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Pairing: NaruHina

Rating: M

Summary: What happens if Anko were to adopt Hinata after being disowned by her Clan? What happens if Hinata was also a Jinchuuriki? What happens if Hinata has gotten the Caged Bird Seal on her? Meet Hinata Mitarashi! CagedBirdSeal!Strong!Confident!Hinata and Strong!Smart!Naruto.

~Hinata Mitarashi~

~*Chapter 1: When Two Jinchuurikis Were Made*~

Everything was going great for Konoha of the Hidden Leaf Village. That is till he came and attacked their village on that day. The very day that will ruin one particular family and tear them apart. Especially for one new born baby that he or his own father didn't have much of a choice. He ruined the family that would've had happiness and joy if he never came. Now because of him, the Namikaze family will never have something that they have always wanted.

A family.

Now because of his arrival...everything will change and this is when a hero will be born. One that will soon save the Elemental Countries from darkness and destruction. But he will grow up in grieve, hatred, anger, and sorrow. For he will be alone for most of his life since this will be the day of his parent's death. His parents have no say in this but full of regrets for not being there for their son. The prophecy had also said that the hero will save the world along side with his lover. Whoever that lover may be, will bring him happiness and light that will help him on his journey. But they will both have a difficult life ahead of them for their lives and...of their relationship.

The Kyuubi no Kitsune.

He's the reason that has began this prophecy and tore the Namikaze family apart. Right now he's destroying and killing every ninja that was in his path. Why the Kyuubi was attacking their village...was something they will never know. Minato Namikaze, also well known as the Yondaime, was wondering why the Kyuubi was attacking his village. Even from afar he could still see grieve, sorrow, anger, and hatred kitsune's red fox-slit eyes. Minato knows that all Bijus just don't attack out of random for they tend to be peaceful creatures than that of destruction.

But now he can not dwell on it any further, for he has to run toward the hospital. He was sended word that his wife was into labor now. This what brought grieve and utter anguish inside the Yondaime's heart. For he knew that now that his new born son was born...he has no other choice but must do what he has to do. For that...is the way a Hokage should be. It was like Fate has planned all of this from beginning.

'Great~! I'm starting to sound like that Hiashi-teme! Ugh! I don't need to dwell onto that teme! I need to go to my wife and child,' Minato thought. With that in mind he quickly vanished, leaving a yellow flash just like his name-sake was told.

Right now, Kushina lay happily on the hospital bed. She panted roughly and irregularly. She was tired but satisfied for giving birth to her now newborn son. Tsunade has already informed her that if she were to give birth to her son...she will die. But she still refused to give up her son's life over her own. She was always stubborn so Tsunade sadly nods and agreeds. Even now she doesn't regrets it. For some reason, she knew that the world will need her son and that someone out there needs him. She thinks that it was probably mother instincts. Even before now she knew her son will do great things just like that character that she and Minato have named him after.


The story was about a young man named, Naruto. The young man never gave up and always protects those who were precious to him. For that was his nindo, his ninja way. The funny thing about it was that he had a lover named, Hinata. The young woman was a beatiful woman that Kushina will bet that her son will also have a beautiful young woman whom he will love in the future. This young woman was also similar just like her lover. Determined not to let those precious to her to die. Hinata was gentle woman of kindness but ruthless during battle that still held such grace during battle. What was funny was that her friend, Hikumo Hyuuga, decided to name her unborn daughter after her.

Hikumo Hyuuga was the wife of Hiashi Hyuuga. Nobody other than Minato, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Hiruzen, and Kakashi knew of her friendship toward the Hyuuga. They were great friends ever since she arrived to Konoha. So they both made a deal to make sure that their children will get together and start a family together.

Kushin chuckled then smiled sadly. She knew that she won't be able to see her friend for a long time. She watched as Tsunade walked over toward her with a smile that she knew that the blond was still sad about her upcoming death. What she noticed was the bundle in her arms. She reached out toward it with such longing, knowing that she won't be able to hold her son for only a few minutes.

"Here's your son, Kushina. He's one healthy boy," Tsunade said softly as she handed the bundle toward it's mother.

Kushina looked down at the bundle once it was finally into her arms. The bundle held a peaceful sleeping baby. He was already showing spiky, wild blond hair just like his father's and she will bet that his eyes will be just like Minato's too. She smiled softly and warmly at the sleeping baby as she hummed to the child. She could feel her life draining but she will not give in till she can see her Anata one last time.

As if hearing her wishes, the doors burst open. Everyone turned around and were surprised to see the Yondaime bursting open the doors and run up toward his tired wife. He looked down worriedly as he noticed his wife's once lively green-blue eyes were draining. Then looked down at the bundle in her arms. His blue eyes soften as he noticed his newborn son for the first time.

