Hi, here's the Preface to my new crossover story. Hope you like it and please review! This is set a few years after Breaking Dawn and a few months after an alternate version of 'Children of the Earth', whereby Rhys died along with Ianto, Gwen was never pregnant and Jack didn't run off.

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It was like I could smell the burning all over again, that sickly, sweet, burnt smell that lingered in the air, worse than any other smoke. It consumes you, tortures and haunts you with what it signifies. Death.

I could see the crackling, hungry fires and the malicious grins of the Maleficus as they burnt the people I loved without conviction. Burnt them purely because we had what they did not: family. But I didn't have that anymore, and they hadn't noticed me stood here, behind a large pine tree. In their sadistic victory, they hadn't realised that I had escaped. They just watched in triumph as the flames licked and flickered around my family, reducing them to non-existence. The sight of my family and friends burning to ashes filled me with disgust and I couldn't even cry, or scream out for them. I'd lost them, they were dead. Emmett and Rosalie, dead. Jasper and Alice, dead. Carlisle and Esme, dead. Edward, dead. Renesmee, dead. And all those names, that stabbed me as I thought them, they were only the beginning of this bloodied murder spree.

The Quileute's had been killed, too...all of them. And the Denalis.

I swallowed the venom rising in my mouth as I looked wretchedly at the harrowing sight in the field. Never again would Emmett tease me with his lewd jokes and make me cringe, he was gone, my big brother. Never again would Rosalie smile her dazzling smile and hug Renesmee, she was gone. Never again would Alice bound up to me, screaming of the sale she'd seen in the future and insist on me going with her, she was gone, my lovely, gorgeous sister. Never again would I see the look of understanding in Jasper's eyes, or feel his calming presence, he was gone. Never again would Esme smile her dimpled smile and come over to me, hugging me purely because she felt like it, she was gone, my adorable adoptive mother. Never again would Carlisle tell us stories from the hospital, making us laugh together, he was gone, too. Each name carved a scar inside me, so deep it pierced the soul that I may or may not have...I was alone. Alone for eternity. A condemned immortal.

Though I couldn't cry, my eyes stung sharply from the build up of venom as my still heart twisted and constricted with overwhelming pain. I'd never wanted to cry so much, I'd never felt so desperately angry and upset, the loss of everyone I held dear coursing through me like the fire that burned them.

I would never laugh with my beautiful daughter again, the gorgeous nudger I had carried for all of a few weeks, almost dying to bring her into the world. My lovely little Renesmee, all grown up now, never again would I see her hair shine and eyes light up as she spoke so animatedly about where Jake had taken her.

Jacob. I wouldn't feel the warmth of his massive bear hugs ever again, or see him make my beautiful daughter laugh and grin. He wouldn't joke with me, or tell me interesting stories about the werewolves, because he was gone too.

And then, the worst hole of all, the same hole from a few years ago torn open again, but this time, much, much worse, because he wouldn't come back this time. He was dead.

My beautiful, perfect husband burnt along with the rest of them and never again would he hold me close and murmur that he loved me into my hair...I wouldn't spend another blissful night with him in our cottage, nor feel his smooth lips against mine or angel's laugh come from his mouth. He was dead, gone, burnt. And the fire and pain burnt inside me fiercer than ever, my family was gone...I was living somewhere I had sworn never to live...

A world where Edward didn't exist. My idea of hell.

And in that realisation I ran, ran faster than I ever had, wondering if with every harsh pound of my feet against the damp forest ground, my pain would ease just a little. It didn't. They were all gone, all of them, I was alone. Without Renesmee.

Without Edward.

By the time I felt I could stop, I was miles away, hundreds of miles away in Canada and I sank to the ground in the forest and just lay there, allowing the extreme pain and loss to overwhelm me, tearing at my skin, hitting my soul and taking my heart, crunching it into pieces that could never be re-assembled. The scars the pain tore inside me would never be healed, this I knew.

And I lay there, still as a statue as snow began to fall, covering me in a smooth white blanket and hid me from the rest of the world...I wanted it to bury me, I never wanted to move...I just wanted to stay there under the calm blanket of snow and be dragged down by my pain...I never wanted to re-surface.

I stubbornly jerked myself back to the present, refusing to allow myself down that road again. It was a year since I had seen everything I held dear disappear, a year since I had watched my family burn. A whole year without Edward. For ten dismal months, I had been in hiding, rejecting civilisation and contact...I couldn't bear to look at anyone, let alone speak. I had been broken and empty, unable to comprehend how I could live an eternity without Edward. Those ten months had been a nightmare, I'd gone completely wild – savage, even...hunting only when absolutely necessary and just lying still in the abandoned wilderness somewhere for the rest of the time, trying desperately not to feel anything.

But now, though every step pained me and every memory stabbed me like a knife, I had decided to live again. And as I looked around the park, in the middle of Cardiff – Wales, I knew I had to try, ultimately try, to live. Because I knew now that Edward would have wanted me to do this; that they all would have wanted me to do this. I got up and walked away from the bench I had been sat at, wandering aimlessly under the overcast skies of the UK.

It had been some sort of relief, getting out of the USA, I couldn't stay there anymore, and Cardiff seemed the perfect place for a new start. Though my heart wasn't reassembled and my scars not healed, I lived on...they would never be healed and my heart never reassembled, but I lived on...because that's what Edward would have wanted.

My name is Bella Cullen, and that is how my family died. And this is how I joined Torchwood. The 21st century is when everything changes, and we've got to be ready. But I just wasn't ready for what came next.

I know that's quite a grim way to start the story, but I hope you liked it all the same. I will update as soon as possible, but in the mean time – please review!

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