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Hinata Mitarashi


Main Pairing: NaruHina

Side Pairings: KakaAnko, AsuKur, TsuJir, IruShiz, GaaOc, NejiTen, ShikaTem, ChouIno

Summary: The beginning of our story was when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha of the Hidden Leaf Village. Why would it attack the village was unknown to others. The Yondaime, Minato Namikaze, knew he could not defeat the Kyuubi for he was well known as the King of all Demons that equalls that of a God. The only way to defeat the fox demon was to seal it away into a new-born baby. Minato knew this, but he also knew that he could not bare to do this to someone else's child. So in order to stop Kyuubi was by sealing the demon away inside his own son, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. This was how our first her was born. The Shinigami did not take the Yondaime in the endless pit of darkness inside of him, instead he took the Yondaime's spirit and body with him and soon vanished. Three months later, the Hyuugas sealed their own demon that they had captured, from who knows where, inside Hiashi's daughter; Hinata Hyuuga. Her appearances changed after the demon was sealed inside her, but the child had unconsciously put a powerful genjutsu on herself in order to hide her new appearance back to what she looked originally. This was how our second hero was born. What changes will one person make a difference?

Chapter 3: Similarities and the Voice of Memories

Hiruzen Sarutobi, also known as the Sandaime Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, had finally finished the nightmare piles of paperwork he had to get done for the day. He could now relax in his chair while smoking his pipe...or at least, he's trying to relax. Normally, whenever he wanted to, he would take out a familiar looking orange book, that his student had given him for free, and start giggling with a blush; however, right at the moment he hadn't taken it out. The foreboding feeling never left the old leader when he had first felt it a little awhile ago.

'I don't like this feeling at all,' Sarutobi thought with a sigh.

He already had enough to worry about. Just the other day Naruto had been attacked again by the villagers. It saddened the Sandaime seeing the blond boy suffering in isolation and hatred, when the boy's parents, mostly his father, wanted nothing more but for Naruto to live in happiness. Unfortunately, the village wouldn't allow it to happen, and kept blinding themselves in seeing the Kyuubi sealed inside Naruto instead of the boy himself. Only a few believed in the Yondaime's sealing abilities and knew the difference between the demon and the boy.

Sarutobi sighed tiredly. He knew about the boy's intelligence and of his abilities along with his strength. He knew that Naruto was hiding it all behind his fake idiocy the boy worked on to protect himself from the villagers.

This angered the Third Hokage how the villagers were treating the blond Jinchuuriki, and stopping the boy from showing his true potential and talents that Sarutobi was sure he had inheritted from both of his parents. If only the villagers will just let go of their past hatred and anger, but Sarutobi knew better than that. They will never let go for a very long time, but he knew Naruto will find a way to force the village to see the boy instead of the Kyuubi.

Sarutobi sighed again as he rubbed his temples.

'How much I wish you were here, Minato,' Sarutobi thought as he looked up at the picture of the Yondaime without his familiar grin that his son had inheritted.

After finishing that thought, the door suddenly bursted open with a large BANG.

Startled, Sarutobi quickly turned around and was shocked from what he was seeing.

It was none other than Anko Mitarashi, Orichimaru's former student and carrier of the Holy Cursed Seal that Orichimaru himself putten on. What worried and shocked Sarutobi was the small and fragile looking child in her arms. Seeing the ever familiar raven-blue hair instantly told Sarutobi who it was; after all, no one had that kind of hair color. What confused the Sandaime were the lightening bolt shaped streaks upon her raven-blue hair because he knew for a fact that she never had any streaks on her hair before.

Sarutobi had known Hinata was having a very hard time pleasing her family, along with the loneliness and hatred the whole clan keeps giving her (with the exception with most of the Cadet Branch) kept eating Hinata inside. The kind and old leader still could not understand why would they hate the kind girl when she was the most innocent and kind child there ever was in the village. There were definetly not many girls like Hinata in the shinobi world anymore. She was mostly the only Hyuuga to be the most kindest and emotional person toward others. He had come to care for the Hyuuga Heiress like a grand-daughter. He could tell that her soul inside was breaking and was always worried that it might shatter soon from where her harsh life was taking her, epecially since her sould was too pure and good to endure it all of that dark life.

Now worried out of his mind, Sarutobi asked, "What happened, Anko?"

Anko frowned as she gently set the Hyuuga girl on the couch nearby. "I don't know. When I came by the Hyuuga Resident, two Cadet Branches carried this girl and threw her out in the mudded rain," Anko explained as she tried to dry herself from getting soaked in the rain herself.

This alarmed the Third Hokage and the foreboding feeling came back full force. Sarutobi immediately stood up from his chair and walked around his desk toward Hinata. He was shocked to see the fierce changes that didn't suit well to the kind Heiress, yet made her more beautiful, innocent, and dangerouse all at the same time. He examined her much further till he noticed something from her forehead behind her bangs. His eyes widened as he felt fear gripped his worried heart.