"Anata..." Kushina said weakly with an equally weak smile.

"I'm here Koiishi," Minato said softly as he kissed his hime's forehead.

Kushina weakly smiled softly at her husband. "Look at our son, Anata. He looks so much like you. He will become a handsome man," Kushina said.

Minato smiled at her but felt such heart-ache seeing his love loosing her very life. He knew...he could tell that she was dieing. No matter how much he wants to deny it, he has to accept it...but it still hurt the Yondaime. No...not for himself even though his heart was aching seeing his love dieing before his eyes...no...it was for his son.


Without Kushina...he will be all alone without having any parents there.

Just like him.

His son will be an orphan.

Something that he did not want his son to go through! Snapping out of his thoughts he noticed his wife...his hime was beginning to slow her breathing.

"Anata...take Naruto will you? I...I don't want to end up dropping him," Kushina says softly.

She knew...and yet she somehow...she can still smile. It was something that Minato has always loved about Kushina. Even through death she can somehow smile. Minato nods and carefully held onto Naruto. He felt so fradgile to Minato. His blue eyes soften and guilt once again consumed him. He really wished he wouldn't have to do what he has to do. He then looked back at his wife only to see her lifeless on the bed with her eyes closed.

Tears welled up his blue eyes as he noticed his love was now dead. Tears freely came out, not bothering to wipe them away. He moved closely toward his dead wife. Her once slight tan face was now pale white. He then kissed her lips for one last time. Her lips were cold but he did not care. Then he slowly gotten up with Naruto in his arms. He looked down at Naruto and noticed his son waking up.

He gasped as soon as he noticed his son's eyes that mirrored his own. Yet...held such innocense and happiness once they locked each other's eyes. It was like he knew he was his father. In fact...the boy does. He reached out his small chubby arms out at him. He let out one finger at the baby's small hands. Even with all the sadness that was going on he could not help but feel relax and happy.


Minato turned around to see his personal ANBU, Dog. He wore his particular ANBU gear and mask that they all wore. You could still see his gray hair that gravitated to the side. "Hokage-sama, the Kyuubi is coming much closer. We can't hold it off for much longer," Dog reported.

Minato sighed wearly then straightened up. "Alright, let us go," Minato said as both he and Dog left the hospital.


The place was a disaster from what the Yondaime could tell. He made sure to cover his son's eyes from all the death and blood that was spread out everywhere. Minato immediately ran off toward the the forest where he can see the Kyuubi. Once he felt he was in a good distance he bit his thumb till it bled out blood. Then he slapped his whole hand to the ground and shouted, "Summoning Jutsu!"

With that, a giant toad popped up under his feet. All around the battlefield and Konoha, everybody saw their savior.

"The Yondaime is here!"

"We're saved!"

"Our Hokage has finally come to save us!"

But Minato did not pay attention for his sights were on the Kyuubi. Even now he can see the loneliness, sorrow, anger, and hatred inside the kitsune's red-slit eyes. He took a deep breath to calm down his nerves.

Gamabunta puffed out some smoke out of his pipe. "The Kyuubi? What have you gotten yourself into this time, Minato," Gamabunta said to his subordinate.

Minato grinned down at the cheif toad. "Hey, 'Bunta-sama. I don't think you need to ask yourself that," Minato said.

"So it seems. You're going to use that jutsu, aren't you?" Gamabunta said as he noticed the bundle in Minato's arms.

Minato nods. "Care to have one last battle with me, my friend?" Minato asked.

"Heh, there is no need to ask. I'll hold him off till you get ready for that jutsu. It was nice to have you as my subordinate," Gamabunta said as he took out kantana out.

"Thank you, Gamabunta-sama," Minato said as he jumped off the cheif toad as he began his battle with the King of all Bijus.

As the Biju and Cheif Toad battled, the Yondaime did the signficant amounts of handseals till it landed on the last one.

"Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin!!" Minato shouted.

Suddenly something evil and sinister appeared that only the Kyuubi and Minato himself could see. It was the Shinigami! This jutsu allows to summon the Shinigami to seal a person, animal, and Biju into anything that was too difficult to seal. The cost...the summoner's life.

"Why have you summon me, human?" The Shinigami asked.

"I need you to seal the Kyuubi into my son in order to save my village," Minato said determinedly.

"You do know that it will cost your life, don't you?" The Shinigami asked, curious to see what kind of answer the Fourth will make.

