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Special Movie Edition

Prince Of Tennis – Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen

Hikari brushed the fallen strand of hair off her face. Her focus remained on the passing figures and objects. She felt herself sway with the bus's motion. 'I guess I'm back home.' She stared at the random people that walked the streets of London.

"Hey! Don't you dare- I'LL KILL YOU." Hikari glanced over and saw Momoshiro and Kikumaru indulging themselves in their gaming device. She looked at the rest of the bus and saw that Oishi, Takeshi, and Fuji were also participating.

"HAHAHAHA, take that blue shell!" Kikumaru was laughing in triumph while Momoshiro seemed to have a dark cloud above his head. Suddenly the red head's smile dropped, "Eh?! Second place?! Who's player number 5?!" Kikumaru furiously looked around and stopped to see Fuji chuckled,

"Eh?! How?!" Hikari sweat dropped and turned her attention to her captain and fellow snake like teammate, who were silently reading their selective books. Inui was seated right across from them and was scribbling something down on his notebook. 'Figures, when is Inui-senpai never not writing.' Finally she looked at the person seated beside her. His hair was messily covering his eyes, which were closed, and his position seem slumped to the right as he slept.

"We've arrived, minna-san! Grab your stuff!" Ryuzaki-sensei was holding a map and other brochures.

"Echizen-kun, wake up." Hikari nudged him and he woke up. "Nani?"

"We're here."

Ryoma walked besides his team. Hikari groaned tugged on her pink bow,

"Why are we in our uniforms?" Momoshiro grinned and grabbed her in a head lock, "Because you look so cute in it!" Hikari scowled, "Momo-senpai, get off me! You're messing up my hair." The team walked into a large stadium.

"So this is Wimbledon's centre court." Hikari stared in awe at the huge tennis courts in between. "The holy land of tennis players that's seen so many legends."

Kikumaru turned to Oishi, "I wish we get to play here one day!" Inui scoffed, "This is used only for the finals. We must surpass some hurdles if we want to come here." Tezuka nodded, "What's starting tomorrow is...a tournament where junior players are given a chance to shine." The team began walking back,

"And to the tournament, you were chosen as one of Japan's representatives." The team burst into different side chats.

Ryuzaki frowned and crossed her arms. She turned to Hikari, "Although in this tournament, it's strictly males only." Hikari gave an awkward smile, "It's okay, and I don't mind watching." Ryuzaki put a hand on her shoulder, "The world's not ready for change, sorry Hikari-chan." Hikari waved her hand, "No, no. It's fine. It's like visiting home. Is it alright if I visit some friends at school?" Ryuzaki nodded, "That's fine. Just know there is a curfew."

Hikari bumped into Ryoma's back. 'Ouch.' She rubbed her nose and looked up to see Hyotei's own tennis team.

"At least you're the most eager to play." Atobe smirked. Ryoma stared at the group of people,

"So you're here too?" Oshitari turned to Atobe, "You transferred from here when in elementary school, didn't you?" Atobe stared at Hikari,

"I'm not the only one that's from here." Oshitari chuckled, "Does Wimbledon bring back memories?" Atobe smirked and brushed his hair, "What I'm imagining is how by winning I'm to become the King of the World."

A yell was heard, "Koshimae!" Everyone turned around to see a boy with red hair throw himself on Ryoma. Ryoma grunted and took a step back from the impact. The boy released his gripped and stared at Ryoma with glittery eyes,

"I missed you, Koshimae!" Everyone stared as the boy began to shake Ryoma back and forth, "Being able to play at Wimbledon seems like a dream, doesn't it?! I'm super excited to be here!"

"Come on now, you're being too excited..." Everyone's attention turned to the nexcomers,

"It's Shitenjouji-nya!"

"Tarundoru!" The attention shifted to another group of people. "You're here as Japan's representative, put some spirit into it!" Momoshiro grinned, "Rikkai." Kikumaru smiled and put his arms behind his head,

"It seems like everyone's here!" The red headed boy stared back and forth between all the teams, "I feel a tension..."

