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Meet You By The Skate Park
Rated: +18 – themes; violence; lust; sex; fluff (by me); dark
Summary: Randy Orton thinks that getting Phil Brooks & John Cena together is a great distraction to John Cena from winning the title that's rightfully Randy's. Phil/Cena. Requested by xxAREESHAxx.
Genre: Suspense/Angst

1 – The Plan

It's only after he'd seen RAW all over again for the tenth time that late night that he decides that Phil Brooks is a distraction to John Cena.

The sexual tension that's heating between them, the skin rubbing against skin, soft against softer, pulse ripping, and he knows that he's overheard John asking about Phil after the match and even though he can't remember the words, he knows that John has felt the same type of sexual appeal when he looks at Phil.

Soft olive eyes, pale skin that glitters in the spotlight, jet black hair that tosses around so flawlessly… John's eyes just basically shine when he looks at Phil, completely and utterly glitters and now, that he's had a match with Phil, he feels more attached and of course, Randy knows, he just does, that Phil hates John with every fiber of his being—as much as he hates Jeff—Phil can never be truly satisfied.

But he knows that Phil has a tiny crush on him.


Very, very tiny.

All Phil ever does is stare at Randy when no one's looking, staring at the tan skin that glitters so effortlessly and Randy has caught him watching a few times, Phil's eyes would always dart and he'd always flush into a healthy pink glow that makes him look all too irresistible and he also has a habit of sticking the pictures of his crushes on his locker and for months, all Randy ever sees, just from the peek, is his shiny skin and baby blue eyes glued to the interior of that locker.

Just a tiny crush.

This is going to be perfect, perfect, perfect…completely and utterly perfect.

That night, before Randy hops to bed, he looks through his phone and types in the number of Phil, a smirk smeared on his face at the thought of him touching that title, that title that's his and his only, once more, just powers him with incredible strength and when he hears Phil's voice on the other end, he just makes the command quickly. None of that small talk. Useless. "I want you to act like you're interesting in Cena. Flirt with him. By God, just do anything to keep him from thinking straight…"

"Hey, Orton," Phil's voice is in a very matter-of-fact tone, 'I'm not one of your robots. You got the wrong number. That or you're willing to make a proposition."

"A proposition."

"I'm all ears." Phil shifts towards his bed, looking at the beige colored walls and the white glow that seems to surround the world around him and his heart flutters at the sound of Randy's voice but he has to stay in character, play the game, and switch it up.

"You do this for me and I will date you."

Phil's heart just basically stops and his entire body turns into a furious watermelon flush because he's just noticed that Randy knows that he's been staring, admiring, just basically adoring every bit and inch of Randy's flesh and Randy's personality…it's so alike him, so dominant, so…provoking and Phil tries to deny it but he can't and now, he just says a quick 'fine' before he hears Randy hang up the phone and Phil tosses his phone to the wall, rolling into his bed, covering his body with sheets of silk and comfort and the bed and the air and everything's just inviting him to sleep but he stays awake, pondering on what he's gotten himself into.

But in the line of consciousness and drowsiness, Phil's eyes slowly shut…

That morning, Phil wakes up at six to try and look irresistible.

He's currently pouncing around in a robe, nothing underneath, skipping around furiously to find something, anything, that may be eye-catching and he throws off all his slutty clothing, from his black little blazer to his too transparent shirt and he finally agrees on wearing black shorts that show off the perfect smooth snow of his legs paired with flashy blue sneakers and he keeps his shirt also into the same flashy blue and he wears a necklace over it and when he looks into the mirror, he laughs because he feels like such a hoe just by staring at himself, seeing that the shorts are fitting perfectly to show off his ass.

He can't help but feel slightly nervous at the fact that he's never worn anything like this to the ring before and even if there's the fact that he won't be stepping in the ring like this, that he'd wear his ring attire before his match, he still puts a coat over it, trying not to attract attention to himself.

He basically grabs a few Tootsie Rolls and a bottle of Pepsi for breakfast because he doesn't want the nervousness to knot even more and when he gets there, he's met with half of the WWE here.

He takes off his coat and lets everyone stare.

He tries not to blush at the amount of eyes looking at him in shock but also in some sort of lust, and when he walks inside of John Cena's locker room, he can see the shock of his face, the fact that all the color's drained out and nothing's left at all.

