Only For You

Ch 12


"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Kei, Yoru, Akane, Kaida, Tsubasa. Happy Birthday to you." the group finished singing to the quints followed by cheers and joyous noise. With the help of their parents they blew the candle on the cake out and passed the slices of the cakey goodness followed by the opening of presents. Family and friends were spread out throughout the park. Children's laughs and giggles sounded off everywhere as they ate candy from their goody bags and some they had collected from the piñatas while they played in the park's swings, sand and slide. Roxas was at the park's built in bench table putting away the games and present's while Axel fed Tsubasa and Kaida some cake. Roxas picked up his blonde daughter and wiped the frosting off her face and Axel did the same for his son.

"Can you believe they're already one?" Sora asked as he skipped towards his twin, Riku walked up behind him keeping an eye on their children as they followed their mom like baby chickens. The twins had learned to walk awhile back.

Roxas smiled as Sora took Kaida from him and the brunette's little boy pouted because his mommy's attention was on his cousin. The blonde man picked up his nephew as the little boy glared at his daughter.

"No. I can't believe it. Time went by so fast. Now Hikaru, stop glaring at your cousin. Your mom is only holding her not replacing you." Hikaru pouted at his uncle and buried his blushing face in the checkered button down top. He had been caught. The four adults laughed.

Riku picked up his daughter and placed her on his shoulders. The silver haired girl laughed and grabbed her daddy's own silver hair for balance.

"She looks like you more and more every day Riku." Roxas stated making said man blush and Axel burst out laughing. The redhead balanced his own redheaded daughter, Akane, on his hip.

"Oh shut up Axel! Your little girl looks like you too!"

The emerald eyed man snickered. "She may have my hair but her facial structure is all Roxas. Your little girl resembles you more than Sora, besides the eye color and skin tone."

Sora laughed at his flustered husband and strode over to him and whispered into the man's ear. Riku turned red from ear to ear.

"I hope my little girl didn't hear any of that. She catches on pretty quick." Roxas told the brunette with a stern look.

"She didn't! She didn't!" The hyper man assured. At that moment a light brown, bordering to blonde, haired man with a mullet came up to the four followed by a blue and silver tinted haired man whose bangs covered his right eyes. The couple each carried a sleeping child.

"Demyx. Zexion. Did those two tire you out?"

The man with the mullet grinned and shook his head. "We were the ones that wore them out."

"I believe it was you who did, Demyx." Zexion replied. The two men stepped over to where Roxas motioned to lay the children down. Axel handed Demyx his oldest daughter as he strapped his two boys into their strollers next to their slumbering brother.

Demyx and Zexion had just moved to Hollow Bastion a couple of weeks ago. They were old friends of Axel and Roxas from high school. At the moment the silver blue haired man was two months along with his the sandy brown haired man's child. Demyx wrapped his arms around the shorter man and placed his hands on the still flat tummy.

"You look so cute together." Sora squealed.

Leon and Cloud walked over to the group as the brunette carried their son and held a pale and tired looking blonde close to him. The rest of the invitees were gathering around as well.

"Sorry guys, but we have to go. Cloud isn't feeling well."

The blonde put on a weak smile. "I'm sorry."

Roxas and Sora relinquished their hold on the children and rushed over to their older brother.

"Why did you come if you weren't feeling well?"

"I told you I noticed that you didn't look so good. Are you getting enough rest?"

Cloud gave a small laugh. "It's my nephew's and niece's first birthday. I wasn't going to miss it Roxas. And yes, I'm getting enough rest Sora, so stop worrying. I'm fine."

"Liar." grumbled Leon, earning him an elbow to the ribs. The brunette let out a grunt.

"How about I make an appointment to see a doctor. Will that satisfy you three?" He looked at Sora and Roxas and then at his husband.


"Fine." Cloud held back a laugh. "I'll see you later." the blonde man hugged his brothers and said goodbye to the rest as Leon led him away. Cid went with the two, he had an idea why Cloud might be feeling unwell.

Vincent sat down on the bench and sat his two boys on his lap. Keiji squirmed, trying to go after his mother.

"Don't worry. Your Momma is coming back." The long black haired man tenderly caressed his youngest's head.

Reno meanwhile took Kaida from Sora and the brunette took his own boy into his arms.

"Seeing all of these kids makes me want to have one myself." Kaida grabbed a handful of red hair and began playing with it. It looked almost like her daddy's.

"She's cute." Rufus told his boyfriend's brother. Axel smiled and replied with a thanks.

"Have you taken a test to see if you're a Giver?" Roxas asked Reno.

The older redhead blinked. "There's no way I am."

"It's possible." Sora replied. "I think Axel recently had a checkup and the results

came back with, umm, what did it say Roxas?"

Roxas glared at his twin and Axel looked away, never meeting his brother's grinning face.

"This is why I can't tell you anything Sora! No one was suppose to know about that!"

The brunette sheepishly scratched the back of his head. "Opps?"

"That's why I said we shouldn't have given him a key to the house." the younger redhead whispered to his fiance.

"So Axel, what did the results say?" The huge grin on the ponytail wearing man never faltered.