"We're all different tournament opponents. All here for victory." Ryoma smirked,

"Though I'm the one here to beat you all."

"So there are two rooms. One for the girls and one for the boys, the boys' room will obviously be bigger while the girls will be a two bedroom room. We will be training at the tennis courts. No, it's not ours. We will be sharing with the rest of the junior high opponents. We all have a curfew of when to be back, unless you're at the tennis courts. If you're training after hours, that's fine. But for Hikari-chan, I want you to be back before it gets dark." Hikari raised her eyebrows,

"Like before the street lights turn on?" Ryuzaki nodded, "You're still a girl and it's dangerous." Hikari wiggled her nose, "I've lived here all my life before I moved to Seigaku, and I know this place." Ryuzaki shook her head, "Regardless, things may have changed and I refuse to take the risk." Hikari bowed, "Hai, Ryuzaki-sensei." The group split up and went to their rooms.

Hikari sighed and stared out at the balcony, the birds were just beginning to chirp. Ryuzaki frowned, "You can still practise with the boys, you know?" Hikari shook her head. "No it's fine. I think I'll go visit Royal Academy and Hikaru-kun." "Hai, hai. The boys and I will be training at the tennis courts. Remember to check in with me at every three hours." Hikari nodded and answered the phone.

"Hai, Watari-san. You're here? I'll be on my way down." Hikari stood up and grabbed her bag,

"Ryuzaki-sensei, I'll be back!" Ryuzaki watched as Hikari walked out the door.

Hikari walked out of the hotel and saw Watari standing in front of a black car. "Hikari-sama." He opened the door for her,

"Where to?" Hikari fastened her seatbelt,

"Royal Academy."

Hikari stared at the school, 'Huge as always...' She walked into the first building and went to the main office.

"Hi, I'm-"The office lady stood up,

"Hikari! How pleasant it is to see you again! Do you want me to get you Hikaru?" Hikari smiled and shook her head.

"I'll find him later, I was just wondering if I could get a visitor's pass?" The lady smiled and went to her desk, "You know you don't need one. But if you insist." She handed Hikari a badge. "It'd be lovely if you could visit more! The school is not the same without you." Hikari thanked her and walked out.

The school was huge, as expected from a prestigious academy. It only accepted those who were extremely gifted or those who were wealthy, or both. The school had at least four main buildings, all surrounding a huge clock tower and water fountain. Each building was huge; it was practically the size of a regular school and had different grade levels in each. The buildings were called; A,B,C,D. D being the lowest grade and A being the highest grades. It had a kindergarten class, grades 1-5 class, grades 6-9 class, and grades 10-12 class. The middle of the surrounding building is usually where the students eat lunch. There were many statues of famous musicians and all sorts of mini gardens. Hikari walked towards building A when suddenly she felt an impact on her back.

"Hikari! What are you doing here?!" Hikari laughed as Hikaru shook her shoulders. "I'm here with my team, there's a tournament going on at Wimbledon." Hikaru stared at her, "Shouldn't you be practising?" Hikari pouted, "No. I can't, it's an all-male tournament." Hikaru patted her head, "That's brilliant! You can spend your time here with your best mate." Hikari blushed and pushed his hand off,

"My mum really missed you, even though she got to go visit you more than I did. She's mad, I tell you." The two began to walk around the school.

"Are you hungry? We can go to your favourite restaurant!" Hikari chuckled, "What about school?" "School can wait! I'm excited to spend the day with you, will you be visiting more?" Hikari nodded, "I'll be spending my free time with you." Hikaru beamed, "Great! I'll call my driver." Hikaru grabbed his phone and Hikari looked around the streets. Normal people were walking around, doing their own thing. She checked her watch and saw it was 3pm, "Let me call my coach, Hikaru." Hikaru nodded and continued talking on the phone.

