The First Kiss

Alice logged off the computer, like Sasori had asked her to do. What could he want? She thought to herself as she left her room. Alice walked outside to the front of the Akatsuki base. Sasori told her to meet him there. She looked around, and thought of something. They haven't shared their first kiss yet... Alice's face turned beet red. His must've been thinking about that in The Chatroom. Oh... Oh... what is she gonna do? She's not ready for this.

"Alice, over here." Sasori said to her. Alice walked over to Sasori. "Follow me." He grabbed Alice's hand and walked into the forest. Zetsu appeared out of the ground where Alice was just standing.

"Should we follow?"

"Of course."

"But that's not nice..."


"And it's Alice, we can't do that to Alice."

"That's true. Alice is nice to us..."

"So we don't follow?"

"Pein wants us too."


* * *

Sasori took Alice deeper into the forest. Alice wondered if Sasori knew where he was going. But everytime she asked him, he said that he did. No matter how hard she pressed, he refused to answer. Alice almost tripped over a stone on the path. Sasori stopped and helped her up. "T-Thanks..." She stammered. Alice kept looking at the ground. She couldn't look at Sasori, not after what she figured out. And why the hell are they going so deep into the forest? If he wanted to kiss her he could've just done it at the base... Unless he... oh hell no. He wouldn't...he's not... or is he? Alice kept pondering this as they went deeper and deeper.

"We can stop here." Sasori said to Alice. She looked around the area. It was pretty. There was a stream, and flowers around the meadow.

Alice sat down. She looked at her fingers. Then she felt something attach to her skin. Chakra strings... Alice closed her eyes. She was being pulled towards Sasori. She let herself be pulled to him.

"You're too quite." Sasori murmured to Alice. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yes..." Alice stammered. Shit. That wasn't a good move. He could tell she was lying, he knew her too well.

"Only you..." Sasori murmured to himself. "Only you could lie to me and live." Alice blushed slightly. Sasori wrapped his arms around Alice, who just sat there. This was odd. He never hugged her like that.

"Why...? Why are you hugging me? Why are we out here? Why-?" Alice was cut off when Sasori kissed her. When he pulled away, Alice sat there openned mouth like an idiot. It was amazing. It made her chest warm, even though she didn't have a heart. How can he warm something that I don't have? Alice thought this to herself as she looked at Sasori.

"First of all, I love you Alice. I may not show it, but I do. Secondly we are out here because I wanted this to be special. You may not know it, but this was my first kiss too." He smiled at Alice as he said this. Alice smiled and closed her eyes.

"You made me feel something... something I don't have. It's like it's there, inside my chest. But I know that if I open my breast, there'll be nothing there." Alice put a hand on her breast, the tiny things, as she said this. "You made me feel like I have a heart. I've never... experiance this before. Never..." She fell asleep towards the end of what she said.

"Alice... Oh, she's asleep." Sasori smiled and held her closer to him.