He gently pushed Hinata's streaked raven-blue bangs and was shocked to see the very thing that he had feared on top of her forehead was the Caged Bird Seal.

'I can't believe it! Hiashi you fool! How could you do this to your own daughter!' Sarutobi thought angrily then softened into deep sadness. He knew this obviously broke Hinata from the betrayal along with the hatred and loneliness catching up and instantly broked her. Sarutobi doesn't know if she'll ever be prepared and putten back together.

With a tired sigh (he's been doing that a lot lately), Sarutobi turned back toward Anko, who looked both confused and annoyed about not knowing the situation. Now that he thought about it, Anko also had a similar life like Hinata's with a few differences, but still the same none the less. He looked at Anko with a thoughtful look. He knew for a fact Anko wouldn't like this, he knew that Anko was the only one who could fix the broken girl back together. Not only that, but he has gotten the feeling that Hinata might also warm Anko's shielded, cold heart she had been protecting so she wouldn't go through the same betrayal she had gone through again.

Meanwhile, Anko was watching how the old man looked frantic and worried till he finally pushed the Hyuuga girl's streaked bangs aside. She was shocked and startled when she felt the old man's anger erupting as soon as he noticed the Caged Bird Seal on the girl's forehead. After all, it was well known in Konoha that the Sandaime wasn't easily angered, and seeing this over a girl...something must be wrong. She looked back toward the Hyuuga girl and noticed the anguished upon the girl's expression even though she was unconscious. Something must have happened to her other than being sealed by the Caged Bird Seal. She was extremely confused to what was going on and it really annoyed her.

"What's going on old man?" Anko asked.

"Do you know who the Hyuuga Heiress is, Anko?" Sarutobi asked, avoiding answering the question.

Anko raised an eye-brow then nodded. "Of course I do. Everyone knows who the Hyuuga Heiress is," Anko said, still not understanding where this was all going.

"Well...you are now seeing the ex-Heiress now," Sarutobi said sadly as he looked down at the restless sleeping girl. "As a matter of fact...I don't believe she's even a Hyuuga anymore from what you have told me earlier. I'm not surprised if that was the case, and was disowned by her own clan,"

Anko's eyes widened. She had never heard a Heir get disowned and get the Caged Bird Seal in any Hyuuga History before! This made her frown. She always seemed to see the ex-Hyuuga Heiress out of the Hyuug Residents, and was always seened at the training grounds. She had always had a great interrest toward the ex-Heiress. She noticed how Hinata never held her head high or ever arrogant toward others. In fact, she was the exact opposite of any Hyuuga, least of all, the Heir of a Hyuuga. Hinata always held her head down low, respected everyone equally, and was always kind to everyone in the village. But what Anko noticed that nobody else had noticed, were her eyes. Her eyes showed no happiness whatsoever. They always seemed empty, sad, hurt, lonely, grief, weary, and betrayal. There was so many negative emotions, that it wasn't even funny. She felt a strong connection toward the ex-Heiress and it felt so completely weird for the Snake Mistress.

Anko looked down at the sleeping girl and felt, for the first time since Orichimaru's betrayal, sympathy toward her. She knew the feelings the girl was feeling whenever she saw the girl's eyes whenever she passed by. It was strange how no one ever saw or noticed them, when they were so clear and easy to detect her emotions from her eyes; so unlike the other Hyuugas' cold, emotion-less eyes. Anko suddenly felt the urge to go to the Hyuuga Resident and go chop up some heads in there.

"What are you going to do about it, old man?" Anko asked as she tried containing her anger, which was rather difficult.

Sarutobi was rather amused by the sudden emotions Anko was having. She might have thought he had never noticed, but he had, in fact, noticed the sympathy and connection she was having toward Hinata.

'Hmm, maybe if I just...yes...I think that will work,' Sarutobi thought and started putting his plan into action.

"I am planning to go and try to convince Hiashi to keep Hinata back to the Hyuuga Resident," Sarutobi answered Anko's question.

"What about the girl?" Anko asked as she nudged her head toward the unconscious ex-Heiress.

Sarutobi smiled at Anko, a smile that would have made Naruto proud about, that suddenly didn't bode well for her and suddenly made her feel uncomfortable.

"I'll entrust Hinata under your care till I finally convince Hiashi to take Hinata back in," Sarutobi said with a smile as his brown eyes twinkled in amusement.

Anko's eyes widened. "Wait...WHAT? Now you've gone completely senile old man!" Anko shouted.

Sarutobi shrugged nonchantly. "I've been told that before," Sarutobi said as he thought back on his spiked, white haired student.

"B-b-but...I don't know the first thing taking care of a child!" Anko shouted frustrately.

"Oh come now, Anko. It's not like I'm asking you to take care of a baby," Sarutobi said amusingly.

Anko didn't say anything, but glared at the Hokage.