"Ryuzaki-sensei, it's me, Hikari-chan. I'm currently at Royal Academy but I'm leaving to go eat with Hikaru-kun. Hai. Hai. You finished training them? What are you doing then? Oh! You're about to go to the springs? I'm sorry. Where will the team be? Different tennis courts? So not at the hotel? Hai. Hai. I'll be waiting for your text message. Thank you, I'll call you in three hours. Ja ne!" Hikaru tugged on Hikari's arm, "Come on, the car is here!"

Hikari laughed as Hitomi grabbed Hikaru in a headlock and noogied his head. "Your mum just owned you!" The three were sitting at the dinner table at the Yamabuzuki compound. Hikaru puffed and crossed his arms, "Whatever mate, shouldn't you be heading out soon? The sun is setting." Hikari looked out the window and nodded, "Thank you so much for the meal, Hitomi-chan." Hitomi gushed, "No problem dear, you're like a daughter to me! I love cooking food for you." Hikaru rolled his eyes, "What about me, mum? Why don't you ever cook for me?"

"Unlike you, Hikari's my favourite." Hikaru pouted, "So what will the cooks do?" Hitomi pinched Hikaru's cheeks. "Shut up, you little rascal." Hikaru groaned and pushed away his mom's hand.

Hikari wiped her mouth and stood up. "I'll be heading out, Watari should be outside." She bowed and suddenly stepped back, Hitomi clung to Hikari. "Come back tomorrow, dear! I'll cook your favourite! Or we can bake! Oh, yes! Come early and we'll bake some pastries!" Hikari smiled and hugged her back. "Of course, mum." Hitomi squeeled and squeezed her tighter, "Oh honey! Call me mum again!" Hikaru groaned and pried his mom off of Hikari. "Mum, let go! She has to go." Hitomi let go and hit her son. "Go walk her to the car!" "I was going to do that anyways!" Hikaru grabbed Hikari's wrist and walked off.

"So..." Hikari and Hikaru stood outside as Watari walked out and opened the door. "Tomorrow, yeah?" Hikari nodded, "I'll call or text you." Hikari began walking towards the car. Watari greeted her and closed the door.

"Where to, Hikari-sama?" Hikari grabbed out her phone, "This is the address. Did you bring my tennis stuff?" "Yes, Hikari-sama." Hikari beamed and gave him the thumbs up. "Alright! Can you roll the window up so I can change?" Watari nodded and the window rolled up. "Certainly."

"We've arrived," Hikari sat in her tennis uniform and grabbed her tennis bag. "Thanks Watari-san! I can walk to the courts!" Watari opened the door and tipped his hat. "Stay safe, Hikari-sama."

Hikari began wondering around the courts. Noticing the street lights began to turn on, she grabbed her phone and punched in some digits.

"Ryuzaki-sensei, I'm at the tennis courts with the team. So don't worry. Hai, we'll come back soon. Bye." Hikari hung up and continued walking, 'It's really quiet, is there anyone even here?' There was a rustling sound and Hikari turned around. 'Eh? What was that?' Scared, she began walking faster.

"The one who wins this rally buys the juice!" 'Momo-senpai's voice?' Hikari sighed in relief and jogged towards the court. Momoshiro and Ryoma were rallying. Ryoma smirked, "Challenged accepted!" Hikari walked towards the two, waving.

"Hey guys!" Ryoma's expression dropped and looked over at Hikari. Momoshiro's return passed him. Momoshiro grinned,

"Nice! Hikari-chan distracted you? Thanks for the juice!" Momoshiro cheered and fist bumped.

"Hikari!" Ryoma jumped over the net and towards Hikari. Hikari dropped her bag in shock. Momoshiro stopped cheering as the lights turned off,

"Eh?" Ryoma grabbed Hikari to his chest and hit two tennis balls that were spiralling towards her with his racquet.

