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So here is chapter 4:

Alex woke about an hour later, and he attempted to move only to find Wolf was still asleep, and currently wrapped around the spy. His movements woke the soldier, and Alex made no protest when his lips were captured in yet another kiss.

The rest of the day was similar to the first half- they ate, slept, but most of all Wolf pleasurably tortured Alex for hours. They fell into an exhausted sleep around nine o'clock and slept all the way through the night. Once again Alex woke to a cage made of Wolf's limbs, and he smiled, enjoying the security they provided. It was now Sunday, and as he had to go to school tomorrow, he had lots of things that urgently needed doing before the school week resumed.

"What's the frown for?" Wolf had now woken, and he spoke directly into Alex's ear, letting his breath tickle the sensitive skin. A shudder ran along Alex, and he sighed before replying. "I have to leave soon, I have lot's of things I have to do today."

"Then I'd best make sure you remember me after you've gone." The arms around the blonde tightened, as Alex listened to Wolf's reply. He was rolled underneath the older man, and he groaned, his cock immediately hardening because of the warm, solid weight pinning him down. Wolf ran his hands down Alex's sides, grinning at the sounds the spy made.

"Will you be returning next Friday?"

"Huh? Wha-"

"Idiot. I said, will you return on Friday? Only I have some surprises for you, and I would hate for you to miss out on all the fun." He dotted nips and kisses along the nape of Alex's neck, blonde hair tickling his nose.

"Oh, yeah, I guess."

"Good. Now let's see about making this memorable." Wolf set to work drawing pleasured cries and whimpers from Alex's mouth, then he progressed to small shrieks and screams, and finally Wolf deemed he was ready and entered him in one swift move. He held the spy's hands at his sides while his cock pistoned in and out of the welcoming hole.


It was Sunday afternoon, and Alex was finally on his way home. He had a lot to think about, and his mind was buzzing. Automatically, he got off the bus at his stop, and walked along to his house. Fumbling with his keys, he didn't notice the post on the floor until he stepped on the magazine's slippery plastic cover, sending him flying.

He landed with a dull thud on his back, and swore when the bookcase he kicked as he slipped, toppled and fell on him. Alex's last thought before everything went black was that he had the worst luck in the world.

Alex groaned as he woke- everything hurt, but worst of all was the throbbing in his head. He tried to move, but failed, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that he was solidly trapped underneath the solid heavy oak.

As he wriggled, a blinding pain in his ribs stopped him, and also stopped him from shouting for help, purely because it hurt so much.

He managed to move his arm into his pocket, and pull out his phone. For some reason, all he could think of was to call Wolf, and ask for help. Alex sighed, then flipped open the phone and selected the number he had just added that morning- by craning his head he could just about see the screen. Alex put the phone on speaker, then started the call.

"Alex? I wasn't-"

"Wolf... I need... your help..." Alex's voice faded as he spoke, and he just managed to say his address before he passed out again.


"Alex! Easy. Don't move." Alex blinked and the blurry image above him cleared, forming Wolf's concerned face.

"Wolf- what are you-" Confused, Alex tried to sit up, only to let out a strangled scream at the huge amount of pain he was now in. Wolf's face blurred again, and Alex fainted for the third time.


Alex slowly came to. He opened his eyes, curious about the steady beeping sound, and realised he was in a hospital bed. Wolf was visible through the glass windows, talking to a man in a long white doctors' coat.

Alex struggled to sit up, and his movement must have alerted them, for Wolf looked through the glass, saw he was up, and immediately walked into the room and sat next to the bed. The doctor followed, and started explaining what injuries he had, although he forgot all but a few words, because he was too busy staring at where Wolf's hand lay on top of his.

"Broken ribs... punctured lung... crutches...." The doctor continued to drone on, but Wolf sent him scurrying out the room with a glare. An awkward silence filled the air, until Wolf broke it, still holding the spy's hand. "Basically, after I called the hospital, I got the bookcase off you, and then they arrived and brought you here. That was two days ago. They say you're to be confined to bed rest for a few weeks, and then take it easy for the next few months. You'll be staying with me until you're better."

That got Alex's attention. "Wait- what! But- I-"

Wolf just leaned over and placed his hand on the spy's face. Unconsciously, Alex leaned into the touch. "You don't seriously expect me to just let you struggle on your own for months?"

Wolf smiled, before adding; "Besides, if you didn't want me to help, you shouldn't have called me."

All Alex could do was nod, while a small part inside of him cheered and clapped- because he felt safe, for the first time in almost three whole years.


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