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22 – Skate Park

Phil steps into the hospital room, allowing a heavy sigh to escape his lips as his shoulders shake softly before he slips into the cot, sitting down and staring down at the ground.

He's surgery in five minutes.

Then it'll all be over.

This flesh he's wearing…

This clothing he's wearing…

This identity of him…

It's going to be changed forever and he knows that he doesn't want it but he just doesn't seem any other choice and it's been bothering him like Hell. He knows that he's not only doing this for John's secret want, he's doing this for his own want…he wants to be beautiful. He wants to be a girl.

Because it seems to be just who he is.

Phil lies down, his head onto the pillowcase, and he agrees with himself, that he sees John just one last time, he won't dare do this surgery…he thinks of Julia and he flips over towards his window, imagining the image of his beautiful daughter. "Jewelie Julie, I'm so sorry…I always taught people to be strong but I'm not strong…I'm just weak…Julie, I don't know what I am anymore…who I am anymore…I'm just so confused."

He stomps his foot towards his bed and grabs onto his hair.

"It's unfair! Michelle, Maria, Beth, Gail, Ashley…they're all pretty and I-I'm…I'm nothing compared to them! He doesn't know it! He doesn't know that I love him! He doesn't know anything…and God, I can still feel something inside me, moving…something so thick and so dead…that it hurts me sometimes when I flip over my fucking bed! …why the fuck am I demented? Why do I have to be like this?! Morro is fine because he's just perfect and happy and he's always been but me…what do I have? I'm not beautiful. Hell, I'm not pretty! And…and…shit, I got raped last night 'cause I'm just that unwanted around here. Could he make it any clearer that I'm just a toy around for his pleasure?! I…HE SHOULD GO TO HELL!"

Phil bit down his lower lip. "God, Julie, I'm sorry…for saying all these bad words…but-but-God, I just…Mommy isn't really a Mommy. Mommy is supposed to be a beautiful girl, a beautiful girl with beautiful eyes and beautiful hair and beautiful breasts and a soft little belly…I've got none of those. Hell, I can't even look at the mirror 'cause I'm scared of the picture that's hung up that I can't understand…it's supposed to be my reflection but-but I just can't see anything in it!"

Phil stomps again, the cot threatening to break under the hit of his feet.


Phil takes a tuft of his hair and rips it off, tiny fragments of black hair falling down, 'I JUST WANT THIS TO BE A STUPID FAIRYTALE ROMANCE THAT ENDS WITH A HAPPY ENDING AND A HAPPY LIFE AND KISSES AND ROMANCE! And…and…"

Phil breaks into sobs.

His body rakes and he feels as if there's nothing into his being, nothing at all, the blood's rushing to his head and he feels so paralyzed and the sobs make his throat drier with every high, ear-piercing sniffle and not soon enough that Phil finds those familiar, hot tears running down his face. "God…God, please, just look at me…don't even think about me…just, make sure that Julia's safe…I don't want her to get hurt…please, just…keep her safe…"

12:00 PM.

Last surgery that this Doctor's going to do.

It's going to take a while.

But he's willing to do it.

Phil lies down and waits for the man to walk in to chance his being and existence forever. Phil just stares around with those scared, olive eyes, singing that familiar stupid song that they'd heard on the radio one day.


His eyes are threatening to drop.


It's his sweet lullaby.

Stirs him to sleep.


The sound of his name makes his throat go drier now.


Phil holds his head in his hands, his body rocking and breaking. "J-J-John…John…John…please…"

He hears the door click shut.

The last words fall out of Phil's mouth.

"Save me…"

John's being pushed into the jail cell and Adam stands there, watching John, a playful smirk playing on those lips.

"What did you do, you bastard?"

Adam raises his eyebrow, 'bastard? Me? Really?" John and Adam have been friends for a time, behind the storyline, they've been best friends but seeing Phil last night had shattered Adam's heart into ways unexplained. He tightens his grip around the cold black bars. "You're the one who viciously raped Phil against his will. You're the one that hurt Phil in ways unexplained. How many times have you really been destroying Phil's self esteem behind our backs? How many times have you hurt Phil? I bet you abuse him. I bet you hurt him and now, that's why he ran off. He wants to do a surgery for you…and I can't reach him. He's not in the hospital I wanted him to be in. He's probably gone to another one. He doesn't want to be found, Cena."

John just stares. Flabbergasted.

Then they hear a silent whimper.

