okay so the words like this stand for the hidden meaning of what(mainly Zexion) the boys mean also...

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also yaoi warning!

Dear Universe

Zexion was quietly reading a book when Demyx walked in and plopped down on the couch next to the chair Zexion himself was in.

"Why do you never talk?" the dirty blond asked out of the blue.

"I do to talk, just not as much as you, number XI…"Why are you talking to me?

"Would it kill you to remember my name, Really?"

Zexion looked up from his book to glare at the boy by him. "Dear Universe, Why must you make HIM appear when I don't need him? Sincerely, Zexion"

Demyx knew that was a polite way of saying 'Get lost' but he instead gave a goofy grin and 'played along'. "Dear Universe, Why did you make Zexion such a grumpy butt, who has no apparition of music? LOVE, Demyx."

The musical nocturne looked at the periwinkle (A/N: sorry but that's the color it looks like to me!) haired boy next to him in time to see his visible eye twitch and that made him want to laugh.

After watching the boy next to him start to chuckle- ok it sounded more like a giggle- Zexion got frustrated even more.

"Dear Universe, Did you purposely make XI so dense that logic doesn't fit in there? we are NOBODIES and NOBODIES have no heart to feel emotion with. Why did you make him so ANNOYING? Sincerely ,Zexion. PS, he is testing my temper and patients." The bookworm hissed angrily at Demyx.

"Dear Universe," Demyx pouted."why did you make Zexy soooooo mean and hateful? Doesn't he know that emotions are all in the head?(A/N: what its true!) LOVE, Demyx." the other member of the Organization proclaimed, almost gleefully, making Zexion want to gag.

' so he's going to play it like that?'"Dear Universe, Why didn't you tell number XI that you still need a heart to feel the 'love' he's been adding to the end of his 'letters' to you? SINCERELY Zexion." and with that the pale haired bookworm snapped his book shut, stood up, and left.

Demyx want to hit Zexion over the head with the book the other had been reading 'maybe then he'd have some sense!(i think i used the wrong word?) but nonetheless decided against it.

"Dear Universe, Zexion said earlier about me being dense, but isn't he being that now? Plus he doesn't know it but someone LOVES him and he just thinks that you need a heart*sigh*if only, right?Love Demyx.

like it? love it? hate it? pocky?

Dear Universe,

I have no idea if I want to continue...but my beta said I HAVE to if enough people ask me to so.... ask away if you'd like! oh and here at the account of Animeforthefreaks we don't care if it has a happy ending just to let you know~!