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C a n ' t S t o p T h i n k i n g O f Y o u

Chapter one : Home

The crowd clapped as a girl with long curly blond hair stood up and bowed, she straighted herself up as soon as the noise died down. She scanned the audience with her emerald eyes. She gave a small smile and walked off with her violin.

A soft sigh escaped her rosy plumped lips as she stared out the window, the clouds were looking extremely beautiful from her view. She recalled her memory, that day had to be the day she knew she'd never regret. She rolled her shoulders back and leaned into the comfort of the chair. A sudden of bell chimes were heard as the intercom was used,

"Passengers, please fasten your seat belt. The air plane shall be landing soon at the airport. " Hikari secured herself with her seat belt and turned her head to see the view once again, though this time the land started to approach, a soft smiled was transparent on her face.

After Hikari had exited the plane, she looked around for anyone that resembled a middle aged man; brown hair, tan skinned, and blue sapphire eyes. She didn't carry any luggage with her, seeing as though it was sent to Japan a few days before she even arrived. A slight frown was present on her face as she scanned the crowd, she dipped her hands into her pocket to retrieve her wallet. She looked around for the nearest foreign exchange office. She quickly walked towards it, avoiding people as best as she can, she exchanged 12.4 pounds into 1807.5 yen. She then took out a piece of paper out from her pocket and proceeded to the nearest phone booth. After dialing some numbers, the phone began to connect to the other,

"Hello, Tezuka Kunihimu speaking." Hikari almost face palmed herself.

"Oi, uncle. Weren't you suppose to pick me up? What was the point of sending me a few days after your arrival in Japan?" A nervous laugh was heard on the other line,

"Gomen gomen, Hikari-chan. Remember when I told you after you arrive we were going to go to the Kakinokizaka Garden Tennis Tournament, it shouldn't be be too far from the airport. In fact, the train station is near by, just take the 24a train and stop at the Kakinokizaka Garden, remember to go to the north exit. I got to go now, Ja ne!" the last few sentences were said all together in a fast pace. Hikari scowled and looked around for an information boot, She walked up and saw the worker.

"Excuse me, do you know where the nearest train station that takes you to K-Kakinokizaka Garden?" Hikari hoped her Japanese wasn't rusty. The worker nodded and told her the directions.

- & -

Hikari looked out the window, slightly leaned to the right as the train moved. She tried her best to ignore the loud highschoolers as they chatted about tennis grips. There was a sudden bump on the train, causing something to drop.

"-that's the correct western grip,"

"The handshake grip is the eastern grip, it's okay though, There are some that mix them up." Hikari tilted her head to get a better view at the scene. Her first view was the source of the voice, Hikari barely got to see much but a white cap and red sweater.

"Kakinokizaka Gardens." HIkari got up and exited the train. She looked around seeing signs that said North, South, East, West exits. Hikari slightly cursed under her breath as she tried to recall what exit she was suppose to go through. She sighed and walked around in circles a few times, before spotting a girl standing by a pillar. She was probably around her age, though she was a few inches taller. She had wide brown eyes and peaced colored skin, with long brown hair that was neatly braided into two. Hikari walked up to her,

"Excuse me, do you know which exit leads to the Kakinokizaka Garden Tennis Tournaments?" The girl blinked in surprise and pointed her finger,

"You were on the train!" Hikari stared at her, quite puzzled.

"So, where is it?" The girl looked down and blushed.

"South exit, go straight down," Hikari nodded her head and walked off,

"Thank you," the girl blinked in surprise at the foreign words. She stood there fore a few minutes, until a slightly old lady walked up to her.

"You're late!" the lady sheepishly grinned,

"Sorry Sakuno," the lady ushered her to walk.

"Isn't the south exit for the tournament?" The lady shook her head,

"No. Let's hurry! We're already missed a few matches." Sakuno's eyes widened.

"Eh!? I gave them the wrong directions!" She walked to the exit with her grandma, looking around.

"Are you looking for something?" Sakuno stared up at her.

"What happens if you're late to a match?"

"You default, meaning disqualification." A gasped escaped her lips as she ran back to the south exit.

"Hey! Where are you going- Eh, is that you Kunihimu?"

- & -

Hikari walked around confused,

' I don't see any tournaments going on.' She sighed and looked up, pinching the bridge of her nose in annoyance. She suddenly tripped over something and fell on something soft and warm. Hikari felt her nose touch something, hearing a grunt and she opened her eyes to see golden eyes staring back at her. She widened her eyes and froze in position, unsure of what to do. He narrowed his eyes,

"Get out of my face." His voice was cool and smooth, Hikari didn't detect any malice in his tone even though his words were harsh, he seemed rather unease.

