It makes my blood boil to think that someone could knock the hell out of him, give him a black eye, a possibly broken nose and a definitely broken rib. Not to mention bruises all over his chest. It's made Jimmy frightened of any little noise, especially if anyone knocks on the door. I hate having to tend to his wounds, because they're still very fresh and therefore still sore. But of course I'll do it. I'd do anything for him. Whoever attacked him is gonna get what's coming to them. First, however, I'm going to make Jimmy better by giving him breakfast in bed, followed by some quality time in bed. I'll show him just how good being held in someone else's arms feels.

Beach (Wilsons POV)
The soft gusts of wind make his hair fly in every direction. He looks gorgeous. Sitting on the beach, staring out into the crystal clear ocean, I literally don't have a care in the world. Turning to face him, I peck him on the cheek. We're both still a tad nervous of public display of affections, but as long as we stop ourselves before things get too major it's fine. He looks at me and smiles. I simply love how his blue eyes twinkle like that. Then without warning he adjusts his position so that he's lying face-up with his head on my thigh. I quickly look around, deeming the surroundings private enough before I begin to run my fingers through his hair. I smile down at him, thinking how much I love him.