Noeru looked up from his manga as Maria entered the dorm. "How come you're home so late today?" He asked.

"Sasa wanted to talk to me after school" Maria answered.

"Oh I see…. What about??" Noeru asked prying.

"If you must know he asked me out." Maria said exasperated. She hated the way Noeru had to know everything going on in her life.

Noeru raised his eyebrow "And what did you say?"

"Yes. Because I love Sasa and I am very happy to know that he loves me too" Maria said.

Noeru smiled "Sasa's nice. I am glad you chose him."

Maria smiled. "So were you able to find you wig? I can tell you have been searching for it so diligently haven't you?" she motioned to the manga.

"Well actually I haven't. I looked everywhere and I don't know where it could have gone. Maria what am I going to do??" Noeru said putting his manga down.

Maria put her bag down on her desk and started taking out her books "I don't know…. Keep looking. What happens if someone wants to come and tell Noeru that they hope she's feeling better soon? You can't see them without your wig… I have to do my homework though. I didn't do too well on my test today in class so I need to study more." Maria started searching though her bag. "where is my math textbook? I know I had it today in class….."

Noeru got up to go and get a snack to eat "So did everyone buy that I was at home sick?"

"Yeah they did…" Maria said not looking up from her bag "I must have left it in the classroom! Noeru I need to use your math textbook." She started walking towards his desk.

"NO!!! I mean ummmm…. I'll get it for you!" Noeru said dropping his pocky (A/N: Strawberry pocky!!! Hehehehehehehe yummy!) and running to his desk.

"I'm sure I can find it myself" Maria said opening the drawer. She was shocked by what she saw. "So this is why you wanted to get it for me huh??"

"Oh wow Maria!! You found my wig!! Heh heh…" Noeru said looking at his feet.

Maria pulled out the long brown haired wig "Looked everywhere I bet…. Noeru what is your wig doing in your desk?? I'm sure it just crawled there its self huh?"

"Can you blame a guy for wanting to take a day off school??" Noeru said in his lill chibi form holding his fingers in the peace sign. Maria just sighed.