Adam turns around to face a pale Matt and a horrified Julia. She obviously doesn't know what 'rape' means but she knows what 'hurt' and 'ran off' means. Her eyes are bubbling with tears as Adam looks up at Matt whose face now crumples in horror. "I didn't know you'd say that stuff… I told her John was here, just because she asked me where is he and she just ran off…I followed…Adam…" Matt tries to rasp out his excuse, 'God…"

"Julia…" Adam leans down but she's obviously upset. She tries to push him away but he holds onto her tiny arms into the softest way he can and then he turns to John, 'is this what you want, John? Tell me. You just broke apart your family…your blood and flesh…and…God, I hate you."

John looks down at his jail cell.

"Wait…do you remember the hospital that Phil gave birth in?"

Matt's eyes widens as he nods his head. Adam picks up Julia, as she sobs and cries, before his face pales when he realizes that John may have got a good guess at this before he stares down. "I'm going to go check."

Adam and Matt exit.

Leaving John there to rot in his own personal Hell…


Phil looks over at the Doctor.

The male licks his lips. White blonde tufts of hair into the vision of navy blue eyes, he grabs onto Phil's shoulders and pins him down. "Now, why would you ever want to change this? So beautiful…" lips drape down Phil's neck.

Phil shudders.

Then he sees a scalpel shine.

Phil closes his eyes.

"…are you going to kill me…?" Phil's voice is soft and breakable.

The man allows his hands to roam around Phil's legs, 'I'm going to make you beautiful…color you in red…"

Adam and Matt walk inside of the room, their hearts pounding as they see the red sliding off of Phil's cot, and the scent, it's Phil, Phil's patient name on a piece of paper taped towards the bed…Adam breaks down and so does Matt. In moments, Matt's in Adam's arms, sobbing and crying his eyes out.



"He's so young! They can't kill him! What…what about Julia?"

That makes Adam hold on harder to Matt's body as he peers outside, where he tells Julia to sit down and then he realizes, that Julia's not even there anymore…

Adam walks into Phil and John's older room and he grabs onto John's laptop, just to see if they're anything that they don't know, a lead, reading old conversations that John's had with Phil and…one with Julia…

SxEChild: hi daddy I'm at John's place he's typing for me and I miss you very much.
UCan'tSeeMe54: Hi, John. Hi, Julia.
SxEChild: see? I got Mommy's SxE thingy. What does that mean?
UCan'tSeeMe54: means that Mommy doesn't do bad things like drink and smokes cigarettes. John just knew, too.
SxEChild: (I hate you, Cena.) Oh… Daddy, do you like games? 'Cause John doesn't want to play games with me!
UCan'tSeeMe54: yes, I like games… I like games very much…in fact, why don't we play a game a time soon?
SxEChild: YAY!

Adam doesn't know why it's significant but it seems so and the rest of the talk is about ice cream and buying her a popsicle. Adam puts down the laptop and looks over at the window, his eyes staring down…


'John Cena seems to have escaped. Phil Brooks had died in a surgical episode. His Doctor was arrested when they realized that the victims were strangled and killed but the bodies were never found… he'll face court this Sunday. Their little daughter, Julia, also seems to have vanished…this is a case that people will be taking about for years…'

-One Year Later-

The Skate Park has been remade into a shopping centre.

In the field, a capped little boy walks towards the center of where the skate park used to be, it's night and no one's around, he double checks that before slipping underground using a doorway.

He walks through the doorway and then slips off his cap.

A smile on her face.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

The 'capped boy' is Julia.

"I really like this game! It's fun!" she giggles before John slips his hands around Phil's waist and kisses the back of Phil's neck.

"Away…" John says those words that makes Phil smile, away, alone from the world, just them both and Julia…away from all those eyes, all those faces, just them both into this 'house' that's made up of a bed for Julia and a bed for Phil and John and colorful designs all around… the darkness collapsing into the soft place, the moonlight escaping because of the holes of the doorway that's covered by glass. "Away from it all, baby."

Phil lays his head onto John's shoulder, the scent… "this world's made for just you and me, John…"

Julia scrunches her face. "Ew! You get lovey dovey again and I'm not playing this game anymore!"

They both let out a fit of laughter.

In moments, Julia's in bed and so are Phil and John, both of them holding onto each other as Phil's fingers slip into John's hair. "You're the mask I wear, you're the heart that beats, and you're the me that I've just seen…" Phil softly slurs before he kisses John's face. "I love you."

"I love you too."

That morning, John wakes up to a letter. Here's the game that's never been told, Phil takes their things and moves out late at night at the end of a month and moves to another state, John and Julia have to find him. Julia grins as she reads the little riddle as they try to think of it and John slips out another soft baby blue sheet of paper.

'I love you two so much. I hid out pretty well this time.'

John smiles warmly at the note.

'Meet you by the skate park.'

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