"What's going on?!" Hikari's eyes widened as they were suddenly surrounded by people in red uniforms. Momoshiro narrowed his eyes,

"Who the heck are you?!" Ryoma released Hikari as Balls began flying over to them at an alarming rate. Hikari scrambled to open her tennis bag and get her racquet. Suddenly the trio was just returning each ball. One anonymous member chuckled and stepped forward. Ryoma smirked,

"Are you the leader?" The guy served the ball. Ryoma pushed Hikari out of the way and received it, 'So heavy...' Ryoma grunted and tried to return the ball. Hikari fell to the floor and watched as the ball drove into the racquet, breaking the strings and denting the ground. Ryoma's eyes widened as the impact flung him on Hikari.

"Omph!" Hikari grunted as she softened his fall.

"Echizen!" Momoshiro ran and jumped over the two, "Look up!" Momoshiro fell to the floor, taking the balls impact. Ryoma stood up,

"Momo-senpai!" Suddenly another member jumped, ready to attack the two. Ryoma covered Hikari, waiting for the impact. A ball being returned was heard, the two peered over to see a brunette with a racquet in his hands. The ball flew towards the 'leader' and he caught it. He stepped out the shadows, glaring at the new comer. It was an American with blonde hair.

"How dare you, traitor 'Xiu'?" Xiu stared back at the leader.

"Keith...you're playing dirty as usual." Ryoma grabbed Hikari's arm and pulled her up. Another member stepped out the shadow, revealing a tanned skinned purple haired male.

"Shouldn't you be begging for your life, Xiu?" Xiu turned to him, "You step back, Peter." Peter growled, "What did you just say?" Keith narrowed his eyes,

"Is that supposed to be your sense of justice? You'll regret it later." Xiu smirked, "How so?"

"I'll beat you so you'll never grip a racquet again." Hikari shivered at the emotionless expression on Keith's face.

"How fitting. I was just thinking of saying the same thing. I'll beat your body until its breaking point so that you'll never play tennis."

"It seems as long as the other doesn't disappear, there'll be no end to this."

"Unfortunately, the other has to go." Keith grunted and threw a ball up,

"The one that has to disappear," Keith served the ball, "Is you!" Xiu quickly reacted and returned a ball of his own. The balls collided, creating a small explosion. Ryoma gripped Hikari's hand,

"Koshimae!" Everyone turned over to the voice.

"Seems like you escaped death this time, kid." Ryoma narrowed his eyes at Keith as he walked away. "Ugh," Ryoma turned to Momoshiro,

"Momo-senpai." Hikari looked around noticed it was just them three again.

"Echizen! Momo!" A group of people ran over.

Tezuka walked over to Hikari, "Are you okay?" Hikari remained silent. Tezuka grabbed her swollen wrists. "I fell on my wrist due to the impact of the ball." Which was kind of truthful, she fell when Ryoma pushed her down and she landed on her wrist. But when Ryoma fell on her, it added too much sudden pressure. Everyone remained silent, shock to the events that just happened.

"Luckily all they got were slight injuries. They'll be released tomorrow." Ryuzaki stood in the hospital room with the rest of the team. Momoshiro lied in one bed, snoring as loud as a bear. While Hikari was on the bed next to him, slightly sitting up. Flowers were all over the room with other get well gifts. Tezuka stood up, "Let's leave and give Hikari-san time to rest." Everyone nodded and said their farewells.

Ryoma lingered last and just stared at Hikari. She twitched nervously and crossed her arms.

"What?" Ryoma just stared and Hikari could swear she was going to die from anxiety. After a few moments Ryoma finally decided to speak.

"Your wrist...was it when I fell on you?" Hikari stayed silent and gave a nervous smile. "Ahh...that? Don't worry about it." Ryoma just continued to stare at her. Hikari sighed, "Don't you have any respect? Let the injured sleep!" Hikari slumped down and closed her eyes. She left a small pressure on her left side but continued to pretend to sleep. She heard the sound of a door closing and she finally opened one eye. She looked down and saw a tube of ointment. She chuckled and opened the tube to apply some on her wrist. 'Baka...'

