Chapter One- The club and the meeting

Alex stepped into the club, quickly scanning the crowd for any hostile faces and checking he knew where all the exits were. When he realised what he was doing he shock his head and smiled. An old habit, but not necessary any more.

He began to weave his way through the crowd. The music, which wasn't actually that loud, was popular and caused this grinding, jumping mass of people blocking his path to the bar.

He finally managed to reach the bar, after being groped multiple times by random people. Alex reached over and signalled to the barman, telling him that he wanted to go to the other club. He man nodded, and gave him a guest pass.

Alex slowly moved over to the corner of the club where he toilets were. In the corridor there were the expected doors for the mens and ladies bathrooms, along with a third door that said 'members only.'

The pass that he had been given opened the door when moved in front of the scanner. The door opened and he walked through.

What he saw on the other side of the door made him pause. This was only his second time here, and he hadn't yet got used to the sights that could be found here.

In front of him was the tables. Most of the couples were in various states of undress and were either watching the scene on the stage to Alex's right.

On the stage was several bondage apparatus hat was currently pushed out of he way. Instead, a pretty girl hung from padded leather cuffs, suspended from the ceiling. Behind her stood the foreboding presence of her Dom. He was steadily flogging her back, drawing pleasured sounds and sighs from his sub.

To the left was the bar, and above that was the upper level, where he VIPs gathered. They had the best views in the house, their own private bar, and only they had unlimited use of the 'back rooms.' When he looked at the balcony, he locked gazes with one of the two men standing up there. The lighting was dim, so he couldn't see his face completely, but he still shivered from the look in the man's dark eyes.

Alex turned back to the seated audience and managed to pinpoint the location of his friend, Sam, who had introduced him to the club last week.


"Mark, who is that?" A man was leaning against he balcony railing, watching the blond who had just entered. There was something about him... "Is he new? I don't think I've seen him before."

Another man joined the first. "Oh, yeah, he's new. Introduced him last week. I believe his name is Alex Rider. Why? You interested in him?"

The first man turned toward his friend, subjecting him to his bet glare. His friend laughed, and motioned to the blond, shrugging. "If you don't want him, I'll have a go."

Another glare just proved his point.

The man sighed, but was shocked when the blonde turned to face him. It was Cub! Their eyes met briefly, but he could see no sign that he was recognised. When Cub turned away he examined the face and body of the man he had met almost four years ago. He had grown up now, and filled out some. As Cub, no, Alex, his name is Alex, turned to walk away, he got a lovely view of tight black jeans that hugged a very nice ass.

The man walked away from the railing, his thoughts filled with a young blonde man. Only that unlike other times that he had thought of him, he now imagined holding him beneath him, pinning him against a wall, teasing him. Fucking him.

With a growl the man grabbed a passing boy and began the hard process of distracting himself.


Alex visited the club the next Friday, and while he often saw the same man watching him from the upper level, he was not approached.

At the end of the month, on Alex's forth visit, he layout of the club had been changed to accommodate a dance floor. The stage held a live band, and the tables had been pushed up against the walls.

The reason: every month there was a huge party, and dancing to live music all night was part of it. On Alex's ealier visits he had just watched, as he had not yet found someone he trusted enough, but as this was just dancing he'd take part.

As usual, he wore tight jeans, but this time his form fitting shirt was dark green. He entered with his friend Sam, and Sam's top, Elena.

After grabbing a table, the couple dragged Alex onto the dance floor. The bumping, grinding bodies jostled against him. Soon he was comfortable with the dancing and began to enjoy himself.

"Its fun isn't it Alex?" Sam stood in front of him and they began to dance together, Elena close by. Alex smiled and nodded, quickly losing himself him the rhythm and beat of the music.


The man watched as Alex became more and more uninhibited as the night went on. Finally, when the two men pressing either side of Alex started to draw him away from the crowd and into a shady corner, did the man act.

He strode down the stairs and onto the lower level, pushing people out of the way in his haste to get to Alex. The two men had sandwiched him between them, their hands running up and down him, drawing delicious little cries from him.

The man launched a punch at the nearest of the two, knocking him off his feet and into the wall.

"What the fuck-" The other guy whined, before he too had a bloody nose.

"Don't touch what is mine." their attacker hissed, pulling Alex to him and holding him tight. The younger male swayed slightly, and staggered before he was held firmly. "Touch him again and I'll kill you."

The man guided Alex away, leading him to a quiet corner in the upper level, where the lighting was bright enough for him to see Alex's face clearly. There was no question about it- this was cub, and here was no way he was older than 19. MI6 has something to answer to.

But that wasn't the problem right now. Alex's pupils were dilated, and that combined with the loss of balance, lucidity and the glazed over look pointed to him being drugged.

The man growled. If he ever saw those two again...

He evaluated his options in a split second, deciding the best choice was to take the private lift to the third floor, which was where the owners rooms were. Where his rooms were.

Holding onto the teens elbow, he guided him into the lift. There was no protest from him, and he was now grinning insanely at his own reflection in the mirror. The man shook his head as he slid his key into the slot so that he could travel up a floor. Only two others had the key- security, and his best friend Mark, who was the brains behind the club. Both Mark and himself lived on the third floor. They both had modest apartments, but he spent half his time away with the SAS. When the lift doors opened he steered Alex into his apartment.

After settling him into a chair, the man went to get a glass of water. He returned and gave he water to Alex. Once it was drunk, he guided the stumbling teen into the spare bedroom. He didn't test his control by stripping him, so he just took his shoes off and hurried out of the room.


When Alex woke that morning the snuggled into the warm sheets, aware of the faint smell of coffee drifting around him. He shot up, and then regretted the action when his head throbbed relentlessly.

"That's not going to help, Alex." a voice spoke out from his left. Alex turned to look who had said it and was very shocked. Olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes. He was tall, and something about how he stood just screamed authority.