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Disclamer: Ha! I wish! I own nothing of Doctor Who, it's characters or plotlines, and I also don't own any historical figures mentioned in this fic, or any other recognisable items mentioned.

Disclaimer Take Two: I also don't own the lyrics to Shipwrecked...they belong to Chameleon Circuit...Ok, so it's really about the Tardis in RotC and AoS but it fits really well with this pairing and it's good to listen to the song as you read!

A/N: SPOILERS for End of Time Part One contained in this fic!!! Yes, that's right...SPOILERS!!! If you don't want to be SPOILERed, look away now!!!

A/N Take Two: This originally started off as a challenge from my wonderful matey Vicky/Ianto (a.k.a. ConfusedinTime) to write a parody-esque fic based on Ten's scandalous confessions about his sex life in the CiN snippet of EoT but it's become a lot more serious since I started writing it and made Elizabeth into a proper character instead of a one-night-stand. All historical references *should* be accurate because I'm a Tudor history student but feel free to point out any errors if you find them!

A/N Take Three: I'll shut up after this...honest! Please enjoy the fic, but when you're done, have a go at pressing that purdy li'l button at the bottom of the page...pretty please with a Time Lord on top?

Now my race are erased, nothing but the memories.
Folktales told through time.
Legacy meant to be buried with the Yale keys
And my remaining lives.

What happens when all the lights go out?
There's no way back, we're stranded now.

What happens when everything goes dark?
It's got no life left in its heart.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,
Seems I'm not that clever after all...

A green glimmer of hope, we can't let it go to waste.
If I give some of my life, we'll use it to escape this place.
Where are they running off to? I thought that they would care.
Try to keep them safe, they don't know what lies out there...

Shipwrecked - Chameleon Circuit

The Morning After The Night Before

The sun sparkled shyly through the ostentatious drapes, bathing the Doctor in weak yellow light, just bright enough to penetrate through his restless doze, although on a lesser scale than the splitting headache he was currently experiencing. He blearily opened his eyes, letting his eyelids flutter shut every so often as he realised just how strong the sun was becoming. A hand pushed lightly through his tangle of unruly brown hair but it took him a few moments to figure out that it wasn't his own.

He cautiously sifted through the memories of the previous night. "Oh!" he muttered in surprise, followed by "Ohhh…"; disgust coloured his voice, mingled with something dangerously close to fascination. His exclamations became even more pronounced as the recollections continued to flow…That's the unfortunate thing about a Time Lord's photographic memory; it's so damn vivid!

He remembered what year he was in; 1559, the first year of Elizabeth I's reign. He also remembered that he was there for the Twelfth Night revels and he had met a beautiful lady-in-waiting during last night's masque. What he couldn't remember, however, was taking her 'home' afterwards. She had been blonde, with wide brown eyes and a large, pretty smile…and her name had been Rose…

He shivered, despite the fact that the room was nowhere near cold because of the roaring fire that had been stoked to a sweltering perfection. Slowly, painfully almost, he shifted his weight so as to see whose room he had shared the previous night, but instead of the smiling blonde he had danced with, he found a very different woman. Flaming red curls and dark, intuitive eyes.

"Didst thou sleep well, my lord?"