Ryoma stood with around a table with each school's team. "But won't enetering the tournament like this be difficult?"

"At a minimum, they're not fit to enroll." "And it's not only Japan, it seems like other players from other countries have been targeted."

"All we know is that they're around our age and they were wearing silver rings." Inui nodded,

"Anyway, with people getting hurt here, it's no laughing matter. The captains and coaches are currently reporting this to the tournament organisers. On top of that, the police are likely to get involved." Ryoma looked down, 'Momo-senpai and Hikari-san...'

"Un," Ryoma gave out a small noise of surprise when he felt a pressure on his shoulder. He looked up and stared at Takeshi, who smiled at him.

"It's not your fault that Momo and Hikari-chan got like that." Ryoma looked up and gave a small smile. Kaidoh hissed and punched his palm,

"As if we can leave it to the police?! I'll seek them out and beat the crap out of them!"

"How pretty, revenge for the sake of your friends? " Everyone turned to the source of the voice. It was a brunette walking towards the group, clapping.

"Being brave is fine, but...your opponents really aren't people you can take revenge on. Don't get close to them."

"Where did you come from?!" Xiu smirked, "I'm telling you to play nice and just train for the tournament. "Ryoma eyes widened, recognising him as the same guy from last night.

"You're from last night." Fuji stared at the ring on Xiu's hand "The ring on your left hand..." Kaidoh growled and started walking towards him,

"That was YOU?! The one who beat up Momoshiro and Hikari-san?!" Echizen stopped Kaidoh, "Senpai, you're wrong. He's the one that saved us last night." Xiu shrugged, "On meddling. I'll warn you once more: Don't get close to them." Kaidoh shrugged off Ryoma's hand,

"I can't do that!" Oishi stepped up, "Kaidoh, stop it." Xiu chuckled and looked at Fuji, "Can I borrow that?"

"The racquet?"

Ryoma stared at the two players on the court, Kaidoh and Xiu. "At least understand that if you can't beat me, taking revenge is a dream within a dream." Kaidoh scowled, "I'll put a stop to that impudent talk of yours."

Everyone continued to watch, trying to figure out why Kaidoh kept hitting out. Inui pushed up his glasses,

"I figured it out." "Why does he stop his racquet?"

"It's not his racquet stopping. Before he hits the real ball, a fluke ball is hit, messing with his timing." Kikumaru tilted his head,

"Eh? A fluke ball?" "He collects air...and fires that at the opponent just before the real ball."

Xiu stood still on the court, "Gemini." Ryoma raised his eyebrows, "Gemini?" Inui nodded,

"I see, Gemini. The 'twin player' form." Kaidoh fell to his knees and grunted in frustration. Ryoma jumped down to the court,

"Let's play." The two began to play. Xiu hit over the ball, adding a fluke ball. Ryoma winded back and began to swing, but then flipped his racquet before hitting the ball. Fuji smiled, "He seems to have let the first ball pass through." Kikumaru cheered, "O'chibi returned the ball!"

Ryoma smirked, "Mada mada dane."

It was Ryoma's turn to serve.

"Un!" Ryoma grunted as he served and stared as Xiu stood still, letting ball pass.

"My name is Ling Xiu. What's your name?"

"Echizen Ryoma." Xiu smirked, "Thanks, I had fun." And he walked off. Kaidoh ran after him, "No, play me again." "Kaidoh, stand down." Kaidoh stared as Tezuka walked with the rest of the captains. Tezuka stood in front of Xiu,

"How much do you know about the bunch from last night? I think we have a right to know." Xiu closed his eyes,

"It's the Clack. It's a street tennis group that knows the London streets well. They had a pretty good reputation. Truthfully, they are a group of tennis players that beat people up. They're problematic players kicked out of schools and clubs, players that have lost the right to officially play. And their leader is Keith. He was a genius player who was said could do anything in the world of tennis. Clack has turned up in British tennis clubs and schools...just to beat their opponents over and over again. And within them, there are people that use real tennis balls to severely damage their opponents during play."

