Protected and Loved

Moichi Wen came back to the Akatsuki. She didn't come back as if she had left it in the first place though. Moichi was never apart of the Akatsuki but she was their ally. She came and left as she pleased. It was a mutual thing. She'd bring recruits and they didn't kill her.

Moichi walked into the Akatsuki Base. Itachi was there, meditating or something; Kisame was hitting a practice dummy; and the last person there was Pein. He looked at Moichi, and said "Where's the new recruit? Zetsu just ate his partner about an hour ago."

Moichi suppressed a laugh, since Zetsu went through partners like Deidara goes through his "art". She looked Pein in his weird-ass eyes. "I have no new recruits, but I do have a warning. Iwa is going to attack sometime today. The time however, I do not-" The left side of the room exploded and Iwa ninja came in. There was about 6 of them, and they split up to 2 teems of 3. Moichi got out a kunai, and jumped out of the way as an enemy ninja threw a shuriken at her. Idiot… She thought as she threw a lightning shuriken at the idiot who tried to hit her. He got hit, and then got shocked to death. Moichi ran to get away from the battle. A man grabbed Moichi and she struggled to get away.

Then she noticed who it was.

It was Itachi.

Moichi blushed, although she didn't know why. He smiled for some reason. I think Itachi… may… like me too… She thought. Itachi takes Moichi to a hiding spot.

"Stay here." He said.

"Why? I can defend myself." She responded.

"… I don't want to risk getting you hurt, Moichi." Itachi says, looking away.

"So… what? You care about me?" She asked. Her face faced the ground, and it was BEET red.

"A little, yes." Itachi picked up her chin and kissed her goodbye. Moichi blushed and watched him walk away into the chaos.

Murr… this is short too…. Damn you writer's block… DAMN YOU!!!