NCIS Director Shepard's Office - Present Time

"Yeah! Gibbs"! the man angrily answered his ringing cell phone. He hated being interrupted in meetings as much as he hated being interrupted when conducting interrogations. Disturbed from the train of conversation he'd been having with Jen about the drug distributing mixed with murder out of Pax River Naval Air Station; he hadn't even checked the caller i.d before he'd answered the call.

"NCIS Agent Gibbs?" the male voice on the other end was hopeful.

"Yeah. Who the hell is this?" The stubborn man hated it when someone he didn't know called his cell.

My name is John. I'm an E.M.T. and right now our ambulance is transporting an Agent McGee to the hospital."

"What the hell happened?" Gibbs roared; his heart in his throat; as he put his phone on speaker so he wouldn't have to repeat any of this to Jen.

"Sir; Please! Apparently, your agent made his way outside of his building before he called us. When we arrived and began loading him up; he insisted; begged; used every breath he had to get us to take his cell phone and call you." the medic explained.

"How is he?" Gibbs deliberately forced himself to calm down even as fear filled his eyes as Jenny looked on; her own fear gripping her heart.

"Bad, Sir. He has a fever that is currently spiking; has almost no body strength; can barely lift even an arm; his breathing is becoming erratic and he's obviously in severe pain. The site of the worst of the dog bites is seriously becoming inflammed and his blood pressure is rising. Agent Gibbs; your agent wants to talk to you." John told the very angry man. "But you're gonna have to calm down or you won't be able to hear him; he's having trouble breathing but still insists on talking to you; all right?"

"I'm listening." Gibbs voice had dropped to as quiet as he could handle without allowing himself to crack. Tim was that determined to talk to him; he would damn sure listen.

"Tim? you hear me, don't you stop fighting whatever this is; you hear me?" Gibbs quietly demanded; tears pricking at the back of his throat.

"Boss? Boss, I'm... sorry. Not... your... fault. I'll try... to... fight.." Tim wheezed before he obviously gave up trying to talk.

"Agent Gibbs; you'll have to meet us at the hospital," John told him.

"Why the hell didn't he call the on-site M.E. who treated him earlier?" Gibbs demanded. Ducky had cleaned Tim's wounds; bandaged him up; given him both pain meds and antibiotics; and advised that he not move around a lot; and be monitored for the remainder of the day. Oh, Jesus! Who had been with him? He mouthed "Ducky" to Jenny and she nodded in understanding.

"In your agent's words, Agent Gibbs; "Both busy."

Of course! Tim wouldn't have wanted to disturb Ducky and Palmer Petty doing Officer Hansen's autopsy when Gibbs always pressured everyone for the answers to the cases yesterday. But it was obvious now, that the kid had considered this case more important than his own deteriorating health. Why? Damn it! Damn it to hell!

"You're taking him to Bethesda." it wasn't a question.

"Yes, Sir. Understood, Sir.

"I'll meet you there."

Gibbs looked at Jenny with genuine fear and anquish in his eyes. Forcing himself to table Tim's words to him for now; he struggled to get a grip on his control. He could not handle loosing another Agent. He'd lost a daughter; a surrogate daughter; and was now in danger of loosing a surrogate son. "Front Desk!" he directed her to call as he himself used his cell phone to make a different call.

"Ducky!" he called the M.E. with urgency in his voiced.

"Jethro, I don't have any results for you yet; I..."

"Ducky! McGee's being rushed to Bethesda right now!" Gibbs' angry and worried exclamation interrupted the older man.

"Oh, dear heavens, Jethro! What happened?" Ducky was obviously distressed. "What symptoms did you see; that would have necessitated you calling an ambulance rather than me?"

"I wasn't with him, Duck. Apparently, he took himself outside and called an ambulance himself. He did insist they call me when they picked him up, though." Gibbs admitted with pure aggravation and anger at himself. The painful words Tim had fought to make him hear; too personal to share.

"Jethro! I specifically told you he needed to be monitored! Do you mean to tell me that no one was watching over him when this happened?" Ducky demanded; now furious.

"Oh, Jeez; Duck! I forgot to remind DiNozzo and David before I came up here to discuss the case with the Director." Gibbs admitted; guilt tripping all through his words. "They probably thought he was okay when they left to follow a lead." the team leader surmised.

"How long was he left alone?" Ducky demanded.

"I'm not sure; Duck. I've been up here bout 30 min." Gibbs answered.

"45" Jenny quietly corrected; hearing Ducky's angry question from across the distance to her desk

"Oh, dear heavens, Jethro! I can't leave Autopsy right now. I've got to complete Petty Officer Hansen's examination; since I have already started on it." Ducky lamented; his heart clearly on McGee's situation.

"It's all right, Ducky; just meet me at Bethesda as soon as you can." Gibbs tried to reassure him; ending the call. Quickly, he made another call.

"Hey, Bossman, What can I do for you?" Abby's cheerful voice grated on his current state of mind; his worry, fear and guilt in no mood for it.

"Abby, kennel the dog; now!" Gibbs demanded with no further explanation.

"But, Gibbs! He didn't do it!" Abby insisted now distressed at having to kennel the poor dog.

"I don't give a damn; Abby! McGee's on his way to Bethesda; in the back of an ambulance because of that damn dog! Kennel him! Now! Call the Director with any results you come up with on this case; I'll be with McGee!" snapping the phone closed in pure seething anger.

Damn the lab rat picked a hell of a time to let her stubborness have free reign! It wasn't bad enough she'd treated McGee like scum for trying to protect himself? Gibbs had heard that from Tony; who'd gathered it from Abby's own tale of things transpired before the rest of the team had returned from the crime scene.

Now Abby was defying his orders? When the hell had things gotten so out of control with her? Gibbs took a deep breath; trying to reign himself in. He still had another call to make.

"Boss?" Tony answered his phone.

"DiNozzo; where are you two?" Gibbs urgent question startled Tony.

"On our way back. The Pax River Base Com...." Tony began

"Get over to Bethesda!"


"Ambulance is on it's way; with McGee! Meet up with it!" Gibbs both explained and demanded.

"On it, Boss!" Tony answered; fear beginning to climb up into his throat.

"Tony! Wait! Go get Sara; first!" Gibbs changed his order quickly; having almost forgotten Tim's little sister in his jumbled mess of emotions and attempt to not forget anything that needed to be done. "I'll meet you at the hospital.

"Got it, Boss!" Tony exlaimed. As Gibbs ended the call; Tony tossed Ziva his phone; "Look up the number for Waverly Campus; call it; tell them we're on our way to get Sara McGee due to a family emergency! Make sure they don't tell her anything until we get there!" Tony ordered as he threw all of his concentration into driving as fast as he possibly could; safely.