"Real tennis ball, what is that?"

"To put it simply, they're the roots for the tennis today. The ball is a structure of cork, stones, etc wrapped inside a cloth. Unlike the current ball, it was power."

Xiu nodded, "Keith's next target is the tournament that starts tomorrow in Wimbledon. They do smashing the noses of prominent players to make them lose self confidence. In short, to get them out of the tournament."

"Can I ask you something, judging by that ring and uniform, you're one of them, no? Why did you help the kid, then?" Ryoma scowled as Xiu closed his eyes,

"I...left the Clack." Oishi stepped up, "You're not a member right now?" Oshitari raised an eyebrow, "To be a member of the Clack...you're not able to enter the tournament either?"

"For now...that's how it is." "Do you know where the Clack is now?" "The King of Kingdom. There's a castle that's called that."

"Why don't you tell the police about this?" Xiu furrowed his eyebrows,

"I refuse." "Why?! Is it cause they're your friends?"

"Cause the Clack is going down by me."

"Sorry I can't come over today. I'm at the hospital- Ahh. No, no. Don't worry mum, I'm fine. Just a sprain wrist. Yeah, I was playing tennis. Silly me. No, you don't need to visit. I'm being released tomorrow. I don't know if I can visit, I think I need to cheer on my team. The tournament is coming soon. I understand, I promise to visit at least once more before I leave. Yes, love you too. I'll stay safe. Bye!" Hikari sighed and hung up the phone.

"You have an accent in your English," Hikari turned to Momoshiro with a surprised face. "Were you talking to your mum?"

"No, just a family friend. You're awake, Momo-senpai! Thank you...for protecting Echizen-kun and I..." He grinned and scratched his head. "You're my kouhais, how can I not?" Hikaru shook her head, "No! That was really brave of you. I promise to cook you a very delicious meal one day!" Momoshiro beamed, "Okay! Say...where is everyone?" Hikari shrugged, "I'm not really sure. I'm not even sure what's going on either. Why were we attacked?" Momoshiro reached over and patted her head,

"Whatever happens, know that your senpais will protect you." Hikari grinned,

"So...where the heck is everyone?"

"What do you mean, 'gone'? Ryuzaki-sensei!" Hikari's gripped tightened on her phone. Momoshiro grabbed the phone and put it on speaker,

"Ryuzaki-sensei..." A sigh was heard on the other line, "I don't know where they gone. I think they went to go find the attackers, something about kings in kings or whatever." "Eh? What does that mean?" "Momo, Hikari-chan. I have to hang up. I need to talk to the police right now." The line ended. Hikari rubbed her head,

"King in kings? Did she mean the King of Kingdom? Atobe's castle?" Momoshiro stared bewildered, "You know the monkey king like that?" Hikari shrugged,"We've met a couple times when we were younger- but anyways. I know how to get there. Want to ride a jet ski with me?" Momoshiro grinned, "You own a Jet Ski?" Hikari rolled her eyes, "I'll call Watari-san."

The two stood at the dock, "So how do you work this?" Hikari got on the Jet Ski and put on some goggles. "It's like a motorcycle; just follow me Momo-senpai!" He shrugged and got on the Jet Ski. "Banzai!" Momoshiro cheered as he flew across the water.

"Whoa, that's a huge castle." Momoshiro and Hikari stood before the castle, "Come on, Atobe and I used to play here all the time. I know the secret passage ways." The two began walking in the underground tunnel, "You seem close with Atobe, and you don't want Echizen to find out." Hikari blushed and punch Momoshiro, "Urusai, it's not like that! Now let's climb this ladder..." The two climbed up the ladder and Momoshiro removed the heavy lid. He popped his head out and whispered, "The coast is clear, let's head out." Hikari threw her and Momoshiro's tennis bag out and crawled out. "...Momo-senpai?" Momoshiro hummed, "I don't know where to go?" He sweat dropped, "Let's search around."