The old man sighed. "Please Anko...you have to understand. The girl needs someone who can understand her...to prepare her back to what she once was. She's completely broken Anko. This completely killed her, especially since it was her own father who had done this," Sarutobi pleaded.

Anko frowned then looked back at the injured, unconscious ex-Hyuuga Heiress. She didn't know what effect she will have on the girl or that she was the right person to heal the girl. Looking back at the Hokage's pleading gaze made her sigh in defeat.

"Alright then! But you better make that stupid Hyuuga bring her back in, in that fuckin' Hyuuga Clan!" Anko said in frustration.

Sarutobi smiled. "Thank you so much, Anko. I'll do the best I can do to persuad Hiashi in anyway I can. Now off you go. It's getting really late and the rain's getting heavier," Sarutobi said.

Anko grumbled about 'old man going completely senile' while gently picking the unconscios girl back into her arms, and quickly Shinpoed in a swirl of leafs. Sarutobi continued to smile even after Anko left. He knew that Hiashi will never want Hinata back into the clan, but he might as well to show Anko he really meant it. He just hopes Anko bonds with Hinata soon because he's gotten the feeling that they both need each other more than they both realized.


After leaving the Hokage's office, Anko quickly went straight toward her apartment to get out of the heavy rain. Not bothering going through her front door, Anko unlatched her window and quietly went inside, even though it was her own apartment, she sneaked inside. Steadying the girl with one arm, Anko used her left hand to wipe her wet purple bangs aside so she could get a better look around her without her bangs get in the way.

Looking around she finally found the light switch of her apartment. She quickly turned it on, and, thankfully, the girl remained unconscious with her still anguished expression presented her bruised face. Anko then went to her own room, and set Hinata back down on her bed.

Noticing the heavy wet clothes on the girl, Anko quietly undressed the petite girl and was shocked, not to mention impressed, from the girl's early developed form.

'Who would have thought that the most shyest and less exposed girl in the village will have a body that every girl will kill for,' Anko thought amusingly.

After undressing her clothes, but her underwater still intact, Anko dressed the ex-Heiress with just one of her baggy black shirts. As soon as she's done with that, Anko covered Hinata with the warm blankets from the bed to keep her warm.

As soon as she was done with that, Anko left the room quietly back to her living room after quickly taking a warm blanket out of her closet. She then layed on her couch with the blanket warming her body.

'Tomorrow is going to be a long day,' Anko thought before falling fast asleep.



That was all she could see as she kept sinking down toward the depthness of the darkened void.

'Where am I? Where am I going? Am I...dead?'

She felt pain and something breaking inside her.


She could hear voices...angry, hated, and cold voices. Her stomach began to twist uncomfortably into knots that made her feel like she was going to vomit. They were all too familiar voices.

"That's the Hyuuga Heiress? You've got to be kidding me!"

"I know. She looks too weak to be a Hyuuga. Let alone the Heir of it,"

"You're so weak!"


"She deserves to be putton on the Caged Bird Seal,"

"She should be disowned,"

"She is a disgrace to the Hyuuga name!"

"The monster taints our clan like a curse,"

"We should have killed her long ago!"

"She's in love with the demon brat,"

"I'm not surprised. Those two are demons!"



"Pathetic disgrace!"



'No! I...I don't understand! Monster? Demon? Vixen? What are they talking about?' She thought as she held onto her head.

Soon a beautiful yet menacing laughter was soon heard all around the darkened void. The laughter sended shivers down her spine

"You really amuse me, kitten. Don't you remember that incedent when you were kidnapped by that Cloud ninja?"

'Cloud ninja? Kidnapped?' She blinked in the darkness till a sudden shock of pain went through her head and images were forced through her young, innocent mind.

A man.

A cloud headband.



A boy.

Wild, spiked blond hair.

Beautiful azure, blue eyes.

Man almost killing the boy.












A dead man.

Killed the man with her claws...


Blood covered in her small hands.

She let out a gasp with her eyes widened in fear.

'I...I was the one who killed the Cloud ninja and not my father?' She asked to herself fearfully.

"That's right kitten. You've finally remembered. When your anger was getting out of control, you unconsciously drawn out my chakra in order to save that blond headed kid. Unfortunately, you didn't know how to control my chakra and went on a killing the Cloud ninja," The same voice said.

'I...' She gulped and felt a much stronger urge to vomit. 'I really did kill him...I'm...I'm a monster...a demon,'

The voice let out an amused giggle. "Kitten, you're not even close to being a monster, let alone a demon. You're too pure and innocent from being one really. You only killed to defend yourself and protecting your ma - I mean, that kid that tried to save you," The voice said hastily and reassuringly.

She bit her bottom lip, not knowing if she should trust the voice, 'Wh-who are you?' She finally asked the voice.

"...you're not ready to know just yet, my little kitten. When the time is right, I will tell you. Till then, you just have to wait and see. Now, it's time to wake up kitten,"

'What? Wake up?'

That's when everything brightened as Hinata slowly wokened up.

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