Gibbs felt positively drained! Here it was a mere three hours since Abby and Sara had come to blows in the waiting room. Tony took Abby home. Sara manged to pull herself together and pull off a quiet visit with her thankfully; unsuspecting brother; and Ducky and Ziva had gone home to get some sleep.

Left alone as he took up his night watch duty over his recovering agent; he couldn't help but think back on the chaos that seemed to divide his team in just one day! As the pieces began to fall into place; the picture they created wasn't a pretty one by any stretch of the imagination. All of the pieces seemed to have negative connotations attached to them; pain; ridicule; heartbreak; just to name a few. Some serious changes were gonna have to be made to set things to right again on this team. Gibbs was just thankful that they'd managed to have this breakdown away from and without Tim.

Dr. Short had been by and removed Tim from all the machines he'd been hooked up to; upgrading his status to merely being watched for complications. His pain meds had been downgraded to an oral dose earlier in the evening. Gibbs knew that Tim being witness to; or even knowing about that earlier fallout; would have most likely set Tim's recovery back miles from where he'd just been upgraded to. Thankfully; now; they were just biding their time; making sure nothing bizarre happened; and he'd be able to take this kid home in 24 hours. Gibbs had already decided Tim would stay with him until he was able to come back to work; he knew the young man would not take care of himself properly; and didn't want his poor sister to have to take care of him while she struggled with her classes.

This kid had been through more than enough; and needed to concentrate solely on himself and his recovery. It didn't matter what else was going on with the team. That was the rule of the day. Shaking his head free of all his heavy thinking; laying his head back and closing his eyes; after checking Tim over as he slept one last time; here it was Midnight and Gibbs was finally allowing himself to catch his four hours of sleep.

Four hours sleep turned into six; as at 6 AM; the next morning; Sara McGee slipped into her brother's room; careful not to disturb his boss; asleep in the chair. The man deserved every bit of sleep he could get. As she neared Tim's bed; she felt a nagging in her gut; something was very; very wrong. Stepping over to the bed; Sara felt Tim's forehead; it was cold. Her brother was cold!

"TIM!" Sara screamed as she slapped her hand down on the call button.

Gibbs; startled from his sound sleep by Sara's scream of terror; launched himself up out of his chair and over to his agent's bed in a second. Quickly feeling for a pulse; his heart stopped in his chest; he couldn't find Tim's pulse! Slapping his own hand down on the call button; Gibbs prayed he was just mistaken. God; don't let this be happing!

Soon the angel in the nurse's uniform was running into the room. "What's wrong?"

"I can't find his pulse! He's cold! What the hell happened? He was fine when I fell asleep at midnight!" Gibbs forced himself to stop; to reign his fear in; for Sara's sake.

Quickly reaching out for her; he pulled her back from Tim's bed as nurses came running and began trying to work on the young man. It seemed like forever before Dr. Short made an appearance. Gibbs and Sara were frozen in shock and horror; in the background; both of them praying desperately that this was all a horrible mistake. After what seemed like forever; but was in reality; just 10 short minutes later; Dr. Short turned to them with his sorrow and sympathy written all over his face.

"I am so very sorry. There was nothing we could do. He's gone."