'Probably the fact that I haven't got off of him...' Hikari got off of him and blushed, she stared at him. He had black hair that seemed almost green, his hair had covered his forehead; slightly covering the top of his eyes. A white cap with a red R letter covered his head from the beaming sun. His eyes were a beautiful hazel color, almost gold. He's slightly tan skin was covered his a red jacket and black shorts that reached his knees. He had white tennis shoes that matched the outfit in total. Hikari leaned her hands back nervously and felt she landed on something, she looked down to see a black tennis bag. She quickly got off it,

"Do you know where the Kakinokizaka Garden Tennis Tournament is?" The guy slowly looked up at her with a stoic face,

"It's in the North exit." His voice was nonchalant or rather bored, he closed his eyes and Hikari just stared at him,

"E-Excuse me, did you make it on time?" Hikari turned and saw the same girl from before.

"I'm so sorry about giving you two the wrong directions!" The girl bowed, blushing.

"It's my fault." The boy sat up,

"You're right," He turned to Hikari and looked back at the girl,

"You made her lost too, so it's double your fault." The girl looked down as Hikari stared at the blunt boy in disbelief. The girl suddenly perked up,

"Hey, are you thristy?!"


- & -

The noise of three juice cans had been produced after the hazel eye boy pushed the buttons. He grabbed the cans and passed it to the girls. The girl looked down at her drink,

"I'm sorry I didn't bring any change..." Hikari sat down on the middle of the wooden bench and stared at her drink,

'Grape Ponta.'

"Thank you for saving me on the train," Hikari looked up and saw the two had sat next to her. The guy took a sip of his drink as the girl fidgeted with her drink.

"From what?" She looked up in surprise,

"If you hadn't stepped in, I would've been hit." Hikari tilted her head, remembering that the girl claimed she was on the train.

"You were on the same train?" The girl turned to him surprise, he took a sip out of his drink and stared back at her.

"Where did you sit?" Hikari shifted slightly awkward by having to be in between the stares.

"Right across from you..." The guy looked away,

"Hmph, whatever. I just told them to shut up because they were loud." An empty can flew by their heads,

"Sorry for being so loud." Hikari turned to see some high schoolers.

"Looks like he just lost and is ready to leave." One of the three boys pointed his racket at the hazel eyed boy.

"I'm in the under 16 tournament, You told me to shut up? I dare you to say it again?" He lowered his racket to see a fierce stare coming from the boy, he began to scowl.

"I don't like that look of yours, it's too early for a kid like you to talk to me about tennis. You brat!" A startled gasp was heard as the older boy swung his racket down towards the white capped boy.

There was a silence that began to build up tense as the two boys stared at eachother, daring the other to make another move,

"Hey, let's go." The braided hair sighed in relief as the group of high schoolers turned ot walk off. The hazel eyed boy bent down and picked up the empty can, throwing it in the trash can.

"Hey, remember the grips yet?" They turned around and stared at the boy,

"What?" The boy smirked,

"If not, I'll teach you what tennis is all about." The guy with the racket scowled,

"Why you-" His friend tugged on his sleeve.

"Sasabe, you still have your matches." He grinned,

"This will just be a warm up."

- & -

Everyone was at the tennis court; the white capped boy tied his shoes, the braided hair girl fidgetted nervously.

"Maybe we should stop this..." Hikari watched as the boy shook his head,

"I came all the way for this, it'd be stupid if I go back without playing a match." The girl stared at the boy as he finished tying his shoes. He unzipped his jacket and threw

it to Hikari,

"Hold this for me." Hikari blinked in surprise but held it in her hands anyways.

"The best of one match, Sasabe to serve."

"You're okay with no referee? We'll self judge."

"Sure." Sasabe smugly smiled,

"Don't worry, I'll give you a handicap." Sasabe served it with an under hand, the boy's face turned very serious as he returned the ball,

"Play seriously!" Everyone stared in awe at the speed,

"Love-15." Sasabe scoffed,

"I wasn't serious." Hikari dug her long nails into the jacket, yet she could still feel the sharpness from her finger nails. She recalled a memory but pushed it away as she heard a voice,

"So this is where you ran off too." Hikari turned to see a slightly old lady in a magenta gymsuit. She then saw a man,

"Uncle! Where were you?" The man turned to her,

"Hikari-chan, I was at the tournament." Hikari shook her head as the old lady smiled a the braided hair girl,

"This is interesting." The girl frantically tugged on the lady's sleve.

"Grandma! We have to stop this, one thing led to another and now he's facing against high schoolers!" Hikari looked back at the game,

"Urusei! Anyone can ace an underhand serve!" The hazel eye boyed stared at him with an impassive look on his face.

"There are those that uses excuses for losing." Sasabe scowled and serve.

"There it goes! Sasabe's bullet serve." The boy ran towards the ball and smirked,

"Too slow." Sasabe barely managed to rally against him.

"He's fast! He's already at the net." Sasabe scowled,

"Love-30." Sasabe looked at his friend,

"I know! Stop counting." The lady in the magenta gymsuit smiled smugly,

"This is just a tip of the ice burg." The girl turned to her grandma.

"You know him?" She nodded with her arms crossed,

"Didn't I tell you? He's the prince of tennis."


"Echizen Ryoma, 13 years. He won 4 straight junior tournaments in the U.S, also known as a prodigy."

"Four straight!?"

"No fluke in that."

"Love-40." Hikari stared at Ryoma.

