Thomas adventure story part 12 Operation O.W.A.C.T.T.K.A.E ( Long time fans keep your eyes out for the answer to a secret I have been hinting at)










In Greenia

"Lets see, Ben, Omi, Kiki, and Jade" Thomas decided pressing four buttons. Then in a couple of seconds the four kids fell in through the Whoop.

"Stop doing with the Whooping thing" Ben said rubbing his head in pain.

"Quite right. But I am under obligations to do that. Never mind, we currently have a few worlds in jeopardy, Bravo Beach and Sector V. You four are to go to Sector V, find the keyhole and from there contact Seras to seal the world up.

"Why not you, I don't know about you guys but I always want to guard my neck when she is around" Jade complained before Kiki slapped her.

"Because I will be sealing off another world" Thomas explained. "Also I can't go into the world because of the nature of the Kids Next Door. I am an adult, and if I go into that world, I will have Ketchup in my eyes before you can say "

"Ketchup?" Ben asked.

"Nothing, now go and Seras will be standing by" Thomas said opening a portal while he went to another.

In Sector V

"Does anyone else see the giant Treehouse" Ben noted pointing at the giant tree growing out of a little red house.

"Does anyone not" Omi countered.

"Okay, who has that new keyhole finder" Kiki asked.

"I do, it says the keyhole, is on the moon?" Ben said dumfounded.

"So, how do we get up to it" Jade brought up before they saw two people, a short boy in an orange jacket and a bald boy in red with large black shades walking to the house.

"Come on Number 1, can't I take some soda up to the moonbase" the orange boy whined.

"Bawk, alright just don't splash it on Number 86 again, Number 4" the bald boy, number 1 groaned with an english accent.

"Changing Chopsticks" Omi yelled at a sudden before they all shrunk down and flew into Number four's hair.

"Okay, this works" Ben said getting confortable


Thomas had landed in a nice little neibourhood, it was called Peach Creek. Looking around he saw a trio of boys, one short with an yellow shirt, one medium with an orange shirt and a ski hat and a tall boy in a green jacket. They saw him and whispered something.

"Hey there, you want to buy something wierdo" the short boy said.

"Eddy, don't that's rude" the orange shirted boy said slapping him.

"Yeah, don't be rude, blast" a all too familiar squeaky voice yelled as Eddy was blasted with a green ray. Turning Thomas and the two other boys saw Dr. Doofemsmirtz floating on a floating platform.

"Behold, the past disguise transfiginator" he laughed.

"The what" the boy in orange said before Eddy stood up. He now was garbed differently, with a cape, a headband with a dollar symbol and dark attire.

"I am Proffessor scam" he said levitating mid air.

"Not that again" the orange boy sighed.

"Its Proffesor Scam Double D, he will scam us all" the boy in green said scared.

"Ray of riches" Eddy yelled as dollar signs began flying out from his headband and struck Double D, sending him flying away before Thomas pulled him back with the force.

"Cool, a Jedi" the green boy clapped.

"Actually a Keyblade Jedi spellweaver pokemon master, but yes Ed that is true" Thomas smirked.

"He knows my name" Ed said surprised. Then Dr. Doofemsmirtz fired the laser again and it struck Ed.

"I am LOTHAR, Light keg protector of Montenzuma" Ed yelled in a cheap viking costume with a spatula.

"Curse that strong heart, and wait I pressed the upgrade button too" he cried as the spatula grew larger, changed to a green color and grew sharp like a sword.

"I'm leaving, but Proffesor scam will defeat you three" he yelled leaving. Thomas summoned his keyblade and gestered for Double D to step back.


"Kids Next Door" a blond girl in a jump suit yelled to the gathered crowd. All the KND operatives stood in the auditorium waiting for the speech.

"We have reason to believe that Father has joined up with other worldly villians to create an army to destroy us" She began.

"And that's true Number 362, so give up children" a dark coated man said warping in.

"Father" Number 362 cried in shock as heartless formed under father. They then jumped at Number 362, but a sudden blur of blue destroyed them. It was Ben as XLR8.

"Ben Tennyson" Father said shocked, " how did you get here?"

"It's called the hair of a certain blond and stupid numero cuartro, thats number four" Ben said gestering. From Number four's hair jumped Kiki, Omi and Jade, all armed.

"Did that just happen" Number four asked.

"Yes, they did come out of your hair" a black girl with a red hat retorted.

"More children, but I don't have time for this, heartless take them down" he yelled as Fiery Globes popped out of nowhere as he walked off. The heartless charged at XLR8, but Omi used the orb of tornami to flood them away.

"Who are you" Number 362 asked cautiosly.

"We are of a group of heroes whose worlds were destroyed, except Kiki" Omi noted.

"Hey, I was warped off mine!"

"We have come here to find the world's keyhole and seal it off so your world won't suffer the same fate as mine. Father has alligned himself with other worldly villains to destroy your world" Ben told them.

"Well, we can help you guys if need be, as long as you don't get any adults up here" a red haired girl in green said loudly.

"We knew the way your organization worked, so we won't bring any adults of the human species up here" Kiki noted before she, Omi and Jade ran after Father.

"Human?" Number one yelled confused.

"Well, to seal a world you need a keyblade, and only two people can use a keyblade that we have on roster" Ben said cautiously. "A adult or a vampire who techincally doesn't have an age, but only in appearance of age" Ben tried to explain. "And no she won't feed of you, or your goats" and with that he sped off.


"Scam Shower" Eddy yelled as thousands of dollar signs fell from the sky. Stopping them with the force Thomas used them to attack Eddy as Ed popped up behind him.