"Hey, Phil—"his eyes finally take in Phil's appearance and Phil can see John's cock becoming erect underneath the pants, rubbing against the too suddenly tight pants as Phil lets his hand glide on the desk so John can get a better visual of Phil's skin underneath the clothing that he's wearing. "I…um…ahem…why are you here?"

"I thought you might spare a Pepsi or something."

John quickly goes to work, pulling out a bottle of Mountain Dew and Phil takes it, seeing that John doesn't have anything else and sips it, making sure that his eyes are doing all the talking.

In the moment that Phil puts down the bottle to run his hand through his hair, John pounces on top of him, letting their lips meet together in passion and need, and Phil feels John's skin heat up and before Phil can reject, John's already been taking off his clothing and that causes the heat to just burst as skin presses against skin, clothes flying around everywhere and for a moment, all that Phil can feel is John's lips, on every part of his skin, adorning him with sloppy kisses.

It's only after a while when John puts his fingers into Phil's dick, feeling Phil moan while Phil leans down to suck onto John's neck and in moments, John presses his body against his and the stickiness of their already pooling sweat is bringing them closer while John strokes Phil's cock, soft for a few moments before fasting his pace.

Just in the middle, they both hear the sound of the door opening and both of their eyes go towards a shocked Cody standing there, tears threatening to pool from his head as he twirls around and is ready to leave, 'Cody! Don't leave! Wait, I'm sorry, baby! It's not what it looks like!"

Phil's in complete and utter shock. He doesn't know that John's already hooking up and John's never mentioned it and this makes Phil feel dirty inside, sick, a complete and utter slut as he stands up, stares at John and smacks him hard on the cheek, wearing his clothes and moving off, trying to remain strong and the clothes that he's wearing suddenly makes him sick. It makes the feeling of being just a down dirty bitch stronger and stronger as eyes still continue to stare.

Just before Phil can go into Vince's office and tell him that he needs a vacation, he feels a hand onto his shoulder, pulling him towards the wall and his eyes are met with Randy Orton's. "CM Punk…CM Punk…CM Punk…you know you're not supposed to hear one of my boys? That if you do, people are going to get hurt. Very, very hurt." Phil can see that Cody and Ted are beside him and Randy is only faking it to comfort Cody but he still can't help but feel the guilt strengthen.

"Just go away, 'Phil snaps at him. "I don't need you around me, Orton."

"Then don't mess with Legacy, 'as Ted and Cody descend with Randy, Randy behind him, staring back at Phil and winking, Phil finally walks into Vince's office and explains everything before going towards his car and stepping in, letting a blanket cover his body as he stares at the ground for a good amount of time.

The hotel room isn't inviting anymore. Neither is the bed.

He just feels like he's had sex in this bed, even if he hasn't and the way that Cody's eyes are watering, John had been taking advantage of Phil…and Phil was going to do the same thing to him, wasn't he? Phil's heart just beats faster thinking that he can make John feel the same way he's feeling now, dirty, disgusting, unappealing, ugly, completely and utterly exposed to the world around him…

He hears the phone ringing and he reaches to answer it. "It's John."

"Go away, Cena." Phil snaps. "I don't need you right now! Why the fuck didn't you tell me that you and Cody were going out? I didn't even know! You broke his heart! You hurt me! Just go away!"

"Open the door, Phil, 'and Phil finally surrenders, putting his phone on the table and opening the door, quickly hurrying over to the bed, in his ring attire and as John walks in, with no shirt, just Bermuda jeans fitting his frame, he slams the door shut and closes it, slipping next to Phil and then caressing his cheek. "I didn't mean to do that, Phil…"

"He was dating you! How-how-"

"I wanted him. I really did. He's just always had this innocent thing about him…and you and I really like you…you'd had just these most adorable olive eyes and that hair…and the skin…just everything…I couldn't choose. I had to be with both of you. I didn't know…" John holds onto Phil, caressing his back, 'but tonight, I'm not here to confuse you. I'm just here to comfort you."

Phil lays his head onto John's chest. "I'm so fucking angry at you right now…"

John lays his head on top of Phil, kissing the soft skin quickly, 'I'm just here to comfort you. I'm not gonna do anything…just here to comfort you… is that okay, Phil, or do you want me to get out?"

Phil just stares blankly and in John's arms, he finally finds sleep…

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