"He's the son of one of the families returning to Japan, I told him that if was that strong he should play in the under-14 tournament. But he said he'd play in the under 16,

what a guy..."

"Game won by Echizen." Sasabe's friend gaped at Ryoma in disbelief.

"Sasabe lost his service game..." Ryoma tipped his hat and took out a ball,

"You're going to appear in the finals, right? Let's end this quicky." Ryoma served the ball,

"15-love." Sasabe tighted his grip on the racket and narrowed his eyes. Sasabe ran towards the net as Ryoma served again, he returned the ball.

"15-15." Sasabe smugly smirked,

"What's wrong brat? Where's all the energy from before?"

"30-40." Sasabe served and ran up towards the net as Ryoma returned it with a high lob.

"It's just like Ryoma Echizen to overcome the height difference." Sasabe looked back,

"Out." Hikari narrowed her eyes at Sasabe, making him grin more.

"Too bad, it was this close. However your girlfriend seems to differ." The braided hair girl gasped,

"The ball was in for sure!" Her grandma shook her head,

"This is self judged, he has the right to call out." Ryoma looked at him impassively. The two began to rally again. Ryoma hit back towards the base line, Sasabe smirked.

'Baka. I'm only going to call it out again.' Sasabe turned around and stared at the ball as it spun on the floor and stayed just barely touching the baseline. Ryoma smirked,

"Hey, was that in?" Sasabe turned around and growled.

"Game won by Echizen. 2 - 0"

"Game won by Echizen. 3 - 0"

"Game won by Echizen. 4 - 0" Royma hit the ball up high, Sasabe scowled as he jumped up high, knowing that he wouldn't reach it. He looked back down at Ryoma's cocky face.

"Damn!" He raised his arm and threw his racket at Ryoma.

Ryoma fell to the ground with both knees and hands on the ground, his black-green hair had been full revealed as his white cap layed a few feet away from him.

"Ryoma-kun, Are you okay!?" Hikari's eyes widened as she tightened her grip on his jacket, she watched as the girl ran towards Ryoma with a hanker chief in her hand. He

frowned and pushed her hand away,

"Don't come onto the court during a game." She gasped as he bent down to grab his hat,

"Your grip is weak, Mada Mada Dane." Hikari frowned as she saw the blood dripped from his forehead to his chin. Ryoma served the ball, it hit the ground and bounced

towards Sasabe's face, just narrowly missing it.

"15-love." Hikari stared at Ryoma, his voice was dripped in venom as he bounced the ball and served again. This time, the ball had hit Sasabe's face,

"30-love." Everyone stared as Sasabe fell to the ground,

"Twist serve- was that the Twist serve?!" Ryoma grabbed another ball out of his pocket and for the next to serves, he ruthlessly hit him in the face with the ball. Ryoma looked at him with a glare,

"Go to hell." Sasabe gasped and went into a fetal position.

"Stop!" The ball passed him as Ryoma blankly stared at him. The old lady scoffed and crossed her arms,

"Baka." The braided hair girl cheered,

"Ryoma-kun won!" Sasabe stood back up,

"I wasn't playing seriously! I can beat you in another set." His friends shook their heads,

"Give it up Sasabe." Ryoma stared at him,

"It's fine with me, if you wanna play another set. " Ryoma switched his racket to his left hand,

"Don't you get it? You can't beat Ryoma Echizen no matter how hard you try." The lady smirked as Ryoma grabbed another ball,

"What do you mean?" Ryoma served the ball, with much more power and accuracy. Sasabe stepped back in fear,

"I-I quit!" Kunihimu tapped Hikari's shoulder with his cell phone in his hands.

"We have to go, the matches for the under - 30 just ended, I have to go congratulate the winner since Chihoko Inc. sponsored it." HIkari nodded as Ryoma walked to get his bag, Hikari handed him his jacket and left. The braided hair girl tugged on her grandma's sleeve,

"Do you know her too?"

"Yes, Tezuka Hikari." Ryoma packed his bag and zipped up his jacket, remembering the name of the girl who held it for him.

'Tezuka Hikari...' Ryoma turned to walk off,

"Ryoma, tell your father I said hi." Ryoma nodded and continued to walk. The lady laughed,

"That kid, what a monster. Things will definitely get interesting." The braided hair tugged on her hand,

"Let's go, ano. Can you tell me about her on the way?" She laughed and nodded as she walked,

"Tezuka Hikari, 12 years old. Lived in Japan until she retrieved a full scholarship to Royal Academy. She won serveral music awards for her orginal music peices. She recently moved back to Japan."

"Honto ne!? Sugoi!"

- & -

Hikari walked up to the front gates of her new home with Kunihimu. She entered and saw the garden flourishing in it's brightest colors. She walked inside the large house, she saw a maid pass by as Kunihimu asked her if she wanted dinner. She shook her head,

"No thank you, Jet lag is catching up to me." She walked into her room and feel asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Kunihimu chuckled as he ate his Wagyu steak,

' I hope she realizes what kind of school she's going to attend too...'