"It's been like half an hour and we've gotten nowhere Hika-chan..." Hikari wiped the sweat off her brow, "Let's try going through this corridor."

"Un!" "Ha!" "Unf!" "Ugh!" Grunts were heard as the two got closer and saw Ryoma going against Keith.

"Echizen!" Everyone stared at the newcomers. Peter growled, "How did you two get in here?" Keith smirked, "Let's continue, squirt." The two began rallying again. Everything got silent as Keith began to wind up a powerful shot. Hikari felt her heart drop,

"RYOMA!" She dropped everything and ran towards him.

"Ugh!" Hikari pushed Ryoma took the impact the ball, flinging back into wall. Xiu stood with his eyes wide open, "You...you completed it? The Bio-Magnetism."

"Hikari!" Ryoma ran over to Hikari. "I got her, don't worry Echizen." Momoshiro slung Hikari's arm over his shoulder and dragged her off the courts. Echizen scowled and walked back on the court.

Keith smirked. "15-0." The two began rallying again until Keith used his Bio-Magnetism, sending Ryoma to the wall again. "Stop using that move, Keith!" Xiu ran over to Ryoma. "How foolish of you, to bet your own tennis career on the sake of an outsider. Just run away already." Ryoma grunted and stood up,

"I won't run away." He smirked and wiped his mouth, "It just got interesting." Keith scowled, "I'll make sure you'll never play tennis again," and served another ball. Ryoma returned the ball as Keith charged for another Bio-Magnetism. Ryoma grinned and slid on the ground, dodging the attack.

"Unf!" He returned the ball and got ready as Keith charged up for another one. Ryoma grabbed his hat and spun around again, successfully dodging the air.

"Unf!" Ryoma grinned as the ball was embedded into the solid ground.

"That was pretty simple." Keith glared at him and charged up for a serve,

"I'll end you." Ryoma widened his eyes at the huge charge up, Keith released the serve,

"Bow to death!" Ryoma hit the ground in pain. Xiu growled,

"Stop it, Keith! This isn't our tennis style." Hikari groaned and sat up. Momoshiro helped her up, "Momo-senpai?" He shook his head, "It'll be okay, Echizen...he can do this." Hikari looked around frantically until she spotted the Ryoma sprawled on the ground.

"Ryoma-kun!" She tried to get up but Momoshiro pushed her down,

"The game left the opponent deaf and blind. And the only one who made his play style a problem was you. We were kicked out of our tennis club...and any other club refused to take us in. And we were exiled from the tennis world. That was the end of our tennis. If you stray from the path...you can only fall. You can never rise to the surface again. How worthless...what you did with Clack was..." Xiu clenched his first. Keith turned around, "I forgot."

"You fell behind, to protect me. We were an amazing doubles pair! Because those opponents were targeting me during the match...And with Clack- because I thought I couldn't leave you alone- I thought falling with you was for our sake. But I was wrong."

"Keith, let's start over, fresh!" Keith stared blankly at Xiu, "Start what afresh?"

Ryoma stood back up, "Say you, isn't that just you trying to be timid?" Hikari shook her head, 'Why does he always provoke them?'

Keith scowled, "Persistent brat, aren't you?"

Ryoma smirked, "Here we go." He served and Keith returned with a Bio-Magnetism. Ryoma looked up and charged up. Keith's eyes widened, "Don't tell me..."

