The Last Apprentice: Battle for Alice

I woke to the sound of thunder. Lightning flashed outside. I turned to my mirror, expecting to see Alice. I was wrong. It was Grimalkin. Before it faded away, I saw the message: LAMIAS ARE THERE BOY RUN!!!!!! I grabbed my bag and my staff and ran into the kitchen. The Spook was there. "Grimalkin, contacted me a few minutes ago" he said. "There are two Lamias out there and they are not your mothers sisters".

"Lets go slay them boy" my master said. We ran outside. The Lamias were waiting for us. One pounced on me, while the other kept my master busy. I jabbed the lamia with my staff. While I jabbed I concentrated on the lamia and it stood still. I pressed the button on my staff to have my blade pop out. I then slayed it. My master took care of the other one.

" We must travel to Pendal" My master said. "Why"? " We must talk with Grimalkin! That night we left. I never saw the spook in such a hurry.