Chapter 17

The guys just kept running until they reached their destination that Edward had picked out. They make it to Winnemucca, Nevada.

"And why are we here?" Jasper asked Edward. He thought this is a random place to stop.

"You'll find out in just a minute brother," he replied. "Let's go over to that bus stop to make it look like we just got off the bus that will be here in a minute," said Edward, pointing Jasper to the bus stop sign. And with that he started moving.

Jasper had no choice but to follow. As they came to closet to the sign, Jasper noticed car parked at the curb with 'for sale' residing on the dashboard against three windshield inside the vehicle.

It was just now getting to be around six- thirty p.m. boys waited as the bus pulled up. They kept mostly to the shadows so as not draw much attention to their selves. Edward with Jasper in tow, made to move to the home in which the car that was for sale day in front. A small smile graced Jasper's face as he felt the excitement that was rolling off of Edward in waves at the doubt of this car.

They made it to the front porch and Edward gently rapped on the front door. They heard someone call out of just a minute a few seconds before the door was opened. It was a man, probably around his late fifties that greeted them. "Can I help you boys?" the man asked.

Edward nodded his head in answer. "Good evening sir. We were wondering if we, or rather I, would be able to purchase your vehicle that is for sale," he said. "I would be able to take it off your hands tonight, if possible."

The man just looked back and forth between Edward and Jasper, trying to decide if this was a serious offer. "I'd be glad for you to take the car this evening but how were y'all planning to pay for it? The banks are closed for the evening I'm afraid and I'm not ankle to accept personal check. I'm sure you can understand that one," the man sincerely said.

Edward spoke up, "We were planning on paying with cash, sir."

"Do you even know the asking price, son?" the man asked. The boys both shook their heads no. "My asking price is fifteen thousand." The boys liked at each other and then nodded their heads.

"We'll take it," Jasper replied in a serious tone. His face also held the serious expression to match.

The man kind of blanched at him. "You will take it?" Jasper nodded his head in confirmation. "Are you telling me that you have enough money on you two right now to cover that purchase?" Jasper nodded his head again. "And may I ask who will be on the title of the car?"

"My wife," Edward proudly stated, as huge grin on his face.

The man gave him a questionable look and asked, "You're married?"

"Yes sir," Edward replied proudly again, "as of yesterday."

"Well then, I guess a congratulations is in order," the man stated, a little unsure of how he should respond to Edward's confirmation.

Edward and Jasper tipped their heads in thanks. The owner of the car invited them into his home so the guys could sign the necessary title and transfer documents and the purchase payment for the vehicle. The man verified the name that the title is in fact the name on Edward's license. Once that was done, the current previous owner handed over the keys to Edward, the proud new owner of the automobile.

The guys left the man's house and stepped into the car. They waved to the man and his wife as Edward turned the engine over and pulled away from the curb in front of the house.

"This is a great ride, Edward," Jasper claimed.

"Do you think she will like it?" Edward questioned.

"I think she will," Jasper replied whole nodding his head. "Personally, I think it's perfect for Bella."

Edward nodded in agreement while a large grin gracing his face. With that the boys started their journey home.

The ride back to Forks did not take them very long, especially with the way the Cullen brood drive. In reality, they were probably just mostly enjoying Bella's new ride.

The trip home consisted of small talk about random faucets if Vegas. Once the guys made it back home they were reunited with their wives and family, though Jasper's getting was delayed momentarily.

"Bella, Edward just got home," Alice informed her. At that news, Bella had been upstairs in her and Edward's bedroom. She came down the stairs as quickly as she dared, being cautious enough so as not to take a header down to the bottom steps. When she stepped onto the landing, it was not long before that she was in Edward's arms.

"Hello, wife," he greeted her. This declaration earned a few gasps with the household of those that were not in the know of the happenings of the Vegas trip.

While all of the greetings were going on inside the house, Jasper was pulling Bella's new vehicle into an out-of-sight spot in the large garage attached to the mansion. Rosalie was quietly asked in a tone that was below human capability to go out to the garage. She started up one of the other cars and banged around some tools to make it sound like she was working on something. The point of it was to mask the sound of the engine rumble while Jasper was guiding it into the space.

