Another handful!

I think it's impossible for someone to look so scared, even if he's only having a nightmare. In his thrashing about, he accidently hit my in the nose. Which is why I'm currently in the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper shoved under my throbbing nose trying to stop the bleeding. I know he didn't mean it, but it reallly smarts. I heard a loud gasp, and sprinted back to our bedroom. He was sitting upright, eyes wide in fear and breathing way too fast. He'd hyperventilate if he wasn't careful. When his gaze found mine, his hands twitched; as if he was about to reach his arms out towards me but thought better of it. I crawled into bed next to him and puleld him tight against my chest. Gripping my shirt in his hands, he buried his face in my shoulder.

"It's okay, Greg.. it was just a dream." I pulled the duvet over both of us and gently kissed his hair. He clung to me like I was his lifeline, and his breathing evened out. This was the third night in a row that he'd had a nightmare. I'm not sure who was more frustrated by them - him or me. I continued to rub soothing circles on his back until I felt his breathing even out completely. I felt a small amount of dried blood crisp around my nostrils, but I didn't care. I had more important things to take care of.

Another Rock 'n' Roll Christmas - Gary Glitter

"Huh?..." Wilson moaned into his pillow. Looking at the clock he saw that it wasn't even six in the morning. Slowly, he turned his head to stare down the hall, trying to decide where the noise was coming from. Clad only in his boxers, he shuffled into the living room. Once Wilson rubbed the sleep from his eyes he stared at House, who had plugged his Flying V into the amplifier and was playing along to a song on the radio. Apparently, he hadn't noticed his lover standing in front of him with a look of confusion. Until Wilson spoke up.

"I thought you hated Gary Glitter?" House jumped, and missed several notes. He glanced up at Wilson, and shrugged.

"It's Christmas. And I know that you like it." Wilson blushed. Reaching out he cupped the side of Houses face and softly kissed him.


House hated mornings. He was never a morning person - so when the alarm blares at 7:30 he hammers the buttons until he hits the right one before turning over and curling into Wilsons side. Slinging one arm over his chest and resting his bad leg across both of Wilsons, House nuzzled his face against his lovers neck, sighed and tried to catch an extra few minutes sleep.

"Hmm... we need to get up, Greg..." House groaned and tightened his hold on Wilson.

"Five more minutes Jimmy, please?" He lifted his head up to look at Wilson, who smiled softly before giving House his good morning kiss.

Five more minutes couldn't hurt.... Wilson mused as he fondly watched House settle back down.


At midday, House strode into Wilsons office, only to not find him there. A glance out to the balcony and he saw him, simply standing and gazing into the distance. House approached him, smiling at Wilson as he turned to see who it was. After pulling House towards him for a kiss, he returned his gaze to the city below them.

"It's quite pretty when the sun's out, isn't it?" House smirked at Wilsons question as he embraced him from behind. Pressing a gentle kiss to the soft spot behind Wilsons ear before resting his head on his shoulder, House mumbled:

"Do you know how gay that makes you?" Wilson chuckled.

"You love it."

"No, I love you." Wilson smiled, and covered Houses hands with his own.


When Wilson gratefully collapsed into bed, he wasn't suprised when House crawled over and on top of him. He slid his arms around his lovers waist and lazily kissed him. House broke away to nip a path along Wilsons jaw to his ear, before nuzzling the side of his neck. Wilson brought his hand up and ran his fingers through Houses hair, making the older man sigh with contentment.

"Hey Greg, don't fall asleep on me!" He joked. Houses only response was to make himself even more comfortable on top of him. Wilson huffed, and carefully turned them so that they were lying on their sides, facing each other. Or at least he was facing House. The older man appeared to be on the cusp of sleep, his breathing evening out. Wilson reached out to brush his fingers down Houses cheek, and had to pull away when he snuggled against Wilson, Houses face in his chest and his arms tightly clinging to him. Wilson pulled the comforter up over them and wrapped his arms around House. Kissin the top of his head, Wilson smiled. Life was good.