"Ugh. I'm changing all the locks in the house." he mumbled.

"Sorry I couldn't hear ya."

"I sorta, kinda have the Giver gene. It's just less dominant so it's harder for me to get

pregnant, unlike Roxas." Axel mumbled.

Roxas smacked the man. "You make it sound like I'm some fertile animal."

"Sorry. Sorry."

Reno laughed. "I would love to see Axel carrying the baby for nine months. Baby brother, you would look just adorable with a rounded stomach. Can you imagine being called


"See. So since Axel has it then that means Reno most likely has the gene too! He can get tested!" Sora exclaimed with glee.

Roxas rolled his eyes at his brother's excitement.

Meanwhile Keiji grew bored with just sitting around. He took a hold of Akira's sleeve and pulled. "Can you push me on the swings?"

Akira looked up at his father, silently asking for permission.

"Go ahead."

Akira jumped off his dad's leg and helped Keiji off as well. He walked hand in hand with his little brother all the way down to the playground and helped seat his in one of the swing's seats. All of a sudden three bigger and older boys came up to the two and stood menacing before them.

"Umm uncle Vincent, shouldn't you go down there?" Roxas asked.

"They pose no threat. Just watch." the ruby eyed man spoke smugly.

The adults watched in amazement as the raven haired boy stood in front of the other three children and glared with his crimson eyes. Keiji sat behind him with a confused look. Akira took a step forward and hissed something making the other boys run in the other direction. The crimson eyed child turned back to his brother and promptly began pushing him. Keiji smiled and gave his big brother a peck on the cheek making Akira blush and smile.

All the adults turned to look at Vincent.


"He's a mini freakin replica of you." Reno exclaimed.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"What have you been teaching him if he can scare away three kids that are twice his size and probably age too?" Rufus asked.

"I'll have you know it's mostly Cid who tells them what to do in those type of situations. I just make sure to reinforce it and give my professional opinion as well."

The group sweat dropped.

"We are so screwed."

"It's a Cidcent in the making."

Vincent rolled his eyes. Cid finally came back and sat next to his husband. He whispered something into the man's ear. The raven haired man's lips twitched upwards.

"So what did I miss?" the tea loving man asked.

"What was all that about? Since when did you become all secretive?" Riku asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, you'll know soon enough. Where did Akira go?"

"He went to play hero?"

"Huh?" Cid looked at Axel questioningly.

"Oh, you'll know soon enough." Roxas smirked.

"Touché." his uncle answered.

Soon after most of the guests began leaving. In the end only Demyx and Zexion along with Reno and Rufus stayed to help clean up before they too said their goodbyes.

"Alright little bro. We're off then." Reno told Axel as he turned back around to face his brother after helping strap the quints into their car seats. Axel and Roxas had turned their backs to the other couple and were whispering furiously. A few kicks and punches were dealt by the blonde when finally they turned around. The younger redhead had his hands shoved in his pant's pockets and the blonde had his arms crossed across his chest, both were adorning a radiant blush across their cheeks.

"You know Reno, if you don't end up being a Giver, I could, you know, be the surrogate mom. I mean the doctors said the Giver gene wasn't dominant but it's there and since it's going

to be a procedure done by a doctor then they can try to make it even more possible you know." Axel's face was almost the exact color of his hair. "But if somehow I can't, Roxas is willing to

take my place. Although then the child won't have-" Axel was cut off as the light blonde haired man tapped his shoulder and pointed at Reno.

The older redhead stood next to the minivan with lost look on his face.

"Uhhh, Reno?"

Said man snapped out of his thoughts and shook his head. "Sorry. What?"

"Did you hear what they just said?" Rufus asked his partner.

Reno placed a hand behind his head and nodded sheepishly. "Yeah. I heard. I mean are you two serious?"

"We wouldn't be offering if we weren't serious." Roxas answered.

The ponytail wearing redhead grinned and brought his brother and future brother-in-law into a hug.

"You two are angels. I can't believe you would do this for me."

Axel smiled and returned the embrace. "I think you deserve to be happy too, big brother."

"Although if Axel isn't able to carry the baby and I do, it won't have your blood, Reno."

Roxas sadly mentioned

Reno chuckled and ruffled the shorter blonde's hair. "Oh Roxas. You're such a sweetheart. It wouldn't matter if the child didn't have my blood as long as it was Rufus' child I would be happy." Rufus smiled and wrapped his arms around his redhead and placed a kiss on the creamy smooth neck making Reno smile and lean into the hold. "I'm just glad that there's a chance to have a baby with the help of you two."

The older redhead turned to look at his brother. "And you. You're so lucky to have him. You better not screw it up with him cuz he can do so much better."

"Hey!" Axel yelled and Roxas held back a laugh.

"Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that you snagged him and he's a part of our family. But you need to treat him like royalty. Pamper him! He squeezed FIVE of your offsprings out of his small body. He deserves it."

"I'm working on it!" Axel whined with a blush on his face as Roxas couldn't hold in his laughter.

Reno grinned. "Work har-" his mouth was covered by his boyfriend's hand before he could finish. The redhead lifted his hands up to the offending hand to remove it from his mouth. A white gold band with a small diamond was in plain sight.

