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Chapter 16

Bella's sleep was being disturbed. It seemed her bed was experiencing it'd own earthquake. In reality, it was just a very eager Alice bouncing on her and Edward's hotel bed. She also noticed that Edward was missing from the bed and the shower was running.

"Get up, get up, get up!" Alice insisted excitedly. Bella responded by groaning and hiding her head under a pillow. That, however, did not detour the immortal pixie that had grabbed the pillow and tossed it on the other side of the bed. "Up!" Alice reiterated.

Bella let out a huff and glared at her while Jasper chuckled quietly in the corner of the room. Apparently not quietly enough for Bella turned her glare on him, that made him stifle any further quiet laughter at the moment.

"Why must I get up right now Alice? I so could have used at least another hour of sleep," Bella complained.

"Because Bella! We have things to do today!" Alice reasoned. Bella raised an eyebrow at that, as if to say 'like what.' "We have to get you dressed, do your hair and makeup, pack our stuff and get it in the car, check out, get you something to eat, and get on our way home," she listed off.

At the 'get you dressed' part Bella noticed an outfit laid out for her at the foot of the bed. Instead of fussing about it (really no point since Alice always got her way) and reached for the clothes she held out to her. Jasper made an excuse to leave the room so that Bella could change since Edward was still in the bathroom showering. She pulled on the dark wash denims that ended in a slight boot-cup, cream colored top that had some lace detailing around the shoulder areas, and soft silver flats that actually had proper cushioning. Bella was grateful, at least, that Alice had thought of that because after a little while flats starting her feet like hell. Bella only saw a glimpse of the label on the inside sole of the shoe- Badgley Mischka- whoever that was, but knowing Alice it was probably some expensive designer label.

While she was dressing Alice packed the bags at vampire speed, leaving out the hair appliance and make up. Once she was done with the bags she ushered Bella into the bathroom just as Edward opened the door, already dressed in jeans and a casual blue button-down shirt.

Barely getting out a good morning to each other Alice shoved Bella inside the bathroom and shut the door in Edward's face. At that he let out a growl in warning just as a muffled 'Alice!' from Bella could be heard through the door which was then thrown open. Bella stepped to Edward, swinging her arms around his neck as his went around her waist, then their lips joined into a gently morning kiss.

Alice ruined the moment slightly when she let out a huff of annoyance while she stepped out of the bathroom behind Bella to retrieve the hair and makeup items. On her way back into the bathroom she grabbed Bella's arm and pulled her into the washroom and away from Edward, thus separating the newlyweds that were reluctant to break the embrace. Though, they didn't resist much knowing that Alice would get her way in the end.

Once in the bathroom Alice to make quick work of Bella's makeup while the flat iron heated up. Alice kept the makeup natural using neutral colors in eye shadows and lip tint. When the flat iron was enough she made sleek with just a slight curl at the ends. Bella was pleased with the finished product- it was simple and not elaborate or fussy.

"I think it looks good, if I do say so myself," Alice offered, "but it is my work so of course it looks good."

Bella just rolled her eyes at Alice's antics and got up to leave the restroom. When her and Alice came out into the room, the boys were standing, both holding suit cases and wait to leave. Alice zipped over to one of the chairs in the room, where their purses were laying, and brought Bella's over to her. With that the group left.

They made out the hotel room and down to the lobby. Edward and Jasper stood off to the side with the suitcases while Alice and Bella stood at the front desk checking out but then moved towards the valet stand outside the front doors. They handed the valet employee the ticket that Alice had given to them earlier for Alice's car to be brought around. While they waited on the girls when the car was brought to the guys, they loaded all the bags and suitcases into the trunk and small back seat of the car.

Meanwhile, back at the desk Alice was encouraging-more like forcing- Bella to use a new piece of plastic with her name on it.

"Bella, just give the nice man your card so that we can pay for the room," Alice ordered while at the same time reaching into her purse and sliding it across the desk. The clerk behind the desk picked it up to examine it.

"May I please see some identification Mrs. Masen?" He asked.

"Sure," Bella replied, while fishing her license out of her wallet. He took it from her to look at her ID to verify her identity.

"Thanks Mrs. Masen," the hotel clerk said while handing her the license back.

"It's Swan-," Bella started to correct the gentleman, who was giving her an inquiring expression, but Alice stopped her.

"It is Masen, sir," Alice started. "Her and my brother just got married yesterday so she is not used to the name change yet," she clarified.

The man's expression became one of understanding and a smile graced his features. "Alright, I can understand that," he stated. He completed the transaction, handing her new credit card and the receipt to sign for the charges for the room. Bella signed her name - with her new surname- and slid it back to him. He smiled at her as he ton the signed receipt and bid her congratulations on her new wedded status.

She and Alice walked away from the desk, heading towards their husbands who were waiting in the passenger loading area of the hotel entrance.

Edward and Jasper opened each of doors of Alice's Porsche for the girls. Alice kissed Jasper on the cheek and got into the driver's seat. This caused Bella to raise her eyebrow in question. Edward gestured for her to take her seat as well.

"Aren't y'all getting in to?" Bella questioned him. He shook his head 'no' in response.

He leaned in close and said, "We were gonna run back and probably have a quick hunt along the way. "Besides," he spoke a little louder while standing back up straight, hand on the door in preparation to close it, "we won't fit back there with all those bags."

Bella looked in the backseat of the 911 Turbo and saw the truth to his words so she just turned back to look up at her new husband. He gave her a kiss on the tip of her nose, and, with his crooked grin in place, he gently shut her door.

Alice and Bella waved through the windows of the car and set off the journey back to Forks.

As the girls drove off the guys hailed a cab so they would be repeating the same routine of when they arrived in the city. Once they were out of the city they started making their way home but Edward warned Jasper they had at least one stop along the way.

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