While Rosalie left the other vehicle running, she walked over to the car brought in and inspected it. "Y'all bought another car?" she asked him.

"We picked it up in Winnemucca, on our way back to Forks. We, or mostly Edward, got it as a gift to Bella, since she does not have her truck anymore," he explained.

"I have been wondering where that behemoth of metal was," she voiced.

"Yeah," he started," when Bella and I were packing her stuff up in the car from Charlie's house, she handed over the truck keys when he told her she could not take it. He said that since she was moving out from there and in with us, she couldn't take it for he had paid for it. So, she gave back the key to the truck and the house key."

"Whoa," was all Rosalie could spit out.

""She hasn't show it but I could tell that she was about giving up that truck by feeling what she was feeling," Jasper explained to her.

"I'm sure she was. I may have not been very fond of her in the past but its different now. I also know that she was content by getting to know Charlie. But," she said, "I have a gut feeling- and something that's rather obvious- is that she will be beyond satisfied from now on seeing as she will be around for a very long time."

Jasper nodded his head in agreement. "We should probably go join them back in the house." After saying that, they both began making their way back into the house.

As they were walking towards the entry door leading into the house they heard Bella asking where Jasper was since he didn't arrive with Edward.

Jasper took that moment to announce his presence and able to provide the answer to her query. "I'm right here. I took a small detour for a quick hunt," he supplied.

Bella sent him a big grin before turning back to her husband.

Alice also took the opportunity to properly greet her own husband by climbing on his back and planting a kiss on his cheek.

The rest of the family came from various parts of the home and they all congregated to the living room to take up residence on the sofas and love seats.

Carlisle started up the conversation once everyone was situated. "So I take it that this brief trip to Vegas was somewhat eventful, judging by the endearments exchanged upon your arrival," he commented.

Before anyone else could reply Alice joyously exclaimed, "They got married!" As she said this she had quickly grabbed Bella's left hand and shoved it forward so that the family could see her wedding ring.

A few quiet gasps were let out from those who didn't know beforehand. Esme and Emmett knew, along with Jasper. Emmett hadn't known the whole of the plan but he had had an idea, which he kept to himself, of why he was asked to whisk Edward off for a hunting trip, further away than normal, for a determined length of time. He had known the group was heading to Vegas but nothing further had been explained to him.

The few gasps were from Carlisle and Rosalie mostly. "Seriously?" was what Rosalie questioned. The returning group of four nodded their heads at the same time, all wearing smiles. "Wow," was her reply, overcoming her initial shock.

Conversation continued with the four describing the past few days' events. A little bit into it Alice grabbed Bella's hand again and pulled her up to standing and heading towards the front door.

Bella tried to stop or at least slow Alice down. "Alice, where are you taking me?" she questioned.

Alice shared a look with Edward and nodded his consent. "We are going on a little trip. To Seattle," she answered.

Bella looked back at Edward with a little bit of apprehension. He answered her look with his signature crooked smile.

As Alice pulled her through the front door and her feet hit the pavement the area where her and Alice stood started to slightly shake. Alice just shook her head at Bella, "Don't even bother, Bella. It's not worth your effort to resist it."

Bella just sighed in defeat and the earth stopped shaking in their area and she let Alice pull her to the car. As soon as Bella's seat clicked in place Alice had started zooming towards Seattle.

"Where are we going?" Bella asked.

"You'll see when we get there," Alice replied. "We have a few things to pick up."

With Alice's driving they arrived to Seattle not long since they left Forks. "Alice, that might be a new time record for you from Forks to here," Bella commented.

"Not even close, my dear," she replied with a wry grin. Right as she finished her sentence they pulled into a high-end photography developing place called 'Captured Moments.'

Once parked, they got out of the car and headed towards to the front door of the business. They were greeted by the receptionist. "How may I help you ladies?" she said with a smile.

"We have an appointment with Lacey to review and receive our order. My name is Alice," was Alice's reply. The receptionist nodded in response and set out to retrieve Lacey.

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