"I know that. No matter if it will cost my life...I will protect the very village that I have protected from all of these years!! I am scared to die but that's what makes me human. But still...if it means to protect my village then...I will do it!" Minato said determinedly not wavering his gaze toward the Shinigami. This impressed the Shinigami greatly.

"Alright then," The Shinigami agrees.

Minato grins then noticed Gamabunta pushed back which he jumped next to their location.

"Are you done, gaki?! Now is the time to seal this kitsune-teme right about now!!" Gamabunta shouted.

"Hai! We're all set!" Minato shouted as he picked up his son back into his arms. Then he jumped back onto Gamabunta's back and turned his gaze at the Kyuubi. "Let's seal and stop the Kyuubi once an for all!" Minato said.

In a flash the Shinigami grabbed the Kyuubi's soul and began to seal it inside the newborn baby. Soon Naruto began to wail out in pain but then he noticed his father was in the exact same pain. He noticed father getting pale and sweating as he withered in pain. He forgotten his own pain as he felt himself getting worried over his father. Once the sealing was done Naruto felt his consciousness began to waver. He tried to keep his eyes open for he felt like if he didn't...he won't be able to see his father ever again.

Unfortunately it was useless for he became unconscious. Gamabunta soon dispersed himself back to the summoning world of the toads. The Shinigami watched as both Minato and Naruto fallen to the floor. Minato cuddled his son one last time as he felt his life begin to disappear. He knows that he doesn't have much time left. Soon Minato drew out his last breath and let a single tear come out. For he knew that he just left his son all alone in the world and can only hope that someone out there will be there for him. To give him the love he so deserves.

The Shinigami grabbed his soul but he didn't bring it inside him to the endless darkness for he has other plans for the Yondaime. 'You have shown great loyalty and love toward you village and son. For that, you shall be rewarded. Normally I do not do this but...this can be an exception,' The Shinigami thought with a smirk.

Then he soon vanished leaving the sleeping boy till the Sandaime came to look for him. The blond baby now has three whisker marks on each side of his cheek with a swirled seal on his stomach. Showing the mark of the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. This is how our first hero was born and became a Jinchuuriki. Our adventure will now begin for it is just the beginning.


(3 Months After the Kyuubi Attack-December 27)

It's been three months since Kyuubi attacked Konoha and the day that their Hokage died to sacrifice himself sealing the Kyuubi to save Konoha. Everyone was working hard to rebuild their village back to it's glory. They had time to grieve long ago. Everyone were all helping to pitch in to rebuild Konoha...all but the Hyuugas. For behind their walls a plan was being made behind them that even the Hokage will not know for awhile.

"We must seal the demon inside your daughter, Hiashi-sama," an elderly looking Hyuuga stated to the Heir of the Hyuuga Clan, Hiashi Hyuuga. "The demon seems to be breaking free from the object we have sealed into. Only a new born baby can hold it properly, just as the Yondaime has done 3 months ago. The minor change is that we don't have to sacrifice anyone's life. So the seal will be weaker than the Kyuubi's but it will hold and never break free,"

"I understand, Hioshi-sama," Hiashi said.

"Bring her to the chamber then. We will meet you there, Hiashi-sama," Hioshi said as he and the rest of the councilers left the room.

Hiashi, too left the room to go grab his daughter to the chamber.


The chamber was dark that it was lightened with candles all around the room. In the center of the room lay a small baby girl. The child looked like it has just been born only a few hours ago. She has raven-blue hair that was already showing on her head. Her eyes were closed, unaware what was going to happen to her. Above the baby was a glowing sphere. Inside the sphere was a lavender colored fox that has 9-Tails. The tip of of it's fox ears and tails were sky-blue tips, same goes wit her paws.

"Let us begin," The elder Hyuuga said.

In a flash, a bright light surrounded the room. Once the light died down, the room showed that the fox was gone. The newborn baby though, was still there. That's when they all noticed the changes on the body that they have not expected to see. Her raven-blue hair now has lavender and sky-blue streaks that were all shaped like lightening bolts. On each side of her cheeks were three refined, large whiskers that were from the bottom of her cheeks and near her chin that reached near her eyes. Slowly the baby opened her eyes showing two dark lavender fox-slit eyes.

The Hyuugas were shocked to see so much chakra already growing inside the girl's chakra reserves. Soon the baby's appearance soon vanished. They were shocked to find out that the baby subconsciousily put a very powerful genjutsu around herself that even the Byakugan can't see through. Not only that but she somehow to subconsciousily seal her powers back, having normal chakra reserves for any normal baby.

"It is done," An elder Hyuuga said.

"So it has," Hiashi said as he looked down at his dauther, Hinata Hyuuga.

This is when our second hero was born. Now we can truly begin of our two heros.

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