Ryoma pointed his racquet at Keith, "15-0." "Don't tell me he managed to copy the Bio-Magnetism in such a short time." Keith straightened up, "So naive. You're instinctively playing to your utmost limits. Did you come to save your friends?" Keith clenched the ball in his hand, "Friendship, is it? To have a bond with a comrade. There's no meaning to things like that." Keith threw the ball up and served and the two began rallying. The rest of those who was attacked came towards the scene. "Tezuka! Fuji-senpai!" Tezuka and Fuji ran over to Hikari and Momoshiro. "What happened...?" Hikari waved her hands, "Don't worry-" "Echizen! What are you doing?!" Everyone turned their attention back to the scene to see Ryoma charging up a Bio-Magnetism,

"Bio-Magnetism...?" Xiu stared as the ball hit the wall, successfully tearing it down. The place began to rumble. "No, the air was not concentrated on the front...but collected to the back to accelerate the ball?" Ryoma glared at Keith, "Hey you, are you playing seriously?" Keith smirked and switched his racquet to his left hand. Keith served and the ball flew past Ryoma. Ryoma widened his eyes and smirked. The next serve he returned the ball and the two began rallying air shots. Ryoma smashed the ball and Keith's racquet flew out of his left hand. The match continued, continuously rallying back and forth. The ball flew past Keith and he stopped and smirked,

"You sure are amazing; I didn't think there be such an amazing guy." He turned and looked at Xiu, "I remember now, Xiu. Our tennis." The two continued to rally.

"But it's too late now. I can't resurface now." Fuji narrowed his eyes at the two rallying, "Using his left hand as a receiver, he's sealing the power of the air." Xiu grinned, "You haven't forgotten at all, have you?" Ryoma began yelling as he charged up for another shot. Hikari stood up and stared, "Ryoma!" Ryoma released the shot as Xiu came running towards the ball. Hikari covered her eyes as a big explosion was created. Coughing, she opened it to see Xiu protecting Keith.

"I won't let you run away alone. I don't mind not being able to play in official matches, as long as I'm with you." Xiu and Keith stared at each other. Peter clung onto Keith, "You look so tattered." And the three hugged each other and laughed. Hikari stood near Ryoma, smiling at moment.

Ryoma turned to them and smirked, "Mada mada dane." He closed his eyes and swayed on Hikari.

"Ryoma? Are you alright?" Hikari held onto Ryoma worriedly. He looked up at her,

"I was fine on my own, you know. I think the question is if you're alright?" Hikari took Ryoma's cap. "Shut up," The sound of helicopter hovering over got everyone's attention. Hikari looked up to see Hikaru, Hitomi, and the rest of the Seigaku members waving down on the helicopter. Hikari nudged Ryoma,

"You know, Ryoma. We have them too. Bonds." Ryoma stared at Hikari. Hikari flushed, "Stop staring at me like that!" Ryoma chuckled and pulled his cap down on her face.

Hikari sat with Ryuzaki, Hitomi, and Hikaru at the tennis courts. "So...we're still playing the tournament?" Hikari laughed and punched Hikaru, "Yes, dummy." Hikaru shook his head, "How is it that every time you go on vacation you manage to put yourself in danger and destroy something?" Hikari grinned. "It's just part of my charm." Hikaru pointed at her wrist, "That thing- is casted because of your charm." Hikari shrugged, "Happens." Hikaru growled, "Why you little-"

"Geez, they really kept us in suspense." Ryuzaki scowled and crossed her arms. Standing next to her were the other coaches.

"Isn't that just fine?" Ryuzaki stared in disbelief, "Eh?"

"I mean, the players came back uninjured." Ryuzaki shook her head and turned to Hikari. "They're having a petition you know?" "Eh?"

"Yeah, in order to let the Clack members play officially. The captains of every team here are going through the legalities now. " Hikari grinned, "That's great!" Hikari searched the courts for her team. "Oh! There they are!" She waved at them. "Oi!"The team looked over and smiled.

Ryoma walked over, hands in his pockets. "Are you okay?" Hikari raised her eyebrows, "What do you take me for? This cast is nothing!" Ryoma shook his head. "I don't need you protecting me,"

Hikari sighed, "I'll protect who's important to me." Ryoma's cheeks tinted pink and he opened his mouth to say something,

"Echizen! Get back over here, we need to start." Hikari smiled,

"Just go! Beat them all for me, okay?" Ryoma smirked,

"Mada mada dane."