"So when's the wedding?"

Reno stopped struggling but the hand was kept in place.

"Your brother is real picky with the date." Rufus told Axel. "Ow!" the light blonde man yanked his hand away from the redhead's mouth. "You bit me!"

The icy blue eyed man stuck out his tongue to his fiance, and turned to the other couple. "It's soon. Don't worry, you'll be the first to get an invitation. When's yours?"

"Umm, well-"

"Next year." Axel answered for his stammering blonde.

"Why so far away?"

"You shouldn't even ask. You've been engaged for almost five years!"

"So? Work really doesn't give us time to plan."

"Then why don't you quit."

"It's not as easy as it sounds. Rufus is in charge of the whole company and I'm his right hand man. He can't just hand it over to anyone and he's hopeless without my help."

"We'll figure something out." Rufus assured. " And I'm not hopeless without you. You cause me more problems around the workplace than I should have."

"But you love me and keep me anyway." Reno purred.

"That I do and is for certain." Rufus shifted his hold on the man and lifted him up onto his shoulder. The ponytail wearing man let out a girly squeak and pounded his fists on the man's back.

"Put me down!" The protests went ignored.

"We'll see you later. Drive home safe."

"Thanks Rufus. And make sure not to drop my brother, okay."

"Got it." The light blonde haired man began walking away and waved with his free hand.

Axel leaned closer to Roxas. "I can't believe I'm related to him."

"I heard that!"

Roxas broke out into laughter.

"You two are very much alike."

The redhead pouted. " Are not."

"Are so. I really like him."

"He's a great person." Axel smiled fondly.

Roxas smiled at the taller man. He stopped in his tracks from closing the van's door as five curious pairs of eyes stared at them.

"I think they're all awake now."

"Thanks for stating the obvious Axel."

Roxas climbed into the backseat with his children and Axel closed the door behind him and hopped into the driver's seat as well. The drive home was a quiet one with the kids falling into a deep slumber along the way.

When they arrived home, the parents were careful not to jostle the children much as they tucked them into their cribs. As soon as they were done they crashed on the couch.

"So what do we do now?"

The redhead was answered with Roxas pushing the older man down onto the couch and laying on top of him. The blonde man nuzzled himself against the older man.

"I can get used to this." Axel said as he wrapped his arms around the younger man's waist.

Roxas chuckled. "Well enjoy it while it lasts cuz for the next seventeen years or so we're not going to get much chances like these."

"Is that so?" the emerald eyed man raised an eyebrow. "So should I take you right here and now in compensation for times we won't have later?"

Roxas lightly smacked the other man's shoulder. "Don't even think about it."

Axel let out a chuckle and wrapped his arms tighter around the shorter man. Just when they were about to fall asleep the sound of a child's cry sounded off, calling for it's parents. The blonde sighed and got up, followed by the redhead. They treaded down the hall and stopped n front of the children's door. Whimpering and tiny sobs could be heard from the other side of the door.

"Ready for another sleepless night Axel?" Roxas asked with a smirk.

The redhead grinned and cheekily replied, "Question is, are you?"

Roxas opened the door with a push of his hand. The two stepped inside, the door shutting behind them. There would be many obstacles to come, but as long as they had their children and each other, everything would be worth it in the end.



I thank everyone who has stuck by me until the very end of ONLY FOR YOU. It's been a long ride and it's finally over after some, wow I don't even know how many years. I thank those who were patient with my slow updating as well. Your reviews have always kept me going so I thank everyone who took their time to write one. =)

Although this is the end for this story there will be a sequel/continuation of this story working on answering some questions and digging into the other character's lives. There are also my other unfinished stories to work on right now before beginning any new ones.

Hope to see you around for the next adventures.

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Roxas: *stands with a broom in hand and smirks* You wanna repeat that.

Reno: No ma'am.

Roxas: *eyebrow twitches*

Reno: I mean sir!

Cloud: Roxas. stop threatening everyone. Reno get you ass over here and give me a hand.

Reno: *rushes over*

Leon: *wakes up from the noise* Why is everyone in here today? *yawns* *eyes widen* Reno! Where the hell are you touching my wife?

Reno: *hands are holding onto Cloud's hip and butt as the blonde is reaching the top shelf of the bookcase* Ummm, this is not what it looks like.

Cloud: *blinks* Oh Leon, you're awake.

Leon: *dark aura radiates from him as he steps up to Reno*

Reno: *brings Cloud down and tosses him on a pile of pillows and backs away*

Cloud: *falls onto a pile of pillows* Ooff! Thanks a lot Reno. *gets up and stand between Leon and Reno* Now clam down Leon. I was asking him to help me give me a boost.

Leon: Why was his hands on your- *Cloud kisses the brunette*

Cloud: I'm sorry. My foot slipped and he caught me. Its not like he had a choice of where to grab.

Nana: *sips on a smoothie* It never get boring around here.

Sora: *eating cookies* Yup.

Rufus and Cid: *sip tea*

Vincent: *sleeping in the corner away from the noise*