"Earth is not your scamming bar" he yelled as the spatula slammed into Eddy and sent him spiraling down to the ground, before Thomas stopped him with the force.

"He isn't evil, but greedy and possessed" Thomas noted. Then a ruler of the sky heartless flew down and cried.

"Ready Ed" Thomas asked.

"Sure Bucho" he nodded before they charged at the beast. Avoiding a burst of darkness Ed sent his spatula into its chest before Thomas slew off its tail. Crying it fell but then Thomas muttered Brisingr and the beast was singed. Trying to regain mobility it slowly felt it's wings burn before Ed Grabbed it and sent it flying. Taking his lightsabre Thomas sent his keyblade straight through the beast before it faded into darkness.

"Wierd" Double D said before Thomas saw a glow. Running they saw the keyhole in a shed. Taking his keyblade he sealed it off. Then a kid with blue hair walked out.

"I am Rolf, a humble son of a sheppard. I was told of the tale of the key, but it really does exist! I feast I porclaim, and you four are invited.

"Wait, can you hold the feast off for a little bit" Thomas asked. Then he gestured to Eddy.

"He was tainted by Darkness yes, I have just the cure if I mix some of your key's light with wiener, milk and the saliva of Bobo. But we have little time, so help Rolf!"


"Father" Ben yelled catching up to the other three. Father stood at the center room of the moon base.

"Your too late, soon I will find the keyhole and the KND delinquents will be no more. But first" he said as a burst of darkness surrounded him. "I have some kids to spank!"

(Ben felt his body go all techy. Flash and he was)

"Upgrade" Ben proclaimed before taking over a Scamper.

(The scamper's front extended and folded into legs as the back part lifted up to allow arms to extend. And Upgrade's head rose as a head for the machine)

Ben fired a laser at Father, who used a barrier of flames to absorb it before sending fire balls flying at the four, who all barely avoided it. Then he sent a blast of darkness to throw Upgrade out of the robot

"Wudai Neptune Wa" Omi began before a blast of fire smolted him and sent him flying.

"Thorn of Thunder..." Jade yelled before Father sent a burst of darkness through the floor and erupted it below the girl who flew up and crash landed near Omi. Growling Kiki jumped up and muffled him with her tail. Struggling he set his body ablaze and burnt the girl, who fell off and fainted. Chucking he prepared to kill her before Ben flew into him as XLR8.

"You evil man!" he growled as they locked fists

(Ben felt two arms grow in addition on him and his skin go red. Flash and he was)

"Fourarms" and he sent Father flying off the edge. Happy he turned back to normal and took out a anti burn spray and used it on Kiki.

"Ben" she said weakly. "Thank you" and tired to get up but then a blast of darkness struck Ben from behind and he fell.

"I'm not done yet children" Father said back on the platform.

"SERAS" Kiki yelled. A flash of light occured and from a portal of light the orange haired young lady vampire jumped out.

"Kiki" she said shocked before seeing the equally hurt Ben, Omi and Jade. She turned to Father and summoned her keyblade and attacked Father. Father grabbed her keyblade with both hands and tried to push her, but with her vampiric strength she pushed him to the ground. Taking her fist she punched him giving him a blacker eye. Stumbling he then felt a ball of light strike him from Seras and he went flying. And as he landed he taunted.

"Oh, a vampire. And you have a keyblade. You should be feeding off those poor kids, not fighting me. We are both darkness".

"I was raised by a policeman, and was one before I became what I am" she told him. "I don' t destroy victims, I save them. I am light" and with that a aura of light surrounded her.

"A vampire can't be good" Father yelled flying at her covered in fire. Then she punched the ground and a wall of light formed that Caught Father. But then he vanished and hundreds of copies of him appeared everywhere.

"You can' t beat us all Seras Victoria!"

"Oh, can I?" she asked with a smirk. Summoning shields of light around the kids and herself she summoned a large cannon into her hands and loaded a shell.

"How do you lift something that, oh yeah vampire" he said confused before all the copies flew at her. Firing the cannon it sent shrapnel everywhere destroying all the copies while leaving the rest unharmed. Then the real father came in low like a fiery comet at her. Smirking she spun and kicked him in the face, sending him plummeting to his doom, as dark dust flew out from his exploding remains. Then turning she saw the keyhole in the central of the tree, she fired a blast of light and the keyhole was shielded. Then the members of the Kids next door ran in with medics for the kids.

"So your the vampire that Ben mentioned" the black girl asked.

"Yes, Yes I am" Seras told her.

"Number five thinks that's cool" she nodded in third person before Number's 1 and 362 walked up to her.

"Seras Victoria, you may be 19 ish, or whatever but you proved something today" Number 362 told her " that no ones true nature is set in stone. You, a creature of darkness has shown yourself to be light. You and any one of your hero team is always welcome in KND territory".

"That's an honor" Seras said shaking her hand.

"Question, you don't eat kids do you" Number one asked.

"No" she said touching her stone necklace " in my necklace is a stone called a soul stone. It was given to me by someone important. As long as I wear it, I don't get harmed by light, by food that isn't blood or by other things that are anti vampire but keep the vampiric advantages"

"Good job Seras" Thomas said opening a portal. " Are they okay?"

"The KND have just woken them up" Number one assured him.

"Good, and I have an award for them, I hope they like feasts" he said as the four injured were gathered and they and Seras followed him. Then Number five whispered to Number one.

"Number 5 thought she saw a blush on that there Seras"