Only For You

CH 1


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A tall green eyed redhead walked towards the bathroom where the sound of someone heaving up all the contents of their stomach could be heard. He turned the knob and walked in to find his blonde boyfriend on the floor, arms clutching the porcelain throne tightly and face flushed. The blonde was shaking slightly and panting slowly. The redhead flinched as tired and pained sky blue eyes looked up at him.

"Don't look at me like that Axel. I'm fine."

"Is it normal for the morning sickness to be this bad Roxas?" Axel asked as he walked forward and knelt besides the blonde, pulling him towards his chest while gently massaging soothing circles on his boyfriend's back.

Roxas let out a sigh. "Nothing about this is normal...but the morning sickness should be getting better not worse. I'm already going on to my third month. Stupid lying pregnancy books."

Axel couldn't help but chuckle at the pouting face the younger man was making. His hand subconsciously laid itself on the small bump on the blonde's abdomen. Blue eyes looked into worried but ecstatic emerald ones. Roxas let out a chuckle and put his hand on top of the one currently residing on his stomach.

With a smile the blonde said, "You know you've been doing that a lot lately and you don't even know you're doing it."

"Doing what?" Axel asked while looking down towards his hand where he felt Roxas hand tapping him. Emerald eyes widened when they saw where his hand lay and looked into amused sky blue ones.



Roxas chuckled and patted the hand that lay on his bulge.

"Interesting reaction. Now help me up."

The redhead helped the blonde up and led them to their room that connected with the bathroom. Roxas took off his night shirt, leaving him dressed only in his boxers. He took out clean clothes and was about to put them on when a pair of lean arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him against a firm chest.

"Damn Rox. You turn me on when you have clothes on. Imagine how you're making me feel now with you waltzing around only in boxers."

Roxas turned as red as his boyfriend's hair.

"Of course if you took theses off" the redhead pulled on the elastic of the blonde's boxers, "I would take you here and now."

"Axel!" Roxas seemed to get redder, if it was even possible. Then all of a sudden the blonde was on the bed being straddled by a lustful redhead.

"Axel, what are you doing?"

"Sorry Rox. Not my fault you're too sexy for your own good." Before Roxas could protest his lips were captured in a hungry kiss. A hand trailed up his leg and stopped at his inner thigh while the other entangled itself in blonde locks, when the need for air came, they parted. Both panting heavily.

"Axel we shouldn't."

Said person gave Roxas a lopsided grin.

"Are you sure? Because your body is telling me something completely different."

Roxas let out a gasp as his boxers were discarded and a hand began to stroke him.

"You're already hard. Do I turn you on that much?"

A growl was his response. Axel grinned and discarded his clothes as well. Roxas looked at the perfection in front of him and his face grew hot and felt more than a little self conscious. His hand automatically went to cover his small bulge.

"Oh no you don't." The redhead took his boyfriend's hands into his and pinned them above the blonde's head.

"You are not going to hide an inch of that sexy body from me." He took those rosy lips into a deep kiss while his knee rubbed between the blonde's legs, earning a moan from the body beneath him. Axel continued to trail kisses down towards Roxas' neck and latched on. He moved his knee and brought his body closely as possible to the smaller one beneath him. Biting, sucking, and licking he made sure to leave his mark on that warm delicious neck. The redhead grinded their hips together to make pleasurable friction. The blonde moaned as their erections rubbed together and his boyfriend's mouth moved down and latched onto a rosy pink nipple.


Once the rosy bud became hard he moved onto the other one while grinding his hips harder and faster against the blonde. Roxas gasped, moaned and panted as his body came closer to release.



Cum splattered over their abdomens and lower regions as they both came. Axel rested his head on the chest beneath him while they both regained their breath.

"You know Axel, this is the reason I'm in this predicament right now. You can't seem to keep your hands off of me."

"You say it as if though I'm through with you."

The blonde paled.

"But you're right. I can't keep my hands off you." He leaned down and placed a chaste kiss. "Or rather I can't keep my dick out of you. That's why you are carrying my child right now." He placed his hand on the blonde's bump. After smacking Axel for his crude comment, Roxas watched the redhead grin and look at him with loving emerald eyes. He couldn't bear to keep looking into those adoring eyes so he turned his head away and sighed.

"You're such a perverted sap."

"Only for you." Was the cheeky reply.

Roxas rolled his blue eyes, wrapped his arms around a pale neck and brought warm lips down to meet his.

"Gah! R-roxas!" Axel cried out as small hips thrusted upwards. One small hand reached down and grabbed the redhead's member and began stroking it. Said redhead bit his lip and held back a moan. He let his face rest at the crook of the blonde's neck, panting slowly with every stroke.


The sound of Axel's husky, out of breath voice calling his name made something spark in the blue eyed man's lower region. He could feel the heat traveling downward.

"Roxas." A hand gently pulled the blonde's hand from the already hard member. Roxas looked up to a smiling and panting redhead.

"If you keep that up, I'm going to cum before I have time to prepare you."


"No buts. It's my job to make sure the mother of my child is always pleased first."

Blue eyes narrowed, pouty lips opened to comment on the 'mother' remark, but only a gasp left those lips as the blonde's semi erect member was engulfed into the warm cavern of the redhead's mouth.

Axel sucked, nipped and licked till the member was hard and leaking. He spread golden legs apart and placed kisses on the blonde's inner thighs. His mouth hovered in front of the blonde's entrance, breathing hot air on the throbbing member.

Roxas' body arched up as something warm and wet slid over his entrance and thrust in and out.

"Oh God Axel!"

Roxas squirmed as a finger joined the tongue and entered his as well. Soon three fingers were busy stretching him while that tongue was now exploring the inside of his mouth. They separated and a trail of saliva hung from their lips.

"Are you ready?"

The blonde nodded. "Do it."

Axel positioned himself at Roxas' entrance and pushed his hard, leaking member in. The body beneath him stiffened. He pushed all the way in once the body relaxed. Roxas panted heavily and pushed his hips forward, silently telling Axel to move.

The thrusts came slow and steady, slowly picking up pace with each moan the blonde let out. Roxas arched his back and dug his fingers into the sheets as sweet pleasure coursed through his body. He let out another gasp and moan as Axel hit his sweet spot again and again.

"A-axel, I'm g-going to-" A moan cut off Roxas's sentence as a hand grabbed his member.

"Hold on. Together."

Axel lifted his boyfriend's golden torso towards his chest and held him against him while continuing to thrust into the blonde in his lap. Roxas automatically wrapped his arms around the pale neck. Not long after Roxas came with a cry and dug his nails into the soft flesh of his boyfriend's back. Axel winced at the burning feeling but with one good hard thrust and the blonde's walls clamping around him tightly he came as well. They sat like that, Roxas on Axel's lap and their arms draped loosely around each other, riding out their orgasm. Axel slid out of the blonde, making the blonde wince a bit.

The redhead raised his hand across the blonde's back and laced his fingers in the sweaty locks. He gently brought their foreheads together and stared into gorgeous sky blue eyes. He threw himself back on the bed with Roxas, letting the blonde lay on top of him.

Roxas took a strand of red hair into his hand and twirled it around his finger. He listened to the beat of the redhead's heart as his ear lay right on top of it.

"I wonder who the kid will turn out to be more or me?" Emerald eyes locked onto blue ones.

Roxas watched Axel carefully and answered with a small smile "It doesn't matter to me as long as it's healthy and doesn't want to burn everything it lays its eyes on."


"We don't need two pyromaniacs in the house. One is definitely enough."

"I can't help it if I like fire."

The blonde chuckled at the face the redhead was making, somewhere between a glare and a pout.

"Stop pouting or glaring or whatever it is your trying to do. We need to get cleaned up because I'm sure you've forgotten but we promised we would go with Sora and Riku to their appointment."

"Huh-oh yeah. Right. I-"


"Miscalculated the time."

Roxas let out a snort. "That's the best excuse you have."

"I didn't have time to think up a good one."

"You're impossible."

"But you love me."

"I sometimes wonder about that."

Roxas made his way to get up when he was pushed backwards, landing face up in the bed.


The redhead was staring down at him. He lowered himself until his head rested on the blonde's stomach.

"Let's stay like this for a while Roxas. We have plenty of time."

Oddly enough the blonde agreed. The feeling of the redhead's lips on his stomach and the slender fingers and pale palm above his heart was soothing. Eye lids became heavy and slowly closed. All he could hear was the sound of Axel's voice.

"Hello in there. I'm not sure if you can hear me but I'm your daddy and obviously the person your inside of is your mommy. We were just talking about you. I hope you come out looking like your mom cuz then you would be the cutest baby in the world. Only problem is I would have a lot to worry about when you get older. You'll have everyone all over you because you'll be so darn cute and sexy."

Roxas let out a laugh.

"It would be nice if you could blush like your mom too."

"Knock it off Ax. I'm not the mom."

Axel mumbled "Who's carrying the baby?"

Roxas shot the man a glare. "Besides-" he ran a finger down the side of his belly. "If you come out looking like your daddy then you still would be the cutest baby in the world. Your dad isn't bad me." The last comments directed towards daddy himself. Axel grinned and kissed the tummy.

"You're going to love it out here. Once you lay your eyes on your mom you'll instantly fall in love with him. Just like I did...I guarantee it."

They stayed like that for awhile. Axel continued to talk to the blonde's stomach while Roxas rubbed the side of his belly as he listened to the voice of his boyfriend. Somewhere along the way he dozed off.

"Wakey wakey sleeping beauty."

The body that was being shaken awake groaned as blue eyes fluttered open. Axel was having a cuteness overdose just watching the blonde wake up. With a smile he kissed Roxas' nose.

"Come on future mommy. Time to get ready."

"Axel. Even though I'm carrying the child there is no way I'm going to be called 'mommy'. I'm just not in the mood to beat some sense into you."

"But mo-" glare "I think I get the hint." If Roxas' glare was deadly before, well he took it to a whole new level now that he was pregnant.

The blonde smiled and let his mind catch up with him. Wait. When did he fall asleep? Weren't they suppose to be somewhere?

"Axel. What time is it?"


Roxas sprang up and looked at the clock. Shit.

"We were suppose to meet them at 2!"

"We've got plenty of-"

"Finish that sentence and no sex for a month along with castration."

Axel chuckled nervously. Pregnant people were scary. The redhead lifted himself off the bed and stretched. Roxas looked away, barely noticing that they were still very naked.

"How is it that you still manage to act all shy around me? We're gonna be old and wrinkly and I'll still be able to make you blush."

"Shut it Axel."

The very naked redhead leaned down and tore the sheets away from the blonde, bent down and kissed the blonde's stomach and then his right temple, earning an 'eep' and a shudder from the smaller man. The small body was lifted up by a pair of strong arms and held firmly against a welt built chest.

"Axel! What are you doing? Put me down!"

"We need to get ready and a shower is our first priority." He replied as if it were the simplest thing in the world. His eyes however held mischief. "Besides, I love sweeping you off your feet...well your back in this case." he teased. Axel glided across the room and with his hip bumped the door open. Roxas' cries of protest were muffled as the door was slammed shut.

Nana: Back again with a new story. This is an MPeg if you haven't got the memo.

Axel: *somewhere in the background* Got it memorized?!!!!

Roxas: *tilts head* Nana, what's an MPreg.

Nana:...................uhhh *looks at Axel and mouths the word 'HELP'*

Axel: *wraps his arm around Roxas' shoulder and walks away with him" Roxas baby MPreg is..*whispers*

Roxas: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!????????

Sora: *stands next to me* Did Roxas find out what MPreg means?

Nana: Just now

Riku: Figures. They always react the same way.

*Nana, Riku, Sora watch as Axel fans a knocked out Roxas*

Nana: Did Sora faint too?

Riku:..........I wish...He yelled but then started jumping around in joy.....You really need to start telling them rather than leaving the dirty work to us.

Sora: So Nana, what's Roxas gonna have?

Nana: It's a surprise. *directed at readers* Oh and I don't want any evil reviews about 'it's not possible' 'that's so gross' and yadda yadda yadda. It's my fic, I like it and others do too so I'm writing it. Final. Nothing you say is gonna make me change my mind so don't waste your time and mine. Sorry if this is coming out mean but when I make my yaoi vids there's always someone who leaves those type of comments even after there is this BIG warning that says if you don't like it do NOT watch it you have been warned. It gets tiring after awhile. To everyone else who likes and leaves